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The Raccoon Ate The Dragon: Part 3


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I was an idiot for going to the meeting place with high hopes when he told me he had something important to talk about on Christmas Eve night.


We had been together for 4 years; I was 26 years old; I was at the right age to get married. He always said, “We’ll get married next year,”. He also mentioned that he was expecting a promotion at the beginning of the year, so how could I not be hopeful?

We would meet at the station, have dinner at a fancy restaurant, and finally he would surprise me with a proposal?

What an idiot I had been for imagining that!

I also hoped that afterwards we would stay in a slightly higher rated hotel? The next day is my day off, so I thought that we would spend the whole night together…Ah I’m really stupid for wearing such an expensive pair of underwear!


I had arrived an hour before our meeting time because I was so excited, but the person who appeared in front of me was a slender, well suited, beautiful woman.

Huh? Huh? Why are Shinjo-san and Fushimi-san together?

Oh, a coincidence? Maybe they ran into each other? …But why are the two of them locking arms with each other?

I think I looked at them with a blank stare. I must have looked pretty dumb.

“I’m sorry, Meiko. This is the way it is, so let’s break up.”


“I’m sorry Tanuki-senpai[1]. Even though I knew you were going out with Shinjou-san, I just couldn’t give up…”

That’s right. I had kept it a secret from the company, but I had told Fushimi-san that I was going out with Shinjo-san in secret… or rather, she found out. Normally, if you already knew, would you still take your senior’s boyfriend?

I mean, what about Shinjou-san?

Would you dump your girlfriend of the right age after 4 years of dating and switch to a younger girl in the same department?

Have you thought about whether you’d have trouble with your previous girlfriend or maybe jeopardize your job?

What a steel mental mentality.

The shock was so great that I was left stunned. All I could say was ‘Oh, yes’.


Maybe it’s because my answer was so simple, and the two of them had a kind of subtle look on their faces, but in the end, with a smug look on their faces, they just left, arm in arm, with only the useless information of ‘I have dinner reservations’.

As for me, I walked around the city in a daze, unable to recover from the shock. The whole city is filled with Christmas excitement. Every shop I walked into was full of happy couples.

I finally found a small tavern in a back alley that didn’t seem to be celebrating Christmas at all.

“Sweetheart, sweetheart, are you okay?”

He gently shook my shoulder and I opened my eyelids. Oh no, I must have fallen asleep.

“Ah! I am having a great time!”

“Are you sure you’re OK?”

I noticed that I was apparently the only one there and the restaurant seemed to be closed for business.

While I was still sober, I managed to pay the bill and walked out of the shop, waving to the landlady who was anxiously seeing me out of the shop.

I shouldn’t have worn high heeled, fashionable shoes.

But still, what time is it? Did I miss the last train?


According to my original plan, I was supposed to be making out with Shinjo-san at the hotel by now. Until a few hours ago, I had no intention of taking the last train home.

Right now, Shinjo-san and Fushimi-san must be flirting with each other~ Having a pillow talk? The thought of me sleeping in bed alone, laughing at myself, made me feel angry and the good feeling of being drunk disappeared.

I am definitely not going to spend tonight alone…. I’m going to do whatever it takes to have sex with a man!

I was originally going to get laid tonight. A random stranger on the street, I’ll definitely eat your dick!

Bold ideas that I normally wouldn’t think of come out of my mouth tonight. Being drunk is amazing.

Once I made up my mind, I had no choice but to find a partner.

I walked down the street, looking around with the eyes of a hunter.

All these guys are walking around with their arms around their partner, what is this! Was there a law that says you can’t walk alone tonight?

If you look around, there are couples all over the place, and if you see someone walking alone, it’s usually an uncle and you hesitate somehow.

I’m going to eat your dick! Although I was enthusiastic and said that but I didn’t mean that I could do it with anyone.

It was at that moment that I found a young man standing at the entrance of a dark building one street off the main road.


I stopped and stared at him.

From a distance, I could see that he was well built, well dressed and older than me. I guessed that he was in his mid-thirties at most…

It was too dark for a rendezvous. He was all alone with no sign of a woman.

Yes! Success!

Once I found my prey, I scolded my shaky legs and hurried down the narrow alleyway in a straight line toward the man.

[1] A senpai is a person who is either older, more experienced, in a higher social position or to a person who has entered the same school or workplace earlier.


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The Raccoon Ate The Dragon: Part 2

♡♡♡ The Raccoon and the Dragon meeting ♡♡♡♡

“Meiko Tanuki, a raccoon, 26, was dumped on Christmas Eve by my boyfriend, who was two years older than me and who I was planning to marry ! Yay!”


“All you ungodly people who are turning a holy night into a sexual night, all of you must perish!”

I say that out loud as I raise my beer mug, and by the way by then I couldn’t remember how many I’ve had so far, and chug it down.

With a resounding laugh, the people around me say: “Good! ‘Yes! Yes! Perish!” and other warm cheers were sent to me.

I put my mug down on the counter and called out to the bar lady in the back: “One more mug, please!

“Oh, little girl, you better stop now.”

“That’s nice. You got a craving for a drink too, young lady. Come on, I’ll buy you a nice piece of chicken. Eat up, eat up.”

“Kyaaah! Thanks, Uncle!”


I ate the yakitori given to me by the old man who was sitting next to me with a mug in one hand that the bar lady served me.

Oh, it was delicious.

This small restaurant was occupied by men in their 50s and 60s on average who were very kind to women who are drinking alone and desperate on Christmas Eve.

Not only the man sitting next to me, but also the group of guys at the table, the guys who had to leave after a couple of drinks had bought me beers and a few knick-knacks.

And most importantly, the bar lady at the counter!

She gently listened to me as I cried woozily after taking a drink as soon as I entered the restaurant.

I had a boyfriend who was two years older than me. He was my senior at work and my mentor when I was a rookie.

He confessed his love to me when my first year as a rookie was about to end, and it was my first relationship.


We have been together for four years.

His name was Shinjo Shinjo.

He was handsome, tall, good at his job, and was called the best young man in the world… Honestly, when he confessed his love to me, I wondered if he was dared to do it as some punishment game.

I had my doubts.

See, I have never been popular.

My nickname since my childhood days has been “Tanuki-chan”, which is a combination of my habitual natural perm, chubby, childish face, droopy eyes, and my last name.


I tried to apply makeup, dress myself up and lose weight with the aim of making my debut in college, but I don’t know if it’s my constitution or my weak will, but I ended up with a chubby body that’s far from slender and it’s still growing.

He told me that I had a cute round face with droopy eyes, that my chubby body was comfortable to hold, that it was soothing and that my particularly large breasts were Shinjou-san’s favorite.

He then did this and that to me…and taught me a lot.

Yes, after I gave my virginity to him, he developed my body a lot!


I had been sweet-talking him about getting married next year, but that bastard, of all things, switched to a new girl in the same department, and one that I was in charge of supervising.

Fushimi Reiko was a beauty in her own right.

She had long, straight black hair and a slender, single-layered face as neat as a doll’s. Her breasts and hips were shaped like a model with long arms and legs. If she stands next to me, stocky and stubby, even though we are both women, the difference is obvious.

In other words, she’s the opposite of me.

If I was a raccoon, Fushimi-san was a fox…or rather; she was too godlike to be a fox.

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When I was in eighth grade, my mother told me that she was going to bring her Alpha friend and his twin children home to take care of them for a while.

I remember that the man who had lost his fated Omega in a sudden accident was very thin and pale.


My parents explained that the twins, who were three years old at the time, were also mentally unstable due to the sudden loss of their mother and were crying and screaming to the point of turning blue.

They were in an uncontrollable state and since they couldn’t bear to see them like that, my parents decided to bring them home.

That’s how I met Mr. Raizo and the twins, Jin and Zen.

They were taken to a purely Japanese-style house that was built next to the main house to entertain guests from abroad.

They lived together with us for a year after that.

In the beginning, the twins’ babysitting duties were shared by my father and the housekeeper. However, they never stopped crying no matter who held them.

Their crying was so loud that their cries would reach the main house day and night.


Since I was on summer vacation, I went to check on them in the middle of the night when I heard them crying so loudly and I found Dad trying to put them to sleep.


“Oh, Wakaba. I’m sorry, did their crying wake you up?”

Dad looked tired and pale from taking care of the twins every night.

Unfortunately, Dad was just a few days away from coming into heat, if the cycle didn’t go wrong.

Dad’s estrus was heavier than most omegas and he was more likely to get sick as the estrus period approached.

It was essentially a time when he needed adequate rest.

“You don’t look so good. Why don’t you get some rest tonight while I watch over them?”

“No that’s okay. I can’t leave them alone when they’re crying like this.”

The twins were clutching their little hands, red-faced and crying like monsters.

Dad held them both on his knees, rocking their bodies back and forth to soothe them.


“I’m thinking, What if? I told you about your delivery, didn’t I, Wakaba? I just can’t help but think that if I had died that day, leaving Wakaba behind, you’d be crying like these boys right now.”

I don’t remember anything about the time I was a baby, but my mother told me every year that it was such a difficult birth that she had to choose between life and death.

If my father had lost his life, would my mother have ended up like Mr. Raizo?

“It’s sad for both the one who leaves and the one who gets left behind.”

Thumping the twins’ backs with a constant rhythm, Dad muttered sadly as he remembered those days.

“She was beautiful. She was tall and strong for a female omega. Raizo and Kanade were childhood friends.”

“Kanade went to France when she was in elementary school due to her parents’ work, and when she returned to Japan temporarily after her grandfather passed away five years ago, she met Raizo again and realized it was her soul mate.”

“They looked so happy when the twins were born. I didn’t know it was going to be like this.”

“Oh. That’s all right. Stop crying. Your throat will dry up if you keep crying so much.”

One of the twins stretched out on his back with his hands on my father’s chest.

My father hurriedly supported him as he was about to fall off his knees while now the other one was trying to get away by sticking his face under his arms.

It was like his whole body was expressing that this wasn’t the arm he wanted.

“Dad, let me hold one of these little guys.”

“All right, can you help me out a little bit?”


I picked up the child who had escaped from my father’s arms.

He was sweating from crying too much and his pajamas were wet and soaked with sweat.

The child jerked at the unfamiliar hand and stopped crying for a moment and then began to cry again, as if he were on fire.

“Your throat will hurt from crying so much. Father, what are the names of these children?”

“The one in the blue pajama is Jin and the one in the green pajama is Zen.”

So this is Jin, then.

I wiped his wet cheeks with the palm of my hand and walked around the room in a circle, holding him vertically.

“Jeez! Jin-kun[1], Jin-chan[2]. Stop crying; let’s go to sleep now, okay?”

It was quite a lot of hard work to mimic my dad and shake my body as I patted him on the back and walked around the room. He was so heavy for a little guy.

As I walked around, holding him up again from time to time, he gradually stopped crying and started doing cute little hiccups.

His eyes were starting to roll back so he rubbed them with his free hand in a clenched gesture.

When the youngest child in my cousin’s house made this same gesture it was a signal that he is getting sleepy, so maybe Jin-kun is about to fall asleep.

He stuck his cheekbones to my neck and I thought he had already fallen asleep, but then he got a cute hiccup and started crying again with a funny little whimper.

“Oh, okay. I know you don’t like hiccups. Go away bad hiccups, go away!”

So close! He was so close.

As I continued to pat him on his back, I heard his breathing slow down to a regular pace as he finally went to sleep.


“I’m surprised; I didn’t know that Wakaba had a talent for babysitting.”

When one of the twins stopped crying, the other in Dad’s arms stopped crying in sync, and he looked at his sleeping brother with a strange look on his face, sucking his little fingers in wonder.

“Is it okay if I put him on the futon?”

“Be Gentle and try lying him down.”

I bent down slowly so as not to wake him up and let Jin down on the futon.

After a single cry of frustration, he fell asleep with his face buried in the quilt.

“Dad, give Zen to me too.”

Zen, who had already stopped crying, didn’t take long to fall asleep as I held him and walked around the room, just like I did with Jin.

I tried to lay him down next to Jin, but he wouldn’t let go of my hair, so I was forced to lie down with him.

“Dad, why don’t you go get some rest? I’ll be watching over them tonight. If they start crying again and things get out of hand, I’ll call you on the internal line.”


“Mom has been sad because she can’t sleep with Dad.”

With that, Dad’s expression melted away.


It looks like the alpha mom is protecting the omega dad, but in reality it’s the male omega spoiling the female alpha.

He must be thinking about how cute she is now.

“Just for tonight” Dad said as he walked out of the bedroom.

I spent the night lying next to the twins, occasionally patting them on their butts when they cried or whimpered in their sleep.

I started singing the lullaby my dad had sung to me when I was a kid.

The warmth of Zen’s body snuggling next to me and holding my hair made me sleepy.

I smiled as I watched over them and fell asleep in earnest at some point.

[1] It is used to address men who are younger or the same age as the speaker.

[2] It expresses that the speaker finds a person endearing.


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The Raccoon Ate The Dragon: Part 1

My head hurts….

A dull and wrenching pain hit me at the same time.

I squirmed and moved my body… but something held me back and I couldn’t move properly.


Something hard, yet soft and warm.

Something that is clearly not a futon.

‘Good morning, did you wake up?’

Because futons don’t talk, right?


Wait, were there ever any talking futons?

How pleasant the baritone voice whispering close to my ear would have been if it wasn’t for the headache.

Right now, it sounds just like a painful echo in my head.


“Are you still sleepy?”


The owner of the baritone voice gently stroked his fingers along my hairline as I moaned with my eyebrows and eyes clenched into a frown.

Oh, that feels kind of nice….

I felt the pain in my head become a little calmer as he stroked me tenderly over and over again.

I buried my face into something hard, soft and warm.

As I was being gently caressed, I was lured back to sleep …

Wait a minute!

No, no, no, no. Don’t fall asleep!

This, This is not a futon!

There are no futon that can touch you like that, definitely not!

When I managed to finally lift my eyelids, which were hard to move, whether because they were puffy or swollen, I opened my eyes and found a neat face popping into my vaguely thin, narrow vision.


Short, glossy black hair that was slightly disheveled, thick eyebrows that were strong-willed, narrrow-slitted, double eyelids that were gently squinted, a high, elegant-looking nose bridge, slightly thick lips that formed an arc, and a flush of blacks underneath that was just so sexy.

Who is this…? I’ve never seen such a handsome man. Huh? Did my boyfriend look like this?

“Your eyes are swollen. I think I made you cry too much last night…I’m sorry, Tanuki[1].”

As soon as I started rubbing my eyes anxious to see if they can open or not, my disoriented memories from just waking from sleep were cleared up in my head and at that exact same time I felt my blood ran cold.


…Yes, that’s right!

Last night, I was drunk and pissed off. I got all worked up and forced this sexy man to have sex with me!

[1] It means raccoon in Japanese

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” You know him?”

Sasanami looked at me, who was very much flustered and then at Mr. Raizo, who even though he was held up, still wore a relaxed expression on his face.


He then released the hand that was holding Mr. Raizo’s chest, but still kept me hidden behind his back.

It seems that he still didn’t trust Mr. Raizo.

” He is my mother’s friend.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you; Wakaba seems to be well taken care of.”

Oh, again with that wicked look on his face.

Mr. Raizo is a very trustworthy person and has always been very kind to me, but he likes to make fun of others, especially young alphas.

Right now, he is being deliberately annoying, using a sarcastic tone and giving a distasteful smile.

“Really? Was he being threatened then[1]?”

It was obvious that Sasanami impression of Mr. Raizo was bad because he kept a vigilant expression on face.

” Who would dare to threaten me? My mother would scare away any potential harm coming my way.”


My mother is what you would call a femme fatale, she was at the pinnacle in terms of Alpha’s abilities and she is well known for doting on her family.

She would go into a destructive rampage, had she heard that something happened to me.

Thanks to that, there were some people who were interested in me, an omega with a pheromone abnormality, a valuable entity of sorts, but there was no concrete damage, and I’ve been able to live by to this day, reaching 25 this year.

But more than once I have caught my parents looking at me like I was the victim of my family’s influence.

“I would never hurt our cute Wakaba, isn’t that right?

“Who are you calling cute… I’m already 25, you know!”

Mr. Raizo, who has lived with me when I was in junior high school, still treats me like a child.

It’s not a problem for him to say that I’m cute, because he doesn’t mind saying things that other people would laugh at if they heard him.

“So, I’ll send Wakaba to his room, you can go home now.”


” Sasanami, thank you for worrying about me. I’m fine now.”

It wouldn’t be a good idea to let these two stay together any longer, so I told Sasanami that he didn’t need to worry and asked him to go back.

Still looking displeased, Sasanami returned to the car he had abandoned and left.

As I looked at the car’s taillights getting farther and farther away, I suddenly felt drained and exhausted, I really felt like I was about to collapse.

My body, which had been responding to my soul mate’s pheromones, had reached its limit.

“Wakaba, are you in heat? How could you stay with an Alpha in this state?”

Mr. Raizo kept scolding me some more, reminding me of how dangerous this situation was.


He then held my waist as I rested my head on his shoulder and helped me get into the elevator.

He even unlocked my apartment and carried me to my bedroom.

“Mr. Raizo, I took the inhibitor and you know as well as I do that my pheromones don’t work.”

“That’s not right. Even if your pheromones don’t smell, you could still attract people!”

Lying down in a daze, I looked up at Mr. Raizo and found that his eyes were serious as he stroked my bangs.

I’m glad that he’s that concerned about me so I sweetly rub my head against his hand just like I used to do in the past.

”Hmm, I’ll be careful. I’m sorry, Mr. Raizo. I shouldn’t have met him today.”


“Yeah, I know. I’ll lock the door for you, you just go back to sleep. I’ll be in Japan for a week. Let’s get some dinner while I’m here. We have a lot to catch up on.”

“Thank you, I’ll call you.”

Mr. Raizo is also an alpha who has a soul mate. Technically, though, I should say he’s an alpha who had a soul mate.

He knows a lot about Omega’s heat period, so since he knew I will be stuck in bed for a while, he prepared some water, some nutritional supplements and fruit and other light things and put them by the bedside for me to eat.

“Well, I’m going to go home now, is there anything else you need?”

“No, thank you, it’s enough.”

Oh right, I hurriedly stopped Mr. Raizo, who was about to leave.

”Ah, Mr. Raizo, I have a favor to ask you.”

“What’s wrong?”

Mr. Raizo came back to the side of the bed and stroked my head with gentle eyes.

It’s the kind of look you give when you want to spoil a child.


The same look that he gave me back in junior high school, when he admonished me for being frightened by the impulses of my still-unaccustomed estrus period.

If you look at me like that, I’m afraid I’m going to be spoiled to no end.

“Don’t tell my parents about this, okay? I just finished my estrus for this month. My cycle has been a little out of balance lately. I don’t want to worry them.”

“Did you go to the hospital?”

“Yeah, I think it’s more of a psychological thing.”

This is a lie.

But I thought that if I said this, Mr. Raizo, who knew about my failed wedding, would be convinced.

And sure enough, Mr. Raizo agreed with a pained look in his eyes.

”I see, don’ be too hard on yourself. Alright, I won’t tell them, but if anything happens, do you promise that you’ll turn to me for help? I know there are some things you can’t tell your parents, but don’t hide anything from me.”

“Yeah, I promise.”


As someone who has already lied to you, I feel so small, but I can’t tell you about Sasanami.

I’m sure Mr. Raizo will keep quiet about it, but there will be times when he will accidentally slip up.

That’s why I should be the only one to know the truth.

I nodded, and this time Mr. Raizo left and locked the door as promised.

Hearing the sound of the lock clicking, I freed my body with relief.

I stripped my clothes off my burning hot body and rubbed my face against them, smelling the faint scent of Sasanami’s pheromones through my jacket.

Today, the two of us were too close to each other.

I could smell Sasanami’s pheromones from my jacket and my hair, and I felt my head boiling with crazy lust.

I licked my wrist with my tongue, remembering his warmth when he grabbed me and pulled me away from the crowd at the Aquarium.

I felt my lower half react to the stimulus as the love juice overflowed from between my legs.


“Sasanami, I’m sorry. Sasanami………”

I shouldn’t be dirtying Sasanami like this, but I can’t stop my body from drowning in heat.

While sucking on my jacket, which emitted the scent of Sasanami’s pheromones, I stuck my fingers behind my back and moved it the way I wanted.

How much longer can I keep this up? If we keep meeting up like this, I might go crazy and attack Sasanami one day.

The only way to escape this urge is to have someone bite the nape of my neck.

That way, I won’t react to other alpha’s scent.

I know that, but I’m still afraid.

I can’t help but pity the person who will be cut off from their fated person because of me.

However, the most frightening thing would be the fact that I would no longer be able to smell Sasanami’s pheromones.

Selfish and helpless, this is my true heart.

I want to give up, I should give up, but I can’t move on my own.

If someone would hold me down and bite the nape of my neck without saying a word, wouldn’t that be fine?

Or, if someone who loves Sasanami and is loved by him appears and Sasanami bites the nape of that person’s neck, then I’ll be free from his pheromones.

Please, show up as soon as possible before I go crazy.


The empty masturbation while repeating ‘I love you’ and “I’m sorry”, continued until dawn.

As the sun rises, I hugged my body, which has finally settled down with the sunrise.

As I drifted to sleep, I still only had Sasanami in mind.

[1] I think as in, did he need me to protect him just now?

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