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Fate: Chapter 7

After that, the two fell in love.

They dated, they held hands, they hugged and they kissed passionately.

Although they hadn’t been together for a long time, Liang Lin felt as if she’s been in love with him for a long time and no matter what she says or does with him, it’s never the slightest bit unnatural. 


She asked him when did he start to like her. 

He said in high school. 

Back then, when he would play basketball, he would notice she would be always watching, she would keep looking for a long time, and his heart would go “pang pang”. 

He originally thought that high school was for studying, and so he waited until graduation to confess to her, but he got sick and actually missed his chance. 

At that time he was still young, he didn’t mind that too much.  

He didn’t expect to meet her again in College, but she didn’t seem to have any impression of him, so he thought about getting acquainted first.


However, before he could do his move, Xiao Ting confessed to him first and in front of so many people, making a storm all over the city.

Liang Lin obviously started to avoid him, getting colder and colder towards him, so he thought let’s wait a little longer. 

Unexpectedly, what he waited and waited for was her “rejection”.

“It’s all your fault.”

The two recalled their past fates, laughing and blaming each other.

Liang Lin thought more than once, fortunately, she has bought and kept wearing those glasses, fortunately, she took that path at that time.

Their romance developed quickly and soon they become like glue. 


Two weeks later, her job progressed, and she received a call that she had passed her first interview. She did the second one and made it all the way through.  

That day, she happily reported to her new company and surprisingly met Gu Ruichen in the elevator.  

“You work in this building?”  

“Yes, in the 16th floor.”  

“I also work in the 16th floor.”

The 16th floor arrived, and they found that their two companies are actually facing each other, right next door. 

The two looked at each other and then Liang Lin smiled and happily said: “Look, our red threads of fate are too tightly tied; we really can’t miss each other.” 

Fate can be, sometimes, something Wonderful.

The end

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Fate: Chapter 6

Liang Lin’s mouth opened wide in shock, and she thought in hindsight that her expression must have been super awkward at the time.
“I’ve been wondering when you’d see me” Gu Ruichen was still laughing: “But you’ve walked by here several times, looking here and there, but you never looked at me.”  


Liang Lin laughed awkwardly and said: “I, I was bored today, so I came out to wander around and pass the time.”  

Gu Ruichen nodded and used his index finger to push his glasses back; he then smiled again and said: “I sat here yesterday too.”

Liang Lin was instantly petrified as she heard him continue: “I sat here the day before yesterday as well.”
Liang Lin was completely speechless now.

She didn’t know how to react at all.


She just wished there was a hole in the ground for her to get into.

Gu Ruichen smiled as she lowered her head and blushed, and the two of them didn’t speak for a while.
Finally, he spoke: “The day we met here, you were running so fast that I didn’t have time to ask for your contact information. So I came here the next day to try my luck and see if I could run into you again.”
Liang Lin’s face got even redder, but her heart was about to explode with joy.

Gu Ruichen was even thinking the same thing as her!
“I did see you then, but you turned around and didn’t seem to have noticed me. So I told myself I would come back again tomorrow and see if I can see you again.”
Liang Lin quickly looked up at him and said: “What about you? Why didn’t you call me, then? What if I hadn’t show up the next day? Or the day after?”

“I have your phone number.”

Once again, Gu Ruichen shocked Liang Lin.

He continued: “The day we met, I spent the whole night contacting our classmates that I could reach and finally asked for your phone number. It was just my good luck that I got to see you again the next day and that made me want to see when, exactly, you would be able to notice me.”
Liang Lin desperately said: “I, I don’t have much contact with my former classmates…” so she was stupid enough to run to this street and try to meet him again while looking like a crazy person”
Gu Ruichen smiled : “It doesn’t matter, I can find you.”

He then paused and said: “It’s just that before, I didn’t dare to come to you.”
“I, I just saw the letter written in that book yesterday. I never knew, I’m sorry.”

Liang Lin felt awkward as hell talking about it.
Gu Ruichen rubbed his forehead and said: “So putting it there turned out to be a big mistake. I was wondering if maybe it was not safe to write in that notebook. But when I called you later, you were cold and I certainly thought I was rejected.”

He curled his lips looking pitiful and continued: “I was sad for a long time.”

Liang Lin bit her lip to hold back a smile, how come she didn’t think he was so peevish before.
“That’s because you didn’t make it clear.” 

“Yes, yes, it was my fault.” He generously took all the blame for the mistake, and then said:

“But when I saw you here the other day, I suddenly felt that maybe that wasn’t the case.”
“You wore my glasses” He smiled smugly: “After my glasses broke, I looked in many stores and couldn’t find the same ones. But you could find them. They’re still flat.”
Liang Lin blushed and winced as she watched Gu Ruichen take out his phone and dial a number, then he frowned lightly and said to her: “Turn it on.”
“Ah?” She sounded a bit silly.
Gu Ruichen shook the phone in his hand and said again: “Turn it on.”


She finally understood and took her phone out of her bag and turned it on.

Soon after, her phone rang and he said to her: “That’s my number, save it.”
She nodded vigorously and immediately saved it.
He pushed over another small piece of paper, she looked at it and it was a heart shape folded in sugar paper.

He smiled and said: “I’ve been waiting patiently for you to find me; I had to find something to do.”

Liang Lin picked up the heart shape that was folded quite beautifully and heard him say:

“That’s my heart so please keep it.”
“Oh.” This time Liang Lin couldn’t really help but laugh, completely exposing her heart. But then she thought and said: “What if I already have a boyfriend?”
“You had another boyfriend and still put my glasses on?” He seemed to see through her.


She had to keep bluffing: “That would not be good.”
“You don’t, I asked around” He was as calm as ever.
Liang Lin bit her lip, no, she had to take the initiative for once: “Will you go out with me?”
He smiled, a gentle, beautiful smile: “You stole my lines.”
“Then I’ll let you have mine, free of charge. Quickly say yes.”


He took her hand and held it in his: “You’ve kept me waiting for a long, long time, and if I hadn’t come back for my job transfer, if I hadn’t walked this road at that time, I’m afraid we’d have missed each other again.”
“You still haven’t said yes” Liang Lin is very persistent to see the result of the first initiative in her life.

He laughed and lowered his head to place a kiss on her hand: “We didn’t miss each other this time, fortunately.”

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Fate: Chapter 5

The next day, Liang Lin got up with a set of panda’s eyes.

She packed up her things properly, took her bag and went out of the door.


At work, she stood by her office window and looked at the people coming and going along the street.  

There was plenty of time to check that notebook and yet she had missed that letter. 

They had missed each other over and over again.

This was because she was a coward who didn’t dare to act on what she wants, this time though, she needed to take action.    

Liang Lin went to the place where she met Gu Ruichen yesterday.

She stood on that street corner and looked around. 

The street was crowded, there were people everywhere. 

She intentionally walked slowly, step by step, taking her time to scan her surroundings. 

She noticed that the ground design had tiles joined together forming a beautiful pattern.

Liang Lin suddenly felt like she had gone back to that time.


She was walking on the path covered with fallen leaves, she could hear the sound of them breaking under her feet and she felt like she would see him as soon as she lifted her head.   

So she did, she looked up, but unfortunately, there was no sight of him. 

In the vast sea of ​​people, she was like a lonely soul, constantly strolling around the street in circles, trying to find him. 

She remembered a movie she had seen, “walk from Left to Right”.

The male and female protagonists always appeared in the same scene, but unfortunately, without ever meeting each other.   

Liang Lin looked at every direction but in vain.

She looked behind her, looked to her left, looked to her right, but he was still nowhere to be found. 

The passersby next to her looked at her strangely. 

Liang Lin grimaced secretly. She really was becoming a psychopath.   


But even though she looked like a crazy person, she still didn’t want to give up. 

In these past 24 years, she is never been a decisive person and that’s what led to this tragic situation, so this time, she is going to make up for it any way she can.   

Liang Lin kept looking like a lunatic on that street for three days. 

She would come early in the morning and go back late at night.

She didn’t try to look casual by surfing the net or talking on her phone. 

She was dedicated to being a lunatic. 

Every time she saw a puppy, she would think of him, when she saw a tree, again, she would think of him and if she saw a man wearing glasses she would still think of him.

Last time, he had stood here and told to her that it is been a long time since they have seen each other, but now he is gone.   

Liang Lin sighed, started to count the floor tiles beneath her feet and happened to see a fallen leaf. She hopped over, stepped on it and when she looked up, there was a puppy just in front of her, unfortunately, it was a pretty woman holding it.


Liang Lin watched the woman as she led her dog away and was about to sigh, but halfway through, she froze.  

There was a cafe with floor-to-ceiling windows.

When the woman and her puppy walked away, they revealed Gu Ruichen’s smiling face behind the window’s glass. 

Liang Lin rubbed her eyes and looked again more carefully again. It was indeed him. He looked at her and kept smiling, then waved at her. 

Liang Lin felt like she was floating in, she somehow arrived in front of him.

 Gu Ruichen greeted her and invited her to sit down. He then called the waiter and ordered a cup of coffee for her.


Liang Lin didn’t know what to say, but she felt that this time, she had to take the initiative, so she said: “What a coincidence.”    

Gu Ruichen smiled brightly and replied: “It’s not a coincidence; I have been sitting here and watching you walk around in circles as if you were looking for something.”

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Fate: Chapter 4

Liang Lin did not have the courage to listen to this public confession.

She fled away from the auditorium and walked aimlessly around the campus for a long time.


Finally, with nowhere to go, she returned to the dormitory.

That night, Xiao Ting came back very late.

She had very red eyes and said that Gu Ruichen didn’t say anything on the spot, but told her after the event was over that he could not accept her confession.

Xiao Ting clenched her fists in front of Liang Lin, saying that she would not be discouraged and would continue to pursue him again.
Liang Lin really didn’t know how she was going to do it.

After that, she wasn’t as close to Xiao Ting as she used to be.

Both of them got busy.

Xiao Ting was busy chasing after Gu Ruichen and attending all kinds of events.

Liang Lin, on the other hand, was busy with her classes, with her homework, and trying to avoid Gu Ruichen.  


The four years of college passed by peacefully.

Liang Lin also rejected two boys’ confessions; she returned their letters without even taking the time to read them.

She just told them that she didn’t want to have a relationship in College and wanted to focus on her studies.

She gained herself a reputation of being clear-minded, introverted, and studious.

That was all what she was known for among her peers.
On the day of her college graduation, Liang Lin finally gave Gu Ruichen a gift.

Although it was not a show of love, she wanted to make up for the regret of her high school graduation and she finally got to fulfill her wish at last.


What surprised her though was that Gu Ruichen also gave her a gift, a very cute notebook.

Liang Lin likes to collect all kinds of beautiful notebooks but she didn’t expect him to know about her little hobby.
At that time, Gu Ruichen still wore his warm smile as his slender fingers handed her the notebook.

Liang Lin unconsciously blushed again; she bowed her head and thanked him.

She did not know that she had missed the look of helplessness on his face.

Gu Ruichen wanted to actually talk to her more; he was looking for a job in D City, far away from A City, and had to leave shortly after graduation.
The day she received the gift, Liang Lin holding the notebook suddenly felt very sad.

She impulsively visited one store after another until she finally found the exact same frame as his, she also matched his flat lenses and put the frame on her face.


She told herself that she would just keep them as a souvenir of her dead crush.

Later, Liang Lin found a job in a company in A city. She rented a small apartment and never contacted Gu Ruichen again but she still occasionally chatted with Xiao Ting online.

She hid the notebook deep in the drawer under her closet and has been reluctant to use it.

So in the end, she had never opened it.
Three years later, it was like thunderbolt.

She found out that she had missed his confession.

For three years she is been missing out on a chance to be with him.

Gu Ruichen wrote on that letter that if she is willing to go out with him, then to just call him.

If he can wait for her, he will not leave[1].


Liang Lin looked at his handwriting again and couldn’t hold back her tears.

She remembered that shortly after he gave her the gift, he called her and asked her if she liked the notebook.

She was baffled and just gave a predictable response. Clearly a cop out answer.

So he didn’t wait for her and she had lost him.

Now, it’s already been three years, Liang Lin told herself that by now, he could have a girlfriend or even a fiancée.
Liang Lin sat dumbfounded for a long while, then suddenly picked up her phone and dialed the number that he had written on his letter, unfortunately, she only heard the automatic response as she had guessed: “Sorry, the number you have dialed is no longer in service.”

She had already changed her number so of course he would have changed his too.
Liang Lin turned on her computer.


She felt that in all her years she had never been as active as she is being now.

She looked for Xiao Ting’s Id. She was online. Liang Lin directly asked her if she still had contact with Gu Ruichen. Unfortunately, the answer she got was a no.
This answer made Liang Lin loose her sleep for the whole night, so in the end, does she really need to wait until they meet by coincidence again?

[1] I think he meant that if she accepts his confession then he would stay with her in A city.

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