The Jasmine Scented White Moonlight


Shen Shuyun had never understood why the young prince of the Ning family would fall in love with an ordinary person like himself at first sight and never forget about him.

When Ning Wan put the divorce agreement in front of him, he finally understood.

From start to finish, it wasn’t him that Ning Wan loved, but his pheromones.
Ning Wan had once told Shen Shuyun: ” Whenever you’re tired of walking, just turn back…I would be right there.”

However, when Shen Shuyun really needed Ning Wan, he turned back and there was no one behind him.

[From the author: Omegaverse, Dog Blood highlighted! Don’t enter if you don’t like the taste!]


Title: White Moonlight with Jasmine Flavor / 茉莉味的白月光

Author’s name: 北境有冻离

Country: China

Original website:

Genre: Romance

Number of Chapters: 70

Status: Completed

Link to novel updates:

Release schedule: Every Wednesday


List of Chapters:

Chapter 1 – Part 1

Chapter 2 – Part 1

Chapter 3 – Part 1

Chapter 4 – Part 1

Chapter 5 – Part 1

Chapter 6 – Part 1

Chapter 7 – Part 1

Chapter 8 – Part 1

Chapter 9 – Part 1

Chapter 10 – Part 1

Chapter 1 – Part 2

Chapter 2 – Part 2

Chapter 3 – Part 2

Chapter 4 – Part 2

Chapter 5 – Part 2

Chapter 6 – Part 2

Chapter 7 – Part 2

Chapter 8 – Part 2

Chapter 9 – Part 2

Chapter 10 – Part 2

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