After Being Marked By A Powerful Love Rival


Song Yi is a sweet and gentle scum who grew up wandering up to the sky.

Gu Xingchuan is a suave male god whose beauty crushes everything.

For the same white moonlight affection, the two have fought for many years.

Until Song Yi changed from a man with eight pack abs to an OMEGA exuding the scent of sweet milk.

In front of everyone, Gu Xingchuan pinned Song Yi against the wall and smiled disdainfully, he then lowered his head and sniffed the warm, soft smell.

“Your pheromones smell exactly the same as White Moonlight’s, I’m sure you’re seducing me.”

Song Yi: “…”

Gu Xingchuan: “If you are not seducing me, why can’t I help but want to kiss you?”

Little Theater:

White Moonlight : I Decided to choose a partner between the two of you.

Gu Xingchuan : I quit, I already have a wife.

Song Yi : You guys talk, I’m going home to feed the dog.

Gu Xingchuan : … Woof.


Title: 被豪门情敌标记之后 / After being marked by a wealthy love rival

Author’s name: 倔强海豹

Country: China

Original website:

Genre: Romantic comedy

Number of Chapters: 81

Status: Completed

Link to novel updates:


List of Chapters:

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Hello World! I am Neckochan, I am an avid reader and a wanna be writer. This is my first blog where I will be sharing my greatest passions in life with you. I just hope to bring a smile to someone out there <3

One thought on “After Being Marked By A Powerful Love Rival

  1. Hi author neckochan! I want to translate your English translation novel after being marked by a powerful love rival to Myanmar on wattpad my wattpad user name is raindrop_mochi. I’m really wanted to translate this novel .
    Please give your permisssion to translate if you don’t mind. I will wainting your reply.


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