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The Jasmine Scented White Moonlight : Chapter 4 – Part 2

Shen Shuyun looked at Ning Wan’s frozen white lips and sighed.

He subconsciously searched in his pocket for his car keys, but suddenly remembered that his Audi had been sent to be repaired, and still hasn’t been brought back yet.


So he reached out on the side of the road and stopped a taxi, pulling Ning Wan in the car:

“Get in first, don’t just stand here, it’s not the time to talk. Also, have you ever heard of the spring cover and the autumn freeze? It’s still cold at the beginning of March, and that’s all you’re wearing, isn’t that just looking for trouble?”

Ning Wan can see now how Shen Shuyun is actually like; he can hear the sweetness in his words.

He will just assume that Shen Shuyun really cares about him. He can’t wait to gouge out every word of Shen Shuyun to find out what he likes about him.

He put his suitcase in the trunk of the taxi and got into the car just in time to hear Shen Shuyun give his address to the driver: “Master, go to Yi Lin Ya Yuan on Dong He Road.”

” Brother Yun, do you live in Yi Lin Ya Yuan?”

“Yeah, I just made a down payment last year. Mainly because it’s pretty close to the school, and the layout is okay…”


Yi Lin Ya Yuan was one of Ning’s real estate brands, and after Ning Wan graduated from college, he returned to China and came to W City to take charge of the real estate company here.

Ning Wan’s heart was even more delighted, he thought, sure enough he was fated to be with Shen Shuyun. Shen Shuyun even picked his family’s house.

At this time, Shen Shuyun still didn’t know that the entire Yi Lin Ya Yuan would be his in the future.

Yi Lin Ya Yuan was not far from the school just ten minutes away.

Shen Shuyun looked at Ning Wan’s pitiful appearance, he looked just like a big dog, his heart softened and he took the initiative to propose: “Come to my house to take some rest?”

He was simply inviting wolves into his home.

Ning Wan pretended to be polite: “Would this bother you too much…”

“It won’t.”


Shen Shuyun swiped his door card and brought Ning Wan upstairs: “Besides, didn’t you say yourself that you had nowhere else to go? What’s the matter then? Let’s just go up and discuss it, I’ll help you think of something.”

 Ning Wan was just waiting for this sentence; he pulled up his suitcase and followed him, justifiably entering Shen Shuyun’s home.

His home wasn’t very large, about ninety or so square feet, but it was decorated in a very cozy way.

Everywhere you looked you could see the thought that the homeowner had put into it.

While Ning Wan was still distracted, Shen Shuyun had already made a cup of tea for him and placed it in front of him: “What exactly happened? You look like a mess.”

Ning Wan drooped his eyelids, looking very embarrassed:

“Brother Yun, since I had a car accident I stayed in the hospital for a few days, but I didn’t expect to be fired when I went back to work. I didn’t even get this month’s salary and I don’t have any savings ah… The apartment I rented is well located and I very much liked it… but the landlord saw that I couldn’t afford to pay this month’s rent, so he returned the deposit to me and told me to hurry up and leave…”


“What’s with this landlord?!”

Ning Wan smiled bitterly: “That’s the situation, I don’t know where to rent a house in such a short period of time, and I don’t have any other friends here. I’m really desperate, so I’m forced to bother you… Brother Yun, can you help me, let me stay in your house for the time being? Think of it as taking in a homeless person like me…I won’t live here for free! I know that the rent price in this area is around four thousand per month, I will pay you rent, I only ask you to let me stay here until I find a job and a suitable apartment then I will move out.”

 Having said that, Shen Shuyun naturally couldn’t refuse any longer.

Besides, Ning Wan had a car accident because of him and that had caused him to lose his job, Shen Shuyun couldn’t just stand idly by: “Well, it’s fine for you to stay with me, but one thing – I’m not charging you rent, and if you talk about money again, I won’t let you stay with me.”

 Shen Shuyun’s family didn’t have much of a background, little by little, he had gone from being a fresh graduate to now establishing himself in the city.

He knew very well how desperate it was for young people to be isolated in a strange city.

Plus, now that Ning Wan had lost his job, he didn’t want him to pay any rent because he doesn’t want him to have a hard time in order to make ends meet.

“Brother Yun, thank you” Ning Wan stared intently at Shen Shuyun and said: “You’re really too good to me.”

Shen Shuyun smiled and raised his eyebrows: “But it’s true that you can’t live for free, from now on, I’ll cook and you have to wash the dishes!”


 “Okay, no problem” Ning Wan took a sip from the cup of tea in front of him and the slightly hot temperature spread from his hands all the way to his heart, dispelling all the coldness from his body: “In the future, you can be my creditor.”

I’ll pay you back for the rest of my life.

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After Being Marked By A Powerful Love Rival: Chapter 5 – Part 3

As soon as he ended the call, Song Yi saved Gu Xingchuan’s phone number, but instead of putting the letter A in front of his name he put the letter S two times.

When he arrived at Gu Xingchuan’s home, Song Yi opened the door to the living room.


The curtain was pulled halfway, only some of the light went through. The afternoon sun was warm.

Gu Xingchuan was lazily leaning on the sofa, holding a game controller in his hand and looking at the big TV set on the wall with great concentration.  

The sound of gunshots could be heard, “bang bang bang bang”.

It was a popular game nowadays; Song Yi swept a glance at the TV screen then leisurely went to the kitchen to wash the fruit.

He carefully cut them, put them in a plate and placed them on the coffee table. 

Leaning on the sofa, Gu Xingchuan’s flexible fingers skillfully manipulated the game controller.


He then tilted his neck, opened his mouth showing his thin lips and white teeth and said: “Give one piece of sweet orange.”  

Song Yi took the fruit fork indulgently and placed it in front of Gu Xingchuan’s mouth; the latter tilted his head and took a light bite, his eyes never leaving the TV screen throughout this whole time.  

“Avocado, dipped in honey.”

Song Yi’s attitude remained unchangingly positive and so Gu Xingchuan did whatever he wanted.

However, Gu Xingchuan was surprised that Song Yi was suddenly acting so well today.

He kept staring at him while playing the game.

Song Yi slightly smiled at his gaze. He was being kind and gentle.

Suddenly the air grew silent for a few seconds.


Gu Xingchuan felt a cold chill behind his back and became a little wary: “Don’t you get any crooked ideas!”

Song Yi did not comment; he just lightly smiled and asked: “What else do you want to eat?”  

It’s best to kill you a thousand times, lest I kill you myself.

Gu Xingchuan is not quite used to this, he felt uncomfortable.

He turned his head and said with a stiff voice:”I told my agent that I was injured and had to cancel the concert, and he immediately went to monitor the surveillance cameras in the underground parking lot.”

Song Yi didn’t doubt this.


When they were in high school, they were often messing with each other because of Shen Li; today you draw boobs on my homework book, tomorrow I’ll put a centipede in your backpack, but they have never told on each other or got their parents involved.

“I know” Song Yi nodded.

The TV screen was bright gold as Gu Xingchuan’s game ended. He stretched out and looked at Song Yi: “Did you call Shen Li?”

“Yes but my call didn’t get through.”

Song Yi had called him many times since that day, and none of his calls had gone through; Shen Li’s phone had been switched off.

The first few days Song Yi had been furious and angry at Shen Li for playing with his emotions like this.  


But now after such a long time, Song Yi was more worried about whether something had happened to Shen Li.

Gu Xingchuan frowned: “His phone has been turned off, do you have any other way to contact him?”

“Aren’t you two together now? How am I supposed to know if the boyfriend doesn’t know?” Song Yi seized every opportunity to retaliate.  

Gu Xingchuan didn’t look too good and said in a rough voice: “You love to talk, don’t you?”  

That morning, Gu Xingchuan thought that Shen Li was just shy and hiding.

He called him a few times but even though he didn’t get to talk to him, he didn’t give it much thought.   

The more time passed, the more Shen Li seemed to have disappeared from the face of the earth.

Gu Xingchuan entrusted a few of his friends who had good connections with the task of finding out where Shen Li had gone, but no one could find him.  

That night seemed like a beautiful dream.


Gu Xingchuan couldn’t recall Shen Li’s face, but he missed the warm, sweet pheromones of his enchanting body.

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The Jasmine Scented White Moonlight : Chapter 4 – Part 1

Ning Wan told Luo Xiao all about what had happened these last days.

After listening, Luo Xiao couldn’t help but stammer: “I always knew you were looking for the person who saved your life back then, but who would have thought that a car accident could actually send that person to you! This just means that those who are destined to meet again will meet again someday… It was so hard to find him! There is no another way to explain it.”


 “Yeah” Ning Wan sat back in his chair, his face full of sadness:”He said he likes an alpha who is older and mature. I really can’t do anything about my age, so I’ll just think about changing my appearance first, isn’t the standard for mature men to wear a three-piece suit?”

“That’s not right.”

Unlike Ning Wan, Luo Xiao was a playboy and the number of mistresses he had talked to added up was probably more than Ning Wan could ever have imagined in his life.

 He was very thorough in figuring out the thoughts of all types of people and had far more experience in love than Ning Wan:

“The maturity he wants is not the maturity of looking a certain way, but your psychological maturity – the key is being able to give him a sense of security, to make him feel that being with you is comforting, that he has nothing to fear, understand?”

Ning Wan listened and nodded his head seemingly understanding what he was told.

Luo Xiao continued: “You are now in a completely different social circle than him and your lives don’t intersect, so how can you possibly get him to fall for you! What you need to do now is to figure out a way to fit in with him, preferably by living with him and finding a reason to live in his house. You have to be proactive, he happens to be single right now; it’s an emotional window you have to use to your advantage. Otherwise don’t come crying to me when he finds someone he likes and turns you down.”


“You’re right” Ning night rolled his eyes and said:”but you have a point, I do have to find a way to get more in touch with him…let me think…”

“He still doesn’t know your family situation yet, does he?”

Ning Wan shook his head: “I don’t know… I haven’t told him yet.”

Luo Xiao grinned and said: “That’s just fine, I’ll teach you, you’ll just sell it and pretend to be miserable, after all, the one you’re interested in sounds like a soft-hearted person. I reckon he’ll definitely take you in. The opportunity has been delivered to you, you should grasp it well. Don’t wait waste so many more years on foolishness.”

Thus, on the third day after Ning Wan’s discharge, Shen Shuyun received a call.

“Brother Yun?”

Shen Shuyun was getting ready to leave work when he heard Ning Wan’s voice on the phone so he tucked his phone between his ear and shoulder while his hands packed the things he wanted to bring home: “Ning Wan? What’s going on?”

“Brother Yun, are you busy with something right now?”

“No, I’m getting ready to go home from work.”


Shen Shuyun listened to the whistling wind on the other end of the phone and became suspicious: “What’s going on, why are you being so evasive?”

Ning Wan was only wearing a thin jacket, shivering from the early March cold spring breeze, even his teeth were chattering:”Brother Yun, I’m at the entrance of your school, come out and meet me, I have something I want you to help me with.”

“Okay, then I’ll go out to find you now, just wait a moment.”

Shen Shuyun hung up the phone, grabbed his jacket and headed for the school entrance. It was still half an hour before students were dismissed from school.

High school students were not like elementary and middle school students who had so many parents come to pick them up, so the school entrance was empty, only a tall man with a height of a meter eighty stood at the gate of the school.


He looked very lonely.

Shen Shuyun hurried out of the school and walked up to Ning Wan, his gaze falling on the large suitcase behind him, frowning he asked hesitantly: “What are you…”

Ning Wan’s eyes suddenly lit up when he saw Shen Shuyun, but his face still looked miserable and pitiful: “Brother Yun, I have no place to stay.”

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After Being Marked By A Powerful Love Rival: Chapter 5 – Part 2

Just as Song Yi was coming out of the office door, he met with Liu Zhenzhen who was sitting in the lobby on his phone.

When he saw Song Yi, Liu Zhenzhen showed a stern face, called him over and said: “Song Yi, you got into trouble and you didn’t tell me?”


“What is it?” Song Yi already had a hunch about what this is about.

Liu Zhenzhen looked around to make sure that no one could hear them and said in a low voice through gritted teeth: “Did you hit Gu Xingchuan with your car?”

Song Yi narrowed his eyes and replied: “Yes, I accidentally grazed him.”

«You drive too recklessly” Liu Zhenzhen was livid and anxious:”You didn’t tell me either, if I hadn’t met Gu Xingchuan’s agent today, I wouldn’t have known about this matter. How long were you going to keep it from me?”  


Liu Zhenzhen paused for a moment; he looked at Song Yi’s unruffled and calm face, took a deep breath and said: “You have put me through a difficult situation right now!”

“I’ll take care of it” Song Yi was feeling very helpless.

Liu Zhenzhen gritted his teeth as he said: “Let me make it clear to you, Gu Xingchuan’s father, Gu Shaoyuan, acquired a portion of Star Entertainment’s shares at the last the shareholders’ meeting and is likely to be Star Entertainment’s largest shareholder in the future.”

“So you, you ran over the future boss’s son!”

Everyone in the company was cracking their heads trying to figure out how to suck up to this future prince while his own artist went and hit Gu Xingchuan with his car!

Now he is most likely to be hated by him.  

Liu Zhenzhen was about to vomit blood.

Song Yi frowned, if he had known that Gu Xingchuan’s father was going to be the boss of Star Entertainment, he would have terminated his contract eight hundred years ago:

“When did this happen?”  

“Don’t ask about these things.”


Liu Zhenzhen’s face eased up a bit; he glared at Song Yi and said:

“You bumped into Gu Xingchuan, how come you don’t even care if he’s going to be your future boss? You’re usually quite good at staying out of trouble ah, what’s wrong with you this time?”

Song Yi stayed silent, unable to say anything.

Liu Zhenzhen sighed: “Don’t concern yourself with the company’s affairs, I’ll deal with it, just as a favor to me, you go to Gu Xingchuan’s house now and try to get him to forgive you.”

Faced with Liu Zhenzhen, Song Yi could hardly refuse him.

Although Liu Zhenzhen was not very good-tempered, but the two of them got along quite well all these years and he could almost be considered a friend.  

“Understood, I’ll be heading there” Song Yi said as he pinched the bridge of her nose.


Liu Zhenzhen was finally relieved and patted Song Yi’s shoulder: “I also know that Gu Xingchuan is not easy to get along with, but people under the eaves have to bow their heads, you just bow your head, and everyone will have a better time in the future.” 

Song Yi faintly smiled, a great man should be able to yield. Only after walking through the valleys, can he climb to the highest peak.

He would consider Gu Xingchuan as a trial in his life, as long as he can overcome this hurdle, nothing can defeat him. 

Although Song Yi thought so, but when he received a text message from Gu Xingchuan, his anger flared up miserably.

The phone number was an unfamiliar number, but that tone of speech, Song Yi could not find another one among the people he knew who would talk like that.

[A box of orange flavored sweets, a box of avocado, sweet oranges with leaves, avocado to Pinkerton, and the seafood congee from Snow Congee, the shop on the fourth floor of Nan Mao Mall. Be at my house by four o’clock].  

Song Yi sat in the car, squeezed his phone and searched for an official phone number for Meituan[1] delivery and sent the order over. 

Soon after Gu Xingchuan called. Song Yi waited until it was almost time to disconnect before slowly answering.

“Hello, may I ask who is this?” Song Yi very politely asked.

“It’s me, Gu Xingchuan” Gu Xingchuan’s voice sounded as black as dark clouds.

Song Yi acted surprised: “I thought someone ordered takeaway and sent the wrong message, so it’s you, you should have said so.”


Gu Xingchuan sneered: “Remember me now?”

“I’ll do it, I’ll get them for you right away” Song Yi smiled, seemingly completely unfazed.

Gu Xingchuan hesitated and said in a stiff tone: “Save my number and put an A in front of my name, so you it can be at the top of your contact’s list, I’ll send you a message whenever I need something.”

Song Yi smiled and said: “Okay, Young Master, your wish is my command.”

[1] Delivery service

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The Jasmine Scented White Moonlight : Chapter 3 – Part 2

He then asked: “Then Brother Yun… Have you ever been in love before?”

Shen Shuyun was stunned by this question.

This…what should he say…


He couldn’t confess to Ning Wan that he was actually an old omega who had been single for twenty-nine years, could he? Wouldn’t that be too much of a loss of face….

“I have, I have” Shen Shuyun ultimately couldn’t pull off admitting in front of this junior that he hadn’t even had a single love affair: “Naturally there was one.”

Ning Wan felt the sour taste that had just been pushed down from his throat rise up again.

“What kind of person was he?”

This time Shen Shuyun reacted to the fact that he had been trapped by Ning Wan, so instead of answering him, he questioned: “Why are you asking this!”

Ning Wan is an extremely quick thinker and in the blink of an eye, he thought of something to say:

“It’s nothing; I just… just have an omega I like. I’ve been secretly in love with him for many years, but I’ve never dared to confess to him and I don’t know how to pursue him. He’s a male omega just like you, Brother Yun, and he’s also similar to you in age and personality. I just want to learn more about how he thinks from you and ask for some dating advice.”

“Oh, so that’s how it is.”


Shen Shuyun didn’t doubt it and nodded: “Actually, everyone’s temperament is different after all…”

“Brother Yun, please help me.”

Ning Wan smilingly stared at Shen Shuyun: “I’m twenty-four years old and still haven’t been able to pursue the person I like; it’s really a failure… You teach me how to court him. If I succeed…, I… I’ll treat you to a wedding candy.”

Ning Wan said this with his mouth yet what he was thinking in his heart was: if it works, you and I will be a family, and I will buy you candy every day.

Shen Shuyun was a little embarrassed and said: “It’s even a wedding candy; you’re really treating me like a child? …I don’t mind, but I can’t guarantee that it will work.”

“I understand, I understand, people are different.”

This absurd “revolutionary friendship” between Ning Wan and Shen Shuyun was established this way.


On the day the stitches were removed, Shen Shuyun came with a bucket of soybean and pig’s foot soup and brought it to Ning Wan.

After the stitches were removed, he had to rush back to school, but as soon as he wanted to get up, he was pulled by Ning Wan:

“Brother Yun, I will be discharged in two days, thank you for taking care of me all these days… My injury is healed and you have done your duty, but we are still friends, right? I can still come to you and ask you out, right?”

Shen Shuyun was a little surprised at such a question from him, still, looking at Ning Wan’s expectant face, he couldn’t help but touch his hair. He smiled and responded: “Of course.”

Ning Wan laughed just as a beautiful ray of sunshine penetrated in, illuminating his light brown pupils making them transparent and bright, like teal crystals, reflecting a radiant light.

Shen Shuyun was looking a bit dazed by the sight, but was dragged back to his senses by a soft laugh from Ning Wan, so he had to cough to hide his embarrassment, but his ears were quietly turning red.

“By the way, Brother Yun, I asked you last time, what type of alpha do you…an omega like you prefer?”


Shen Shuyun thought seriously for a moment, and then replied: “It’s best if it’s a slightly older, stable and mature type, after all, this kind of alpha makes people feel quite secure and looks like he can be dependable.”


A few days later, Luo Xiao came to W City’s Ning’s real estate branch to visit Ning Wan who was discharged from the hospital.

He and Ning Wan have been hanging out together since they were kids and if it weren’t for the fact that both of them were alpha, they could have been described as childhood sweethearts.

Luo Xiao and Ning Wan had always been casual with each other.

Luo Xiao took the elevator up to Ning Wan’s office, didn’t even knock on the door, he Just shoved his way through with a big grin and said with a loud and clear voice:

“Ning Wan, what the hell are you doing? Ah – the crash before. I had wanted to see you at the hospital. You’ve been blocking me from coming all day, okay, anyway, what’s up with you…? Really what’s wrong???»


Ning Wan stood up from behind his desk and showed Luo Xiao his new, neatly ironed without a single wrinkle suit and asked expectantly: “Luo Xiao, do I look mature, stable, and reliable?”

Luo Xiao’s eyes moved from his hair, which had been coated with hairspray, to his immaculate black leather shoes.

He looked so awkward that his features were wrinkled together.

It took Luo Xiao a long time to come up with a few words with difficulty:

«What’s this nonsense you’re making again? Doesn’t Young Master Ning hate formal wear? …I remember the last time you went to Mrs. Chesley’s dinner party, you dared to show up in your overcoat wearing jeans and casual clothes. I still remember the look in Uncle Ning’s eyes, I would actually remembered it for the rest of my life. It was really like he was going to whip you on the spot!”

Ning Wan frowned and said in a mean voice: “If you say less, no one will think you’re dead!”

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