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The Jasmine Scented White Moonlight : Chapter 5 – Part 2

Ning Wan came out of the office just after four o’clock. He stretched his back, rubbed his aching neck, and got into a taxi.

The number of times he had taken a taxi in the past few days all added up to almost more than he had in the past year: “To the city’s third high school.”


Ning Wan thought of Shen Shuyun, and his lips couldn’t help but bring some smiles back to his face.

He thought that although he was doing these things that were completely different from his usual habits, he didn’t feel forced at all – because they were all related to Shen Shuyun, so everything seemed to be coated with honey.

Ning Wan looked at the unfamiliar scenery outside the window, and changed his mind, he looked at the taxi driver and said: “Master, please drive to the nearest flower shop to the third high school, I’ll just get off there.”

The weather was so nice today which made him want to bring a bouquet of flowers for Shen Shuyun.


He originally wanted to buy a bouquet of jasmine, but it wasn’t in season; the price of jasmine was too high and the flower shop here didn’t stock this kind of flower.

So Ning Wan picked out a few white eustoma stems and had the clerk wrap them into a bouquet.

After buying the flowers, Ning Wan asked the florist for directions to the Third High School.

The clerk pointed him in the right direction and told Ning Wan the general route.

Ning Wan was a little confused, but he thought it didn’t sound like the distance was too far, so he held the bouquet of flowers in his hand and went on his way with confidence.


Twenty minutes later, Ning Evening discovered that he still thought too highly of himself, overestimating his ability to recognize the road.

After a series of left and right turns, he was still confused by the intricacies of the alley.

He couldn’t help but begin to doubt the clerk’s instructions: what happened to the part about walking in from this alley, turning a corner, and going through two more alleys to get there?

Ning Wan turned on his phone to navigate, but he really didn’t know the way, he was too unfamiliar with the area.

Even though he actually following the navigation he still made mistakes. He walked between these buildings but he couldn’t find the exit.

When he looked at the time, it was almost five o’clock.

He was in a hurry, so he couldn’t find his way around even more and walked haphazardly.

He didn’t know how, but Ning Wan actually reached a completely unfamiliar alleyway, and from afar, he saw five or six people squatting together smoking in front of him.

But before he could rejoice over the fact that he had finally found someone to ask for directions, a cigarette butt was thrown at his feet.


“Yo, here’s a fun one, and it looks like an alpha.” A man in a flowered shirt stood up from the ground, checking out Ning Wan casually with an ill-intentioned gaze: “Not badly dressed and can afford flowers, looks like a rich one.”

A dark-skinned young man behind him also stood up and echoed: “Good luck today, Brother Cheng, here comes a big one.”

Ning Wan realized that something was wrong and turned around to walk away.

But one of the guys put a hand on his shoulder with great pressure and said: “This brother, where are you going? Why don’t you come and leave something to honor your brother?”

“Let go” Ning Wan stared coldly at the man:”What do you want?”

“Money, what else is there to ask for? Buy two packs of cigarettes for your brothers!”

At this time, the phone in his pocket suddenly rang, Ning Wan took a look at it and put it to his ear: “Brother Yun, wait for me, I’m…”


Before he could finish, a muffled sound exploded in his ears –

Caught off guard, a fist struck Ning Wan hard on the side of his face, causing him to stumble, and his phone fell to the ground, rolling into the dust.

Ning Wan only felt dizzy and a cold voice came out: “I’m talking to you and you dare to make a phone call? Are you tired of living! Hurry up and pay the money or you won’t leave today and even the God of Heaven won’t be able to save you!”

Ning Wan had originally planned to give them all the money in his wallet in order to get out of there quickly, but after being punched for no reason, the fire in his heart couldn’t be contained at this point and rose up to his throat, staining his voice with a raspy and stubborn tone: “I just don’t want to, what can you do to me?”

“It’s best for you to give it on your own accord otherwise you will regret it!”

The man in the flowery shirt waved his arm and all the others came menacingly towards him.

Ning Wan sighed and gently set the white eustoma stems in his arms aside, dodging a punch as he fought with these people.

The problem was that although Ning Wan had learned fighting techniques, he didn’t often fight with others.

He had even stopped practicing his skills when he reached adulthood and now some of his moves had become rusty.

And as the saying goes, it’s hard to beat four hands with two fists. Facing these people at once, he inevitably fell behind and took a lot of punches on his body.

In the end, he was almost biting his teeth to hold on.


Just as Ning Wan twisted the man in the flowered shirt’s arm to avoid the kick that was coming at his knee, he hadn’t even noticed that someone had come around behind him, so when he turned his head, it was too late to dodge the fist that was coming straight at him!

Ning Wan involuntarily closed his eyes and gritted his teeth in preparation for the severe pain. However, the unexpected fist didn’t land on his face-

Ning Wan suddenly opened his eyes and saw a fair hand, clutching tightly at this person’s wrist, squeezing this person straight to the point of screaming: “Pain, pain!”

“I’m sorry I’m late” Shen Shuyun’s face was flushed after running so hard, he looked at Ning Wan and asked slightly out of breath: “Are you okay?”

 “Yes, I am fine…”

Only after hearing Ning Wan’s answer did Shen Shuyun’s tightly knitted eyebrows flattened.

He pinched the man’s wrist, and with one twist and turn, he removed the punk’s entire wrist, then moved very quickly to press down on the punk’s other hand that had taken out a small knife from his pocket.


He snatched the knife from his hand then kicked him violently towards his knee socket; he kicked the man so hard that he flung forward and kneeled down, wailing…

These were all things that happened in the blink of an eye.

 Ning Wan didn’t even have time to react as Shen Shuyun completed this set of walking disarming actions.

He crossed his long legs and stood in front of Ning Wan, saying sideways in a deep voice: “Don’t be afraid, you go first.”

Ning Wan:?

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