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The Case Of The 27 Knife Stabs: Chapter 5 – Part 3


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“27 sunflowers, 27 petals, this painting must have been painted by Liao Xiaoqing. He said he had never met Wang Rui and didn’t recognize Liao Xiaoqing, but he seemed to be familiar with the murder. If he didn’t know him, he wouldn’t have reacted this way. Also, he drank Da Hong Pao [1], the packaging of the tea jar is exactly the same as the one placed in Liao Xiaoqing’s house. He and the sisters, there must be a connection between them.”  


Han Zecheng and Mo Yun went to the Street Garden on Hengyang Road.

It was a lively place, full of people who are on a date, exercising, strolling and taking a break from shopping.

There are no security cameras on this street. Li Hai chose such a place to trade face to face, which is really smart.

Li Hong[2] called to say that he has found a new clue; someone had been looking for Wang Rui on the Internet to investigate a case about an affair.

The two men made contact via the forum first and then started exchanging private emails later on.

 Because the message in the forum mentioned a celebrity, only a reliable and experienced private investigator would dare to take such a job.

Li Hong traced it down and found that the person that the client asked Wang Rui to check is none other than Li Hai.  


Now things can be linked together.

Let’s assume that Wang Rui was commissioned to investigate Li Hai’s cheating, but then used the affair to blackmail Li Hai.

Although Li Hai paid the money, he still couldn’t get rid of Wang Rui, so he decided to set up a trap to kill him. 

But there is one thing that still doesn’t make sense in this scenario: why make Liao Xiaoqing do it?  

Li Hong replied: “Maybe he thinks that since Liao Xiaoqing is sick, she won’t be sentenced too harshly even if she gets caught and she’ll probably get an acquittal if she’s lucky.” 

“That’s still too much trouble, finding a professional killer would have been more efficient and neat. Wang Rui didn’t run or struggle, he just lay there to be slashed, it’s likely that he was already put down, so why bother with Liao Xiaoqing and make her stab him with a knife?!” Mo Yun also tried to make sense of the situation. 


At this time, Xia Fan who had been out running the whole day came back, she seemed very excited because she had brought back some good news:

” I found out that Li Hai is Liao Xiaoyu’s Gold Master. The house where the sisters live in was originally Li Hai’s, it was transferred to Liao Xiaoyu’s name three years ago and he still transfers money to Liao Xiaoyu’s account every month.”

[1] Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe) is a Wuyi rock tea grown in the Wuyi Mountains. It is a heavily oxidized, dark oolong tea. The highest quality versions frequently sell as the world’s most expensive tea.

[2] Little Li Zi


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