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The Jasmine Scented White Moonlight : Chapter 4 – Part 2

Shen Shuyun looked at Ning Wan’s frozen white lips and sighed.

He subconsciously searched in his pocket for his car keys, but suddenly remembered that his Audi had been sent to be repaired, and still hasn’t been brought back yet.


So he reached out on the side of the road and stopped a taxi, pulling Ning Wan in the car:

“Get in first, don’t just stand here, it’s not the time to talk. Also, have you ever heard of the spring cover and the autumn freeze? It’s still cold at the beginning of March, and that’s all you’re wearing, isn’t that just looking for trouble?”

Ning Wan can see now how Shen Shuyun is actually like; he can hear the sweetness in his words.

He will just assume that Shen Shuyun really cares about him. He can’t wait to gouge out every word of Shen Shuyun to find out what he likes about him.

He put his suitcase in the trunk of the taxi and got into the car just in time to hear Shen Shuyun give his address to the driver: “Master, go to Yi Lin Ya Yuan on Dong He Road.”

” Brother Yun, do you live in Yi Lin Ya Yuan?”

“Yeah, I just made a down payment last year. Mainly because it’s pretty close to the school, and the layout is okay…”


Yi Lin Ya Yuan was one of Ning’s real estate brands, and after Ning Wan graduated from college, he returned to China and came to W City to take charge of the real estate company here.

Ning Wan’s heart was even more delighted, he thought, sure enough he was fated to be with Shen Shuyun. Shen Shuyun even picked his family’s house.

At this time, Shen Shuyun still didn’t know that the entire Yi Lin Ya Yuan would be his in the future.

Yi Lin Ya Yuan was not far from the school just ten minutes away.

Shen Shuyun looked at Ning Wan’s pitiful appearance, he looked just like a big dog, his heart softened and he took the initiative to propose: “Come to my house to take some rest?”

He was simply inviting wolves into his home.

Ning Wan pretended to be polite: “Would this bother you too much…”

“It won’t.”


Shen Shuyun swiped his door card and brought Ning Wan upstairs: “Besides, didn’t you say yourself that you had nowhere else to go? What’s the matter then? Let’s just go up and discuss it, I’ll help you think of something.”

 Ning Wan was just waiting for this sentence; he pulled up his suitcase and followed him, justifiably entering Shen Shuyun’s home.

His home wasn’t very large, about ninety or so square feet, but it was decorated in a very cozy way.

Everywhere you looked you could see the thought that the homeowner had put into it.

While Ning Wan was still distracted, Shen Shuyun had already made a cup of tea for him and placed it in front of him: “What exactly happened? You look like a mess.”

Ning Wan drooped his eyelids, looking very embarrassed:

“Brother Yun, since I had a car accident I stayed in the hospital for a few days, but I didn’t expect to be fired when I went back to work. I didn’t even get this month’s salary and I don’t have any savings ah… The apartment I rented is well located and I very much liked it… but the landlord saw that I couldn’t afford to pay this month’s rent, so he returned the deposit to me and told me to hurry up and leave…”


“What’s with this landlord?!”

Ning Wan smiled bitterly: “That’s the situation, I don’t know where to rent a house in such a short period of time, and I don’t have any other friends here. I’m really desperate, so I’m forced to bother you… Brother Yun, can you help me, let me stay in your house for the time being? Think of it as taking in a homeless person like me…I won’t live here for free! I know that the rent price in this area is around four thousand per month, I will pay you rent, I only ask you to let me stay here until I find a job and a suitable apartment then I will move out.”

 Having said that, Shen Shuyun naturally couldn’t refuse any longer.

Besides, Ning Wan had a car accident because of him and that had caused him to lose his job, Shen Shuyun couldn’t just stand idly by: “Well, it’s fine for you to stay with me, but one thing – I’m not charging you rent, and if you talk about money again, I won’t let you stay with me.”

 Shen Shuyun’s family didn’t have much of a background, little by little, he had gone from being a fresh graduate to now establishing himself in the city.

He knew very well how desperate it was for young people to be isolated in a strange city.

Plus, now that Ning Wan had lost his job, he didn’t want him to pay any rent because he doesn’t want him to have a hard time in order to make ends meet.

“Brother Yun, thank you” Ning Wan stared intently at Shen Shuyun and said: “You’re really too good to me.”

Shen Shuyun smiled and raised his eyebrows: “But it’s true that you can’t live for free, from now on, I’ll cook and you have to wash the dishes!”


 “Okay, no problem” Ning Wan took a sip from the cup of tea in front of him and the slightly hot temperature spread from his hands all the way to his heart, dispelling all the coldness from his body: “In the future, you can be my creditor.”

I’ll pay you back for the rest of my life.

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