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The Jasmine Scented White Moonlight : Chapter 4 – Part 1

Ning Wan told Luo Xiao all about what had happened these last days.

After listening, Luo Xiao couldn’t help but stammer: “I always knew you were looking for the person who saved your life back then, but who would have thought that a car accident could actually send that person to you! This just means that those who are destined to meet again will meet again someday… It was so hard to find him! There is no another way to explain it.”


 “Yeah” Ning Wan sat back in his chair, his face full of sadness:”He said he likes an alpha who is older and mature. I really can’t do anything about my age, so I’ll just think about changing my appearance first, isn’t the standard for mature men to wear a three-piece suit?”

“That’s not right.”

Unlike Ning Wan, Luo Xiao was a playboy and the number of mistresses he had talked to added up was probably more than Ning Wan could ever have imagined in his life.

 He was very thorough in figuring out the thoughts of all types of people and had far more experience in love than Ning Wan:

“The maturity he wants is not the maturity of looking a certain way, but your psychological maturity – the key is being able to give him a sense of security, to make him feel that being with you is comforting, that he has nothing to fear, understand?”

Ning Wan listened and nodded his head seemingly understanding what he was told.

Luo Xiao continued: “You are now in a completely different social circle than him and your lives don’t intersect, so how can you possibly get him to fall for you! What you need to do now is to figure out a way to fit in with him, preferably by living with him and finding a reason to live in his house. You have to be proactive, he happens to be single right now; it’s an emotional window you have to use to your advantage. Otherwise don’t come crying to me when he finds someone he likes and turns you down.”


“You’re right” Ning night rolled his eyes and said:”but you have a point, I do have to find a way to get more in touch with him…let me think…”

“He still doesn’t know your family situation yet, does he?”

Ning Wan shook his head: “I don’t know… I haven’t told him yet.”

Luo Xiao grinned and said: “That’s just fine, I’ll teach you, you’ll just sell it and pretend to be miserable, after all, the one you’re interested in sounds like a soft-hearted person. I reckon he’ll definitely take you in. The opportunity has been delivered to you, you should grasp it well. Don’t wait waste so many more years on foolishness.”

Thus, on the third day after Ning Wan’s discharge, Shen Shuyun received a call.

“Brother Yun?”

Shen Shuyun was getting ready to leave work when he heard Ning Wan’s voice on the phone so he tucked his phone between his ear and shoulder while his hands packed the things he wanted to bring home: “Ning Wan? What’s going on?”

“Brother Yun, are you busy with something right now?”

“No, I’m getting ready to go home from work.”


Shen Shuyun listened to the whistling wind on the other end of the phone and became suspicious: “What’s going on, why are you being so evasive?”

Ning Wan was only wearing a thin jacket, shivering from the early March cold spring breeze, even his teeth were chattering:”Brother Yun, I’m at the entrance of your school, come out and meet me, I have something I want you to help me with.”

“Okay, then I’ll go out to find you now, just wait a moment.”

Shen Shuyun hung up the phone, grabbed his jacket and headed for the school entrance. It was still half an hour before students were dismissed from school.

High school students were not like elementary and middle school students who had so many parents come to pick them up, so the school entrance was empty, only a tall man with a height of a meter eighty stood at the gate of the school.


He looked very lonely.

Shen Shuyun hurried out of the school and walked up to Ning Wan, his gaze falling on the large suitcase behind him, frowning he asked hesitantly: “What are you…”

Ning Wan’s eyes suddenly lit up when he saw Shen Shuyun, but his face still looked miserable and pitiful: “Brother Yun, I have no place to stay.”

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