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The Jasmine Scented White Moonlight : Chapter 3 – Part 2

He then asked: “Then Brother Yun… Have you ever been in love before?”

Shen Shuyun was stunned by this question.

This…what should he say…


He couldn’t confess to Ning Wan that he was actually an old omega who had been single for twenty-nine years, could he? Wouldn’t that be too much of a loss of face….

“I have, I have” Shen Shuyun ultimately couldn’t pull off admitting in front of this junior that he hadn’t even had a single love affair: “Naturally there was one.”

Ning Wan felt the sour taste that had just been pushed down from his throat rise up again.

“What kind of person was he?”

This time Shen Shuyun reacted to the fact that he had been trapped by Ning Wan, so instead of answering him, he questioned: “Why are you asking this!”

Ning Wan is an extremely quick thinker and in the blink of an eye, he thought of something to say:

“It’s nothing; I just… just have an omega I like. I’ve been secretly in love with him for many years, but I’ve never dared to confess to him and I don’t know how to pursue him. He’s a male omega just like you, Brother Yun, and he’s also similar to you in age and personality. I just want to learn more about how he thinks from you and ask for some dating advice.”

“Oh, so that’s how it is.”


Shen Shuyun didn’t doubt it and nodded: “Actually, everyone’s temperament is different after all…”

“Brother Yun, please help me.”

Ning Wan smilingly stared at Shen Shuyun: “I’m twenty-four years old and still haven’t been able to pursue the person I like; it’s really a failure… You teach me how to court him. If I succeed…, I… I’ll treat you to a wedding candy.”

Ning Wan said this with his mouth yet what he was thinking in his heart was: if it works, you and I will be a family, and I will buy you candy every day.

Shen Shuyun was a little embarrassed and said: “It’s even a wedding candy; you’re really treating me like a child? …I don’t mind, but I can’t guarantee that it will work.”

“I understand, I understand, people are different.”

This absurd “revolutionary friendship” between Ning Wan and Shen Shuyun was established this way.


On the day the stitches were removed, Shen Shuyun came with a bucket of soybean and pig’s foot soup and brought it to Ning Wan.

After the stitches were removed, he had to rush back to school, but as soon as he wanted to get up, he was pulled by Ning Wan:

“Brother Yun, I will be discharged in two days, thank you for taking care of me all these days… My injury is healed and you have done your duty, but we are still friends, right? I can still come to you and ask you out, right?”

Shen Shuyun was a little surprised at such a question from him, still, looking at Ning Wan’s expectant face, he couldn’t help but touch his hair. He smiled and responded: “Of course.”

Ning Wan laughed just as a beautiful ray of sunshine penetrated in, illuminating his light brown pupils making them transparent and bright, like teal crystals, reflecting a radiant light.

Shen Shuyun was looking a bit dazed by the sight, but was dragged back to his senses by a soft laugh from Ning Wan, so he had to cough to hide his embarrassment, but his ears were quietly turning red.

“By the way, Brother Yun, I asked you last time, what type of alpha do you…an omega like you prefer?”


Shen Shuyun thought seriously for a moment, and then replied: “It’s best if it’s a slightly older, stable and mature type, after all, this kind of alpha makes people feel quite secure and looks like he can be dependable.”


A few days later, Luo Xiao came to W City’s Ning’s real estate branch to visit Ning Wan who was discharged from the hospital.

He and Ning Wan have been hanging out together since they were kids and if it weren’t for the fact that both of them were alpha, they could have been described as childhood sweethearts.

Luo Xiao and Ning Wan had always been casual with each other.

Luo Xiao took the elevator up to Ning Wan’s office, didn’t even knock on the door, he Just shoved his way through with a big grin and said with a loud and clear voice:

“Ning Wan, what the hell are you doing? Ah – the crash before. I had wanted to see you at the hospital. You’ve been blocking me from coming all day, okay, anyway, what’s up with you…? Really what’s wrong???»


Ning Wan stood up from behind his desk and showed Luo Xiao his new, neatly ironed without a single wrinkle suit and asked expectantly: “Luo Xiao, do I look mature, stable, and reliable?”

Luo Xiao’s eyes moved from his hair, which had been coated with hairspray, to his immaculate black leather shoes.

He looked so awkward that his features were wrinkled together.

It took Luo Xiao a long time to come up with a few words with difficulty:

«What’s this nonsense you’re making again? Doesn’t Young Master Ning hate formal wear? …I remember the last time you went to Mrs. Chesley’s dinner party, you dared to show up in your overcoat wearing jeans and casual clothes. I still remember the look in Uncle Ning’s eyes, I would actually remembered it for the rest of my life. It was really like he was going to whip you on the spot!”

Ning Wan frowned and said in a mean voice: “If you say less, no one will think you’re dead!”

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