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The Jasmine Scented White Moonlight : Chapter 3 – Part 1

Shen Shuyun sat on the edge of Ning Wan’s bed, fished out an apple from the bag and peeled it with a knife.

His slender white fingers pressed the thin back of the knife, making the sharp blade move easily between the flesh and skin of the fruit.


After a moment’s work, a long roll of peel fell on the table, and looking at Shen Shuyun’s hand, a cleanly peeled apple lay in the palm of his hand, with no remaining skin.

He placed the apple in Ning Wan’s hand, then gathered up the peels on the table and threw them into the trash can.

Ning Wan held the apple and took a bite, the sweet juice bursting between his lips and tongue, making him feel dizzy. He only felt that the apple that had been peeled by Shen Shuyun was the best apple he had ever eaten.

In fact, Ning Wan didn’t like apples very much, but if Shen Shuyun was willing to peel them for him, he would certainly be willing to eat them.

This left Shen Shuyun with the impression that Ning Wan was very fond of apples, so whenever he came to visit Ning Wan, he would peel an apple for him to eat.

Shen Shuyun was not only good-tempered; he was also a top-notch cook. The food he cooked was all very tasty, with excellent color and flavor.

Because he was deeply apologetic to Ning Wan, Shen Shuyun would often make some tonic soup at home and send it to him.


Ning Wan would never refuse it, whether it was black chicken soup, pig liver soup or old duck soup, he drank it all.

Ning Wan was secretly very happy.

He had thought that finding this person by sheer luck was already a great fortune, not expecting this person to be even better than he had imagined.

This really made Ning Wan a little flustered and extremely delighted.

Shen Shuyun had stayed in the hospital the previous few days; this was because Ning Wan had to take an anti-inflammatory drip in the evening.

Ning Wan begged him to stay and help watch the drip change.

What Shen Shuyun didn’t know was that in fact, after the stitches, only two days of anti-inflammatory drips were needed, but in order to keep the person overnight, Ning Wan had to ask for more medication and a full five days of drips….

In the blink of an eye, Ning Wan had already nibbled most of the apple, and as he chewed on it, he asked: “You’re here so early today, is there no class this afternoon?”


“Yeah” Shen Shuyun touched Ning Wan’s forehead to check the wound and said: “The stitches should be removed soon, right?”

“Well, the nurse said that the stitches will be removed the day after tomorrow.”

Ning Wan smiled and stretched out his hand to press his head, but the look in his eyes was very serious: “I hope it doesn’t leave a scar, otherwise if it does and I can’t find a partner, Brother Yun, you’ll have to take responsibility for me ah!”

Shen Shuyun didn’t know what Ning Wan’s background and family history were, he just assumed that Ning Wan really had no one to take care of him, and his parents at home couldn’t spare the time to come visit him at the hospital.

This made him add three more points of pity to his apologies.


And because of this, when Shen Shuyun had no classes to attend to, he would take this time to come to the hospital to accompany him.

Although the two of them had not known each other for long, Ning Wan could always find topics to talk about with Shen Shuyun and chatted with him.

Since the two of them were regularly talking these few days they soon became familiar with each other.

In Shen Shuyun’s eyes, Ning Wan was just like a little brother, five years younger than him.

He was active, lively, and spoilt. He had the characteristic vigor of a young man.

One couldn’t help but smile when he was with him, so when Ning Wan called him Brother Yun, Shen Shuyun naturally responded without feeling anything wrong.

Shen Shuyun laughed lightly and only took it as a joke:

“What are you saying? It won’t leave a scar. Besides, you are so handsome, there should be many beta and omega who like you; you surely will have no trouble finding someone of your age. Do you still want me to be responsible? Cut the crap.”


“What’s the matter, brother Yun, you don’t want to?”

Ning Wan paused, realizing with some hindsight that he had been absent from Shen Shuyun’s life for so many years, Shen Shuyun might have already had someone he liked.

He asked with a sour taste in his mouth: “Or… Brother Yun, are you already married? Or perhaps you have a lover?”


“No, I’m single” Shen Shuyun propped his head up, looking a little helpless: “I’m too busy with school; I can’t get away from the student side at all. How can I have time to fall in love… Besides, the teachers in our high school are either already married or are old teachers in their forties or fifties. I need to first meet someone if I want to fall in love.”

Ning Wan’s brows gradually relaxed, his heart was a hundred percent satisfied with this answer.

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