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The Jasmine Scented White Moonlight : Chapter 2 – Part 2

Ning Wan immersed himself in swimming.

He was physically strong and wouldn’t get tired even after swimming for half an hour.


Yet unconsciously, he had drifted away from the group of children and swam to the middle of the river.

When Ning Wan finally noticed that something was wrong, he looked up and there wasn’t a single soul around him!

Suddenly, Ning Wan felt a sharp stabbing pain in his calf, and was unable to move! A great panic grew in his heart.

Pain and fear caused Ning Wan to freeze all over, unable to calm down.

He understood that he was having a calf cramp, and paddled his arms with great force, pounding up a large splash of water, choking on a few mouthfuls of water and coughing as he shouted loudly:”Help, help!”


The river water wrapped around Ning Wan’s body, merciless and indifferent.

Ning Wan felt that he was only a hair’s breadth away from death… Every mouthful of water he swallowed made him heavier and made it harder for him to breathe.

This was the first time Ning Wan understood how horrible and painful death was.

Gradually, Ning Wan’s thrusting movements became smaller and smaller, and the cold river water filling up his nose and mouth made him feel that even gasping for breath was a kind of torture.

He could no longer exert even a little bit of strength – He could no longer stop his body’s descent by himself.


Just when Ning Wan was filled with despair and pain, a pair of hands suddenly held his waist, breaking through the ten thousand strong water streams and dragging him out of the water!

Ning Wan suddenly breathed in fresh air.

His eyes were all red, his consciousness was a little fuzzy and he kept choking on water.

Ning Wan dizzily leaned on that person, head on that person’s shoulder. He reached out to wrap his arms around his neck and let him bring him to the shore.

The man was significantly better at swimming than him.

Even with a child in tow, he didn’t look like he was having any trouble swimming.


After pulling Ning Wan to the shore, he immediately kneeled down on his right knee, bent his left knee, placed Ning Wan’s stomach against his left knee, and pressed on Ning Wan’s back to make him spit out the water he had swallowed.

Ning Wan was rescued in time.

After dozens of compressions, he finally vomited out all the water that he had swallowed.

The man waited until Ning Wan’s breathing gradually returned to normal, before he placed him flat on the ground.

He then leaned down and looked right into Ning Wan’s eyes and asked: “Are you okay? Should I call for an ambulance?”

Ning Wan took a deep breath, this time the air was not only scorching hot, it also carried a hint of a jasmine fragrance.

This man was an omega.

An omega with jasmine-scented pheromones.


This was Ning Wan’s last thought before he passed out.

When Ning Wan woke up again, that person could no longer be found.

He didn’t even have his name.

Ning Wan asked everyone, and they all said that the young man rescued him and then left without leaving a single word behind, and no one could tell who he was.

This young man was like a mystery, suddenly entering Ning Wan’s life and then leaving without a trace, making Ning Wan’s heart unable to forget about him.

Ning Wan was greedy for the warmth of the hand that held him up in the river, and even more eager to have someone in his life who could rescue him from his endless loneliness.

The memory of being rescued was replayed over and over again over the years….Thus, Ning Wan’s desire to find the young man persisted in his heart, gradually fermenting into an obsession.

As for the brother who had saved him, he had eventually become a white moonlight that Ning Wan couldn’t help but yearn for.


He just wanted to find that person, to be with him, to give him the best of everything.

If he never found him, then he would rather never marry for the rest of his life.

Except for that person, no one else could be worthy of Ning Wan’s dedication and true heart.

This screwed up nature of Ning Wan is exactly the same as his name – Ning Wan also would keep waiting and would never give up.

Stubborn as hell.

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3 thoughts on “The Jasmine Scented White Moonlight : Chapter 2 – Part 2

  1. Novel about white moonlight is always like this. White moonlight will be forever someone that they want but never get. So, in this story, white moonlight, like usual, just being a trigger. I dont know why, but feel sad to the white moonlight.

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