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The Jasmine Scented White Moonlight : Chapter 2 – Part 1

In this world, humans are no longer distinguished by male and female as the primary gender, but over time have gradually differentiated into three genders: alpha, beta, and omega.

Alpha and omega are the rarest. They are the only genders that are able to emit pheromones to accomplish the marking and coupling.


Beta not only does not emit pheromones, it does not even have glands to receive them, which means that they also can’t smell any pheromones.

Studies have shown that the children of AO couples are far superior to their beta counterparts in terms of IQ and physical fitness, making alpha and omega couples the dominant pairing in the country.

However, because of the rarity of alpha and omega, and thanks to the freedom of love, many alpha and omega choose to marry and have children with beta.


Since they are not “traditional” pairings, their children, even if they are A or O, do not have as strong and pure a pheromone as the offspring of AO, and can only be described as sweet or bitter, not as strong or powerful.

They can rarely have a pheromone with a taste so unique that it can be smelled and described as what it is supposed to be like.

It was because of this that Ning Wan had searched so hard for so many years and sent so many search posts, but still hadn’t found the jasmine scented pheromone he remembered.

The last time he had seen this omega and smelled this pheromone, had been almost thirteen years ago.

Thirteen years ago, Ning Wan was eleven years old and had just graduated from elementary school.

Ning Wan’s mother had died when he was eight years old, and since then, Ning Wan and his father had become even more estranged from each other.


Ning Wan’s father was not good at dealing with children, so the father and son barely interacted with each other.

Ning Wan’s mother’s death meant that the ties that had held them together all these years had been broken…

The Ning family seldom saw each other except for a shared dinner at a long table every weekend, as if they were strangers.

Ning Wan had once thought to himself that the number of times he saw his cleaning nanny was much more than the number of times he saw his father.

In such an oppressive environment, Ning Wan became more and more rebellious.

He began to deliberately disobey the rules that his father had set for him.

Yet, the reason he did so was actually because he hoped his father would pay more attention to him.


But this didn’t work.

Ning’s father was still very busy every day and the only person who went to clean up his mess was his father’s secretary.

At the age of ten, Ning Wan did a gender differentiation – He turned out to be an alpha.

This was a very, very rare thing.

Ordinary people usually differentiated between the ages of sixteen and eighteen and most people didn’t differentiate into one of the three genders until that age.

The differentiation of the three sexes marks a person’s adulthood and sexual maturity – after differentiating into one of the three sexes, that person has the ability to reproduce.

Alpha and omega are ready to smell pheromones after the differentiation.

The earlier the sexes differentiate, the purer the pedigree of the representative attribute is, and the purer the pedigree, the more powerful the alpha is.


This alpha would have the innate ability to subjugate a person; his strong pheromones would be laced with oppression:

When he releases his pheromones, he tends to make other people feel uncomfortable, almost as if they are following their instincts and generally submitting to him.

This type of alpha, once played a huge role in wartime.

During war’s battles alpha soldiers were often more highly regarded, as they were physically superior to beta and omega soldiers, and more swift and agile in combat.

However, since the discovery that stronger alpha can suppress other alpha through pheromones, some nations have gathered all of these pure-blooded alpha together to form a separate army to fight.

The alpha in that team would be the equivalent of a human weapon, since no one could resist instinct.

But in the current harmonious society, the early differentiation is not as useful as in times of war.


At best it can prove that Ning Wan is just a unique and exceptional alpha.

Even in the long history of the world, there had only been one person who had differentiated into an alpha at the age of ten.

Ning Wan becoming the second was something that was really unexpected… He was bound to this early maturity and destined to meet his beloved.

After Ning Wan’s gender differentiation, he moved out of the main Ning residence and lived alone in a second-floor apartment.

An aunt would come to cook and clean the house on weekdays.

During the summer vacation after graduating from elementary school, he met up with Luo Xiao to go swimming in the Wei Ming River in R City.

Ning Wan and Luo Xiao are both considered to be young masters, having only swum in their own home swimming pools, but have yet to experience what it’s like to swim in a river.

These two were obsessed with the Water Currents over the summer.

They were so fascinated by the white waves that they agreed to sneak out and go play in the Wei Ming River together.

It was the summertime and the sun was scorching hot.

They were a lot of kids swimming in the shallow waters of the river to cool off the heat.

Ning Wan was also a child, so he took off his clothes and jumped into the river to swim.


He and Luo Xiao swam for a while when suddenly Luo Xiao yelled that he was tired and wanted to go to the shore to buy a popsicle.

Ning Wan, who was swimming vigorously, just responded with a casual reply and paddled forward with his arms stretched out.

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