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The Jasmine Scented White Moonlight : Chapter 1 – Part 2

About ten minutes later, the noisy and somewhat ear-piercing ambulance siren sound came whistling in.

Ning Wan was lifted onto a stretcher and sent inside the ambulance. A nurse placed an oxygen mask on him and gave him emergency treatment…


Ning Wan’s recognition of everything else that had happened was faint.

He just kept holding onto Shen Shuyun’s sleeve, his half-opened eyes staring firmly at the man, not moving even half an inch.

He was afraid that this person would leave again like the last time, without a single word.

He had been searching for him for thirteen years and didn’t want to wait for another thirteen years.

He wanted to catch this person immediately and keep him forever.


Shen Shuyun patiently talked to him: “Sir, you’re going in the ambulance, and I’ll go with you to the hospital, can you let go of me first?”

As he said that, he tried to pull Ning Wan’s hand that was holding his sleeve, but Ning Wan’s strength was too great, Shen Shuyun couldn’t do it.

He had to get into the ambulance with Ning Wan in the end and go to the hospital together.

Ning Wan had to be pushed into the hospital to have his wound treated, and it looked like the wound was going to need stitches.

But even then Ning Wan still wouldn’t let go.

Shen Shuyun stood at the side and held Ning Wan’s hand that was clinging to him, his tone was gentle, but his words were firm, as if he was making some kind of promise: “Please listen to me, go in first and let the doctor stitch you up, I’ll wait outside for you, I promise, you’ll see me as soon as you come out, okay?”


Ning Wan looked deeply at Shen Shuyun, as if there were a million waves swirling in his eyes.

After a long time, he started loosening his fingers one by one.

He finally said:”You have to keep your word.”

The cut on Ning Wan’s forehead wasn’t small; they had to give him a dose of anesthesia before the stitches were closed.

The bright surgical lights over his head hit him straight in the eyes, stabbing him so hard he couldn’t open them.

He closed his eyes and fell asleep in a daze under the effect of the anesthesia.

When Ning Wan woke up again, it was already late at night.

By this time, the effects of the anesthesia had worn off, and Ning Wan grimaced in pain as he touched the thick layer of gauze wrapped around his forehead.

The room was dark and empty, the silence was frightening.


Ning Wan sat up while carefully holding his body. He fiercely remembered the omega he had been looking for, for more than ten years.

He quickly scanned the room and didn’t see anyone other than him, so he raised his eyebrows and reached out to pull out the needle on his right hand.

At that exact moment, the door of the single room was suddenly opened, and a thin figure appeared by the door – it was Shen Shuyun who Ning Wan was about to go look for.

When he saw the figure of Ning Wan sitting up, he turned on the light, closed the door and walked over, saying in a warm voice: “Why are you getting up? Is there something wrong?”


Ning Wan looked dumbly at the person in front of him for a long while before asking him with some frustration: “Didn’t you say that I would see you as soon as I came out? You lied.”

Shen Shuyun laughed softly and said: «How was I supposed to know that you would wake up so early? I just went out to get some hot porridge and fruit, and you picked this time to wake up. By the way, I’ve been watching over you all afternoon, and I didn’t even go to class.”


“I forgot to introduce myself to you. My name is Shen Shuyun; I work in W City’s Third High School. I’m a high school teacher who teaches languages.”


Shen Shuyun withdrew his smile with an apologetic look on his face:

“I saw it when I took your papers to complete the hospitalization procedures; your name is Ning Wan, right? Mr. Ning, I’m really sorry, I left home late this morning and was almost late for my first class, so I drove too fast and hit your car… I’m really sorry; this matter is my entire fault. Don’t worry, I won’t evade responsibility and compensation, and I’ll pay for the car repair costs and the hospital bills …”

Ning Wan stared at Shen Shuyun, a little distracted.

After so many years, Ning Wan couldn’t quite remember the face of that person back then; he only remembered that he had a fair complexion.


Shen Shuyun was even better looking than he thought, his skin emitting a jade-like luster under the cold white light, his eyes slender and bright underneath his two eyebrows, and his smile curved, making Ning Wan remember the Russian blue cat his mother had once raised.

Shen Shuyun had a bit of nerdy look and his entire person looked both clean and gentle.

One couldn’t help but feel calm and relaxed just by looking at him.

“No need for compensation” Ning Wan’s lips curled up and said: “By the way, you have a very beautiful name.”

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