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The Jasmine Scented White Moonlight : Chapter 1 – Part 1

“Life is full of surprises” is a more elegant way of saying – “Life is fucking shit!”

Ning Wan thought of the time he was held in the arms of the omega in a white shirt.


It was when he had just been in a car accident.

His car was driving fine on the road when an unsuspecting Audi veered off the road and, like a directionless fly, hit him head on!

Despite his efforts to deflect the steering wheel, he was unable to avoid the collision of the two cars.

With a loud bang and a shudder, Ning Wan rolled out of his tall Porsche and fell onto the shattered glass.

What bad luck is this!   

Ning Wan covered his head, only to feel his ears ringing, his brain buzzing and a warm liquid running down his forehead.

Shortly after, he felt a man running towards him, Ning Wan sniffed around and from the man’s pheromones he could tell he was an omega.


He had a cut on his forehead, it wasn’t a long cut, but it was deep, and a piece of glass was stuck there.

When he moved blood clattered over half of his face, it looked particularly scary.

But the omega who had hit him didn’t look alarmed, instead he gently picked him up off the ground, let him half lean into his arms and called out to him.

“Sir, sir! Sir, are you still conscious!”

The omega quickly pulled out his cell phone to call an ambulance as he tried to keep Ning Wan conscious.

The warm blood meandered down, over his high brow bone and into his eye sockets, clouding his vision with a big cloud of foggy blood, making it hard to see.


The scene at the car accident was a mess, with loud voices and mixed smells, but he inadvertently caught a hint of fresh jasmine in the mixed smell of gasoline and blood.

It tasted sweet, light and elegant like a drizzled, dewy compound jasmine on a summer night, stubbornly spreading a wisp of fragrance in the corner.

Ning Wan’s heart was shaken!

This smell, he has been searching for it for more than a dozen years. When he smelled it again, it violently stirred the most sensitive strings in his memory…

Ning Wan’s nose was slightly dilated and he took a deep breath of this long-lost pheromone. The bottom of his eyes could not help but diffuse a hot flush.

This is the jasmine pheromone he was looking for, and the one he was longing for.

Yet he had been unable to find it.


It was just ridiculous that it ended up being such an unexpected reunion.

He didn’t know where he got the strength from, but Ning Wan lifted his hand and grabbed the man’s sleeve, holding on to it so tightly as if he would never let go in this lifetime.

Ning Wan then heard his almost begging voice ring out: “Don’t go…don’t leave me again.”

Don’t let this be like the last time when you left in such a hurry.

In such a hurry that…I didn’t even know your name.

“What?” Shen Shuyun frowned, he looked at the man in his arms, his lips were chattering incessantly, as if he really wanted to convey something to him, but the scene of the accident was too noisy, he had to lean over to listen and asked once more: “What did you say, sir?”

“Don’t leave…Don’t leave…Don’t leave me…”


Shen Shuyun’s gaze fell to the young man’s hand holding his sleeve tightly, and his mind guessed that this person should be afraid that he would not be compensated for the hit-and-run accident.

So Shen Shuyun lowered his head, looked into the eyes of the young man and said warmly: “I will not leave, sir, please do not worry. The ambulance will be here soon, you’ll be fine, please stay conscious.”

Ning Wan nodded but the hand that gripped Shen Shuyun’s sleeve didn’t loosen up at all.

It looked just like a little puppy that doesn’t want to let go of its master, so he wouldn’t be able to refuse him no matter what.


Ning Wan almost greedily breathed the jasmine pheromones in the air, the corner of his lips could not restrain curving upward.

His blood-slashed face looked particularly funny.

Shen Shuyun lowered his head to meet his burning gaze.

For some reason, he suddenly felt like his heart was shaken.

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