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Cutest BL korean dramas

Title: The boy next door

Year: 2017

Number of episodes: 15

Synopsis: KyuTae and KiJae are two college students who just moved next to each other. They frequently keep meeting up and always feel awkward. At one point they find out they are both friends with MinAh. The two constantly end up in funny and awkward situations that leads MinAh, her boyfriend Hyung, and any other people who pass by to believe that they are gay.

My review:It’s a slice of life kind of drama about the cohabitation of two university students seen through the eyes of a Fujoshi. It is very funny and you can’t help but want the romance to be true yet you also love the teasing!


Title: Where your eyes linger

Year: 2020

Number of episodes: 8

Synopsis: When an outgoing female student named Hye Mi is transferred to their high school, she inadvertently drives up the romantic tension between the two childhood friends by going on a date with Gang Gook – irking Han Tae Joo, and stirring up long-suppressed emotions.

My review: At first I was a bit puzzled because the two main leads acted more like friends than anything else but then the story quickly picked up and the romance was more upfront. It’s a sweet short drama that will live you with a warm smile.


Title: Long time no see

Year: 2017

Number of episodes: 5

Synopsis: This is the story of two men who are not exactly what they seem. Their sweet and ideal relationship might not entirely be the work of fate and when the truth is revealed, they have to face a harsh and dangerous reality.

My review: It is a rollercoaster of emotions. The story is a bit rushed I feel but that doesn’t take away from the beauty of the drama. You quickly get attached to the leads and start rooting for their happy ending.


Title: Life is beautiful

Year: 2010

Number of episodes: 63

Synopsis: Set in Jeju, the drama revolves around a loving family led by the parents Yang Byung-tae and Kim Min-jae. The story follows the family’s everyday lives and conflicts, including oldest son Tae-sub’s romantic pairing with divorced professor Kyung-soo, whose homosexual relationship their families react to while addressing issues of personal, social, and familial acceptance, leading to, finally, love and understanding.

My review: Tae-sub and Kyung-soo relationship was sweet, pure and heartwarming. I just loved their polar opposite personalities. Tae-sub character is more straight laced and afraid of facing his sexual orientation while Kyung-soo is the lady killer who is very comfortable with his homosexual feelings towards Tae-sub. Great show for sure !


Title: The lover

Year: 2015

Number of episodes: 12

Synopsis: The Lover is an omnibus series that depicts four different couples living together in one apartment complex.

My review: Similar to “The boy next door” Takuya and Joon-Jae are not gay but just roommates however after living together their feelings started to change and by the end of the drama they got an understanding of their feelings for each other. The show made me laugh a lot. The misunderstandings, the innuendos, the cultural shock (Takuya is Japanese) all created very funny situations.

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