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The Case Of The 27 Knife Stabs: Chapter 3 – Part 4

In the police station, the four people from the special case team listened to the recordings of Xia Fan’s conversation with Feng Zhengyang.

Han Zecheng stroked his chin and said: “How sad would your brother be if he heard this?”


Xia Fan gave him a blank look and replied: “Cut it out. Tell me instead, how did you know that the medium would misunderstand our relationship once he knew we were coming?”

Han Zecheng answered her: “We drove over in such a striking car; it’s obvious that we’re rich.”

“When we got out of the car and walked towards the building, we were being watched by the shopkeeper. He even made a phone call to inform Feng Zhengyang about our arrival.”

“I only acted like your driver in that part, but when we went upstairs, I noticed there were microscopic cameras in the hallway, so I purposely acted affectionate.”

“Feng Zhengyang relied on these pre-observations to show his prowess as a psychic and fool the people who came to him. I just tried to see if I could set him up and sure enough he got right in my trap.”

“What do we do next Boss?” Little Li Zi was getting excited about the case and thought it was really interesting.


The bank account that Xia Fan had gotten was matched, and it was indeed the same one that Pan Li had sent money to.

Did that charlatan[1] really have a way to get a ghost to control people?

“Bring back Feng Zhengyang. There’s no way Pan Li has given him ten thousand Yuan for free. Let’s get her over too actually. Get them both on separate trials.”

Xia Fan listened and said: “Get a man’s shirt and take it to that scoundrel. He said that he would need it for the ritual.

“Little Li Zi, keep an eye on him. Just say that I said to take care of my brother’s business first.”

“Bring him to my house to exorcise the ghost and when he actually does, we would have him in flagrante delicto[2]. “

“We would have enough evidence against him then and would be able to take him right back to the station.”

When Mo Yun heard this, he quickly got excited and said: “Then this time I will act as the driver. That car, let me drive it too.” 


“No” Han Zecheng said in a difficult manner.

“Missy, here, said that her chauffeur dresses more decently than me.”

Xia Fan kicked him.

Although she hadn’t known them for long, but after working together for the past two days, she felt quite close to these guys in the group.

Han Zecheng smiled and dodged it.


He then said to Xia Fan: “Let’s go meet Liao Xiaoqing’s attending doctor. No matter how they committed the crime, approaching Liao Xiaoqing is a must.”

“If there are some things her big sister doesn’t know, then let’s see if the psychiatrist can give us some hints instead?”

[1] Swindler

[2] Catch him in the act

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