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Your Husband’s Leg is Broken : Side Story about the two doctors 2-1


The Doctor asked the little doctor: “Would you like to join me for dinner tonight?”

The little doctor’s eyes lit up and he immediately agreed, not even asking for the place they were going to.

The Doctor frowned worriedly, thinking that this kid is too easy to fool.


This wouldn’t do, what would happen if someone were to deceive him at the hospital!

I’ll have to teach him properly.

The little doctor stood and listened obediently to the Doctor’s lecture, then he tilted his little head up and said: “It’s okay, you are here.”

The Doctor: “All right.”


The little doctor volunteered to drive today.

The Doctor agreed, and then saw the little doctor drive a fluorescent purple sports car out of the garage.

The Doctor was very surprised.

The little doctor looked a little embarrassed, and while buckling the seat belt for the Doctor, he explained that he bought it with a loan.


The doctor sat in the passenger seat of the sports car that was bought on a loan, with a complicated mood.

For a moment there, he had the illusion of being kept[1] by someone.

It felt weird.


The Doctor brought the young doctor to his first love’s house.

There were many guests, but the Doctor did not know any of them.

His first love’s partner was the one to greet them at the door.

As soon as that man saw who it was, his expression immediately changed.

And when speaking, he intentionally or unintentionally showed off the ring on his ring finger.

The doctor felt he was quite childish and didn’t care to take him up on his behavior.


He just for the millionth time wondered how his gentle first love came to like this kind of obnoxious person.

The obnoxious person in front of him asked: “Did you come alone, doctor?”

The Doctor answered with a blank face: “I brought a companion today.”

“Oh? A boyfriend or a girlfriend?”

The doctor seemed to have lost some brain cells and just went along with it:

“A boyfriend.”


The first love arrived just in time to hear the news, and sincerely congratulated the Doctor on the success in getting a partner.

The doctor wanted to explain the situation, but before he could say anything, he heard the shy little doctor beside him say: “Thank you!”

With that final confirmation, the love affair was then inexplicably yet firmly settled.

The little doctor was coaxed into the house and the party suddenly turned into a celebration of the two doctors’ relationship.


The Doctor still wanted to explain this misunderstanding, but once he saw the little doctor’s blushing face full of joy, he stifled his words.

The little doctor was too thin-skinned, so the doctor was afraid of embarrassing him in front of others.

The doctor is a very gentle man at heart.

[1] Like a sugar baby

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