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Your Husband’s Leg is Broken : Side Story about the two doctors 1-2


When the doctor came to work the next morning, the deputy director of their department called out to him alone.

The deputy director kindly mentioned to the doctor that the little doctor was actually the dean’s son.

He said that he was the eldest son and that his family is very worried about him.

“You have to take good care of him, and there will be no problem with your next evaluation or any other matters.”

The deputy director bluntly said.


The doctor didn’t expect the little doctor to come from such a big background.

He then did a quick review in his mind.

He thought he had been pretty good to the little doctor this whole time.

He showed him everything that needed to know and taught him everything that should be taught.

There was really nothing to complain about.

So the job evaluation should be secure.



However, the doctor was a little more forthcoming with the little doctor than he had been before, after all, he was a now considered a great Buddha[1] and the doctor couldn’t afford to offend him.

So he even invited the little doctor to go to the toilet with him.

The little doctor was so flattered that he choked on his own saliva and coughed for half a day, it took him a while to get over it.

As a result, his face has gotten beet red.

When he finally accompanied the doctor to the toilet, his poor face turned red again, blushing furiously.

Only to come out even more red-faced!


What did he saw to make him react this way?!


After a month or so of being together, the doctor began to get used to always having him around.

Sometimes it was even nice to have a sidekick who could help him deal with a lot of trivial matters so that he could concentrate more on his thesis and research.

Feeling tired and bored, the doctor looked up from the pile of literature in front of him and found the little doctor who was also working the night shift staring at him with a glint in his eyes.

The gaze felt innocent and warm.

The doctor’s chest suddenly felt a little strange.



The doctor received a call from his first love at the end of the day, saying that he was having a party at home and invited the doctor to come along.

His first love current partner has recently removed the cast on his leg and the two immediately went abroad to get a marriage certificate.

So this time they came back to celebrate.

In fact, the two have celebrated many times before receiving their certificate.


Each time they did, they would invite the doctor, but he would decline every time.

As a single man, how could he enjoy seeing them being lovey-dovey with each other?

After taking the call today, the doctor was just about to think of an excuse to decline when he happen to see the little doctor coming out of the locker room after changing from his work clothes and wearing his own little suit.

The doctor was somehow impressed and called out to him.

[1] As in he is a very important person.

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