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The Case Of The 27 Knife Stabs: Chapter 2 – Part 1

Possessed by a ghost?

What the hell did this explain; Xia Fan gave him a blank look.

Little Li Zi pulled out the Guanyin[1] jade he wore around his neck and started chanting Amitabha for a while.


He then asked:” There can’t really be a ghost, can there? Then in that case, how do you check?”

“If she was really possessed by a ghost, then it would be interesting to find out where did this ghost come from, how did she get possessed, If there are people behind this ghost, and what are the motives of this ghost or what are the motives of the people who ordered him. We don’t want to disappoint Director Geng, right?” Han Zecheng lazily put his legs on the other chair and leaned back. This office chair was really comfortable.


Xia Fan frowned; she did not like this nonsense Han Zecheng was spouting.

She crossed her arms and said coldly:” I think we should look in the direction of drug control or mind control.”

Han Zecheng replied easily: “It’s been more than two months since the crime, so any drugs that she may have had would have been metabolized by now, Wang Rui’s body has been claimed and cremated so we can’t inspect it either, as for mental control, it would be even harder to check.”

He then jumped from his chair and said to Little Li Zi and Mo Yun: “Little Li Zi, you and Da Yun go to look for clues on Wang Rui side, such as who can benefit from Wang Rui’s death, like his wife, a lover, or any enemies he may have. In addition, check their finances and their account transactions for any anomalies.”


Then he again Turned to Xia Fan and said:” Come on, pretty girl, let’s get going.”

“Where to?”

“Well to the detention center to meet the beauty who killed her nemesis with a knife, stabbing him 27 times. Let’s see how powerful this ghost is.”

Liao Xiaoqing was indeed a beautiful woman, a weak and slender beauty that people would never associate with murder in any way.

She was led by the policewoman and slowly walked into the interrogation room.

Fine curved eyebrows, big eyes, melon shaped face and she also had a very melancholic classical beauty temperament.

She sat down looking timid, helpless and nervous. She didn’t speak, but seemed to be listening carefully to Xia Fan’s questions.


As for how she got to the alley on Xiaonan Street, where did the dagger come from, and how did she manage to kill Wang Rui, the only thing she had to say about that is that she didn’t know anything and that she didn’t kill him.

Han Zecheng looked at her for a while and then went out.

Xia Fan sat there and asked:”What did you do that night before you went to the alley on Xiaonan Street?”

Liao Xiaoqing replied in a small voice: “I just remember painting at home. When I woke up, I saw policemen pointing guns at me, and there was a dead man covered in blood next to me.”


“Do you recognize the dead man, Wang Rui? “

Liao Xiaoqing clenched her fists for a long moment before saying: “Yes, I know him.”

“You hated him, so the motive for the murder is obvious.”

“I… I don’t think about that anymore. The doctor said it would be better not to think about it, I’m much better now, I don’t think about it anymore.”

[1] Guanyin is the Buddhist bodhisattva associated with compassion

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Your Husband’s Leg is Broken : Chapter 18 – Part 2


Broken-Leg Gong thought about it and decided to go ahead and get the cast removed a few weeks earlier.

First, he didn’t want to find himself cleaning the men’s bathroom.

And second, he doesn’t want to keep burdening Shou-wife.

The next morning, before Shou-wife went to work, Broken-Leg Gong asked him if he is free this Saturday because he wanted him to accompany him to the hospital.


Shou-wife bowed his head in apology and said: “Let’s go on Sunday because I have something to do on Saturday.”

After saying so, he went out the door.


Shou-wife didn’t say what he had on Saturday, but Broken-Leg Gong had a hunch that something was wrong.

Because Shou-wife never speaks half way and Broken-Leg Gong knows him very well.

In the evening, Shou-wife returned home from work half an hour later than usual.


He said that there was a traffic jam on the road.

But in fact, when Broken-Leg Gong was lying on the window sill, waiting for his wife, he saw him stand downstairs for half an hour on a phone call.


That night after turning the lights off Broken-Leg Gong asked Shou-wife if there is something wrong.

Shou-wife immediately said no.

Broken-Leg Gong did not ask again.

After a while, Shou-wife came over, leaned on Broken-Leg Gong’s shoulder and said in a dull voice: “In fact, there is.”


Broken-Leg Gong turned sideways and hugged his wife, he then gently and patiently asked: “What’s the matter?”


Shou-wife said: “Do you remember that I have a brother ten years younger than me?”

Broken-Leg Gong nodded.

“My parents want to send him abroad to study and asked if I could help.”

“We haven’t been in touch for years, so I’m a little angry that they suddenly called me the day before yesterday just to tell me this.”

Broken-Leg Gong asked:” Did you say yes then?”


“No, I said I’ve been kicked out of the house, I’m no longer your son, and I have nothing to do with your family’s affairs.”

Shou-wife snuggled into Broken-Leg Gong’s arms and asked: “Am I bad? They are my parents after all.”

Broken-Leg Gong patted him on his back soothingly and said: “No, baby is fine.”


Shou-wife said that his parents asked him to meet this Saturday, saying that even if they are not going to talk about money, they still wanted to see how well he has been in the past few years.

In a moment of weakness, Shou-wife softened up and agreed.


As a result, when he was about to get home today, he received another call from his brother.

His younger brother said that he would rather not go abroad than ask for his money.

He said:” I know it’s been hard for you to be alone all these years, but now that you’ve cut ties with the family, you don’t need to sacrifice yourself to pay for my studies.”

He added: “And I don’t really want to tell people that I have a gay brother.”

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Fate: Chapter 7

After that, the two fell in love.

They dated, they held hands, they hugged and they kissed passionately.

Although they hadn’t been together for a long time, Liang Lin felt as if she’s been in love with him for a long time and no matter what she says or does with him, it’s never the slightest bit unnatural. 


She asked him when did he start to like her. 

He said in high school. 

Back then, when he would play basketball, he would notice she would be always watching, she would keep looking for a long time, and his heart would go “pang pang”. 

He originally thought that high school was for studying, and so he waited until graduation to confess to her, but he got sick and actually missed his chance. 

At that time he was still young, he didn’t mind that too much.  

He didn’t expect to meet her again in College, but she didn’t seem to have any impression of him, so he thought about getting acquainted first.


However, before he could do his move, Xiao Ting confessed to him first and in front of so many people, making a storm all over the city.

Liang Lin obviously started to avoid him, getting colder and colder towards him, so he thought let’s wait a little longer. 

Unexpectedly, what he waited and waited for was her “rejection”.

“It’s all your fault.”

The two recalled their past fates, laughing and blaming each other.

Liang Lin thought more than once, fortunately, she has bought and kept wearing those glasses, fortunately, she took that path at that time.

Their romance developed quickly and soon they become like glue. 


Two weeks later, her job progressed, and she received a call that she had passed her first interview. She did the second one and made it all the way through.  

That day, she happily reported to her new company and surprisingly met Gu Ruichen in the elevator.  

“You work in this building?”  

“Yes, in the 16th floor.”  

“I also work in the 16th floor.”

The 16th floor arrived, and they found that their two companies are actually facing each other, right next door. 

The two looked at each other and then Liang Lin smiled and happily said: “Look, our red threads of fate are too tightly tied; we really can’t miss each other.” 

Fate can be, sometimes, something Wonderful.

The end

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The fifth date was at the newly opened aquarium.

It has a huge aquarium and there is also a coffee shop where you can relax and enjoy the view.


Having the pleasure to gaze at gigantic rays, whales and sharks swimming around them gave a mysterious feeling that was quite popular with people right now.

After a while, I suddenly noticed that we were surrounded by couples. Feeling a bit uncomfortable at the sight of them snuggling together and acting lovey-dovey with each other, I chanced a careful look at Sasanami. The latter was standing leisurely with a light smile on his face staring at a tank where jellyfishes were swimming.

I imagined him as a student with this same soft expression and wondered if he had gone out like this with her as well.

I felt my heart sting a bit.

I’m sure they were holding hands like the couples surrounding us right now, smiling at each other, and enjoying their date.

I hope that one day he will be able to have that again.

Rather than forcing yourself to forget her, a day will come when you meet someone who can gently submerge you with their love, you will join hands and embrace life together.



I hurriedly turned my gaze away from Sasanami, who turned to me without warning, so that he wouldn’t realize that I was looking at him all this time.

“If you are tired, how about we take some rest?”

I nodded, feeling relieved that he hadn’t noticed my staring.

Sasanami walked in front of me to guide me along the way.

“Well, it looks like there’s a cafe; I hope there’s a table available.”

“It should be fine.”

Sasanami seems to have reserved a seat in advance.

We didn’t have to wait long before the waiter came to lead us to the seat in front of the huge aquarium that had the best view. Sasanami then ordered tea and I ordered a milkshake for myself.


It seemed like I could fall in love with the sight of him cross-legged in the dimly lit space where the blue of the tank was reflected, and he was sipping his cup of tea elegantly.

The migratory fish that swam around in groups looked very happy and free, but I’ve heard that some of them will die if they stop swimming because they would stop breathing.

We gaze at the pretty image of the fish thinking they are swimming so gracefully, but I guess the fish are just struggling to survive.

“You are living on your own, right? How’s that going for you?”

“Well, I’m doing it somehow”

I started living alone last month. The reason was to hide my irregular estrus from parents.

The moment I get close to Sasanami’s pheromones, I go into heat.

I used to lock myself in my room and take strong inhibitors when I went out, but it was getting harder and harder to do that.

You may be able to hide your scent, but if they see my red, flushed face and moist eyes, the odds of being found out would be high.

At this rate, if I don’t leave, my parents will one day notice something wrong with me and will keep questioning me about it or worse, they could force me to go to the hospital.

I don’t know how much the tests will reveal, but in the unlikely event that the diagnose shows that “your son seems to be responding to the pheromones of his fated soul mate”, there will be a huge uproar.

It’s fine if they just make a scene though.


However, if they analyze my behavioral patterns and discover that the other party is Sasanami, then it would be over.

So taking all of this into account, I told my parents that I needed a change of scenery to brighten up my mood.

My father was worried that I was acting strange, so he objected, but my mother agreed on the condition that I regularly visit my parents’ house.

“Sasanami, you have lived alone for a long time, haven’t you?”

I regretted the words right after I said them.

Sasanami started living on his own right after graduating from College.

He had bought an apartment for their future life together, with her.

This conversation was tasteless.


” Well, I bought an apartment right after graduation and started living on my own, so now I’m very good at housework. At first, I couldn’t do any laundry or cooking at all and my room was a mess, but once I got used to it, cooking became a lot of fun. If you have any questions, as a senior, feel free to ask me about anything.”

“Oh, yeah. I’ll have you teach me how to cook next time. I broke another frying pan yesterday.”

I let out a breath, relieved that he’d let it slide so lightly, it seemed like he didn’t notice.

Since our “dates” purpose is mainly to help Sasanami get a bit of distraction from his feelings of heartbreak, I should be careful not to bring up matters that would upset him again.

“Surprisingly, Suzunari seems to be able to do everything without a hitch, but you’re not good at cooking? Okay, I’ll invite you to my house and gave you a treat. Of course, you’ll have to help me with that.”

“Take it easy on me, okay?”

My heart fluttered at the thought of being invited to Sasanami’s house. Even if it is just a social casualty, I was still excited.


”Well, let’s get going now. It’s time for the dolphin show to start.”

“Oh, wait. I’ll settle the bill.”

Sasanami picked up the receipt and started walking briskly.

I had hoped today would be the day I get to pay for once, but I was late again.

Sasanami always ends up picking up the bill before I even notice.

I think the fact that he does these things so smartly is because he is so used to dating. On the other hand, when it comes to things like dating, the only experience I have is going out with Takamichi when we were preparing for our wedding.

I can’t really compare with Sasanami.

“I invited you so it’s only natural that I should be the one to pay.”

“No, but you are always the one who pays for everything. At least let me pay for today.”

” Well then, next time you ask me out, Suzunari. I will let you pay then.”



I was taken aback at the smoothly spoken lines. Should I invite Sasanami out?

When to do it? Where to go? What to do? The words, like a play on words, went in circles in my head.

“I am always the one asking you out, but I thought maybe Suzunari couldn’t say no to me and had no choice but to accompany me along.”

“If it’s not a nuisance to go out with me, I want you to ask me out next time, Suzunari. If I don’t hear from you, then I’ll refrain from asking you out from then on. I would still feel sorry though that I had been burdening you.”

“I don’t think you are a nuisance!”

Did it look like I wasn’t having a good time? If not Sasanami wouldn’t think like this!

It’s impossible. Well, our dates have been so much fun, so of course I’m happy.

Besides, having the chance to spend time with my beloved makes it even more amazing!

However, I couldn’t let Sasanami know that, so I tightened my lose face and tried not to show my emotions.

When walking next to him, I’d sometimes touch Sasanami’s swaying fingers at my side, so I would take a step back.

I also walked with my head down because I didn’t want him to turn around unexpectedly and find me staring dreamily at his back.


If our eyes met, all I could do was turn my head away and look at his shoulder instead so that he wouldn’t be able to see the look that screamed “I’m in love with you” like he is used to get from the other guys.

Did this kind of attitude make it seem like I was forcing myself to go out with him?

“Then I’m looking forward to your invitation.”

My heart jumped at the sight of Sasanami laughing like a mischievous child.

I mean, he also can make this the kind of face?

I like his usual aloof look, but the one he has right now has a more intimate feel to it which makes it extremely rare.

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Your Husband’s Leg is Broken : Chapter 18 – Part 1


Broken-Leg Gong spent more than a month recuperating at home.

He doesn’t have to go to the company every day nor does he need to socialize with his coworkers.

When he has work to do, he just does a video conference at home.

Otherwise, he just lies in bed and brushes up on a little drama.

He has just finished a marathon of more than two hundred episodes of an American TV show  two days ago, and he is currently in a state of drama shortage.


He is thinking of maybe trying a Thai drama next.

All in all, life was easy and comfortable.


This was inevitably met with jealousy.

His two other partners were so busy that they made frequent phone calls to threaten to break their own legs.

“If you brat don’t come to work, you’ll be suspended from your position, and then you’ll have to clean the men’s bathroom!”


Broken-Leg Gong held his leg feeling aggrieved.

This world is so hard on men.


Luckily, he still has Shou-wife who will never leave him.

At the thought of Shou-wife, Broken-Leg Gong sour mood turned sweet and bubbly.

Every day since his injury, his wife has been taking care of him meticulously.

Broken-Leg Gong turned into a giant baby, once he even had to be helped by his wife to go to the toilet.


Shou-wife blushed and asked:  “How should I help?”

Broken-Leg Gong got so excited[1] that he almost couldn’t let it out.


But having it easy has its down side too.

Lying down after eating all day, without ever exercising, makes it easy to gain weight.

Broken-Leg Gong got on the electronic scale and found that he was ten pounds heavier than before.

Excluding the weight of the cast, a lot of it should come from the newly grown meat around his belly.


Broken-Leg Gong told his wife that next time they made love, he didn’t want Shou-wife to be on top, he wanted to be the one in charge, in order to increase the amount of exercise.

Shou-wife did not want to, saying he was afraid of hurting Broken-Leg Gong’s injured leg and insisted on moving on his own.

Broken-Leg Gong felt helpless.

[1] He got hard

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