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Best Korean Romantic Comedies of 2019

Title: Crazy Romance

Synopsis: The film revolves around two co-workers: team manager Jae-hoon and new team member Sun-young. Jae-Hoon got dumped by his fiancé a month ago, but he still has not gotten over that while Sun-Young broke up with her boyfriend, who cheated on her. As they begin to work together, the two bond over the stories of their recent breakups.

My review: The chemistry between the leads is what made this movie so much fun to watch for me. I mean the story is great, a bit predictable but it is a romantic comedy after all, we do expect them to fall in love, it is the process that makes it quite enjoyable to watch and the movie delivers in this aspect. I laughed a lot, cringed a bit and cheered for them to end up together afterwards, so all in all, it was a hit for me.


Title: Inside me

Synopsis: Pan Soo is both a businessman and son-in-law of a mob boss. This tough guy, however, unexpectedly meets a freak accident and goes into coma in the hospital. When he wakes up, Pan Soo finds out that his soul is trapped inside a 17-year-old boy’s body.

My review: Comedy Gold, that’s exactly what this movie is. I loved everything about it. The big shot who suddenly turned into a socially awkward overweight high school boy, discovers that his first love had a daughter with him and now he struggles to get in touch with them while surviving inside this boy’s body.


Title: Trade your love

Synopsis: Seong-Suk’s family runs an airline. If he wants to inherit the company, he needs to get married. Hae-Joo is constantly pressured by her mother and 3 older brothers to get married. Hae-Joo wants to live her life on her terms

My review: The usual trope yet not your usual outcome! I liked it, I mean it was funny and I kept waiting for the moment they would fall in love like I am used to in this kind of setting of boy and girl meeting on a blind date and having a contract marriage. Hmm, it wasn’t what I expected but I found myself enjoying it. Love the lead actor by the way! He is quite a funny yet charismatic actor.


Title: Rosebud

Synopsis: In her 20’s, Jang-Mi wanted to become an idol. She got pregnant unexpectedly and gave up her dream. Jang-Mi is now a middle-aged single mother and raises her daughter Hyun-A. She is a typical mother and nags Hyun-A a lot, but will do anything for her.

My review: It’s a bittersweet story about the hardships that a single mother faced in order to raise her daughter. The movie was set in the 80s-90s so it gave us an idea about the Korea of that time. I liked it a lot and it did make me cry quite a lot too. It was interesting and moving with some comedy along the way.


Title: Tune in for Love

Synopsis: Mi-soo, a hardworking part-time worker at a bakery, exchanges stories with Hyun-woo on a radio program. Both fall in love and continue to cross path but timing is not in their favor.

My review: The nostalgic feel is what made me like this movie. As the story progressed we could see the change of society from the late 90s to our current time, it was very aesthetically pleasing. The plot wasn’t that much new but again it is a Romcom so it is to be expected. I liked both lead characters and enjoyed their interactions with each other. It was a nice sweet romance that you can’t help but watch with a smile.

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