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The Case Of The 27 Knife Stabs: Chapter 2 – Part 2

Even after repeatedly interrogating Liao Xiaoqing, Xia Fan didn’t get any useful information.

She went out and saw Han Zecheng talking to a policewoman.

Xia Fan was quite unhappy in her heart; she felt that this person really has no sense of decency.


Seeing her stinky face, Han Zecheng said his goodbye to the policewoman and came over: “How is it? You didn’t get anything from her, did you?”

Xia Fan didn’t look good: “Did Team Leader Han get any useful information then?”

Han Zecheng said: “Liao Xiaoqing’s sister is quite good to her, she often comes to visit her, gives her things, and even found a famous lawyer hoping to apply for medical parole for her, but since it’s a particularly serious murder case, it wasn’t approved.”

Xia Fan scoffed and said in a soft voice: “This is indeed a very useful clue.”

Han Zecheng laughed and said:” Pretty girl, the case file says that the sisters’ parents died in a car accident, and the younger sister is unemployed, so the older sister is the one supporting the family. That said, the sister only has a vocational degree and is currently just a secretary, but somehow she managed to live with her sister in a high-class residential apartment on Donghua Road, she also got her sister a professional doctor for a psychological rehabilitation program. I talked to the people here, and found out that every time she comes to see her sister she dresses well, drives a nice car, and delivers nothing but expensive things, and also, the lawyer she hired is not just an expensive one, he is one of the best in the field.”


“Maybe she got a rich boyfriend.”

“Someone rich who can afford to look after her sister, and cares deeply about her, then surely he would be able to sense that something’s wrong with her sister. We should go to meet her to investigate.”

Liao Xiaoyu looked a lot like her sister, even though she was older, she is 32 Years old, but she took good care of herself and didn’t have a single wrinkle on her face.

She was puzzled by Han Zecheng and Xia Fan’s visit: “Isn’t the case already closed? I’ve already hired a lawyer and I’ve told the police everything I know. My sister is sick again because of this, but we’re not allowed to get medical parole, so what else do we have to do now?”


Xia Fan explained: “Since there are still some doubts about the case, we need to do some more investigation, and we have some questions we’d like to ask again.”

“Doubts? What kind of doubts?”

Xia Fan looked at Han Zecheng, who seemed more interested in the house’s decorations and furniture than the actual person, so she was again the one to answer: “We still don’t know where your sister’s murder weapon came from, and how she came to find Wang Rui.”

Liao Xiaoyu sighed:”I really can’t help you with these questions; I didn’t take good care of my sister. I didn’t even know when she went out. When I came back and found that she wasn’t there, I panicked; she has never went out by herself. Then I got a call from the police station in the middle of the night, and I knew that something terrible must have happened. Liao Xiaoqing has always been a good girl, she’s just a little sick, but she has never been violent, let alone kill anyone, it’s just awful.” She said with tears in her eyes: “I didn’t think the nightmare from seven years ago turned out to be still in her heart, I thought she has overcame it already, the doctor also said she is much better now, she generally behaves like a normal person, just a little shy and introverted, she also doesn’t like to talk much. I still can’t believe what happened.”


“Ms. Liao, who usually takes care of Liao Xiaoqing when you’re at work?”

“I’ve told the police all of this, there was a caregiver I had hired to live with us, it’s that person who stays with her when I am not able to. Liao Xiaoqing was in a bad shape a few years ago so she had to have someone stay with her all the time. However, in the few recent years, I have been sending her to the treatment center, she has been recovering well, she doesn’t need to go to the treatment regularly anymore, she just needs to go once every few months. Liao Xiaoqing is now able to take care of herself at home and she doesn’t leave the house, so this year the caregiver quit and went back home and I didn’t hire anyone else.”

” When was the last time you saw Liao Xiaoqing before the murder, and what was she doing?”

“Uh, it was the day of the murder, May 17th, and that day I remember it was Sunday at about 5:00 p.m. I made her dinner, she was painting in her room, and I greeted her like usual and went out. She looked normal at that time.”


“What about the period before the murder, did Liao Xiaoqing have any emotional instability, such as being stimulated by anything, or did she run into any strange people, and also, has she ever met with the deceased again in the past seven years.”

Liao Xiaoyu shook her head: “No, nothing of the sort, she has recovered very well in the past two years. We also never met Wang Rui again, not until this incident happened.”

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