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Your Husband’s Leg is Broken : Chapter 18 – Part 2


Broken-Leg Gong thought about it and decided to go ahead and get the cast removed a few weeks earlier.

First, he didn’t want to find himself cleaning the men’s bathroom.

And second, he doesn’t want to keep burdening Shou-wife.

The next morning, before Shou-wife went to work, Broken-Leg Gong asked him if he is free this Saturday because he wanted him to accompany him to the hospital.


Shou-wife bowed his head in apology and said: “Let’s go on Sunday because I have something to do on Saturday.”

After saying so, he went out the door.


Shou-wife didn’t say what he had on Saturday, but Broken-Leg Gong had a hunch that something was wrong.

Because Shou-wife never speaks half way and Broken-Leg Gong knows him very well.

In the evening, Shou-wife returned home from work half an hour later than usual.


He said that there was a traffic jam on the road.

But in fact, when Broken-Leg Gong was lying on the window sill, waiting for his wife, he saw him stand downstairs for half an hour on a phone call.


That night after turning the lights off Broken-Leg Gong asked Shou-wife if there is something wrong.

Shou-wife immediately said no.

Broken-Leg Gong did not ask again.

After a while, Shou-wife came over, leaned on Broken-Leg Gong’s shoulder and said in a dull voice: “In fact, there is.”


Broken-Leg Gong turned sideways and hugged his wife, he then gently and patiently asked: “What’s the matter?”


Shou-wife said: “Do you remember that I have a brother ten years younger than me?”

Broken-Leg Gong nodded.

“My parents want to send him abroad to study and asked if I could help.”

“We haven’t been in touch for years, so I’m a little angry that they suddenly called me the day before yesterday just to tell me this.”

Broken-Leg Gong asked:” Did you say yes then?”


“No, I said I’ve been kicked out of the house, I’m no longer your son, and I have nothing to do with your family’s affairs.”

Shou-wife snuggled into Broken-Leg Gong’s arms and asked: “Am I bad? They are my parents after all.”

Broken-Leg Gong patted him on his back soothingly and said: “No, baby is fine.”


Shou-wife said that his parents asked him to meet this Saturday, saying that even if they are not going to talk about money, they still wanted to see how well he has been in the past few years.

In a moment of weakness, Shou-wife softened up and agreed.


As a result, when he was about to get home today, he received another call from his brother.

His younger brother said that he would rather not go abroad than ask for his money.

He said:” I know it’s been hard for you to be alone all these years, but now that you’ve cut ties with the family, you don’t need to sacrifice yourself to pay for my studies.”

He added: “And I don’t really want to tell people that I have a gay brother.”

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