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Fate: Chapter 7

After that, the two fell in love.

They dated, they held hands, they hugged and they kissed passionately.

Although they hadn’t been together for a long time, Liang Lin felt as if she’s been in love with him for a long time and no matter what she says or does with him, it’s never the slightest bit unnatural. 


She asked him when did he start to like her. 

He said in high school. 

Back then, when he would play basketball, he would notice she would be always watching, she would keep looking for a long time, and his heart would go “pang pang”. 

He originally thought that high school was for studying, and so he waited until graduation to confess to her, but he got sick and actually missed his chance. 

At that time he was still young, he didn’t mind that too much.  

He didn’t expect to meet her again in College, but she didn’t seem to have any impression of him, so he thought about getting acquainted first.


However, before he could do his move, Xiao Ting confessed to him first and in front of so many people, making a storm all over the city.

Liang Lin obviously started to avoid him, getting colder and colder towards him, so he thought let’s wait a little longer. 

Unexpectedly, what he waited and waited for was her “rejection”.

“It’s all your fault.”

The two recalled their past fates, laughing and blaming each other.

Liang Lin thought more than once, fortunately, she has bought and kept wearing those glasses, fortunately, she took that path at that time.

Their romance developed quickly and soon they become like glue. 


Two weeks later, her job progressed, and she received a call that she had passed her first interview. She did the second one and made it all the way through.  

That day, she happily reported to her new company and surprisingly met Gu Ruichen in the elevator.  

“You work in this building?”  

“Yes, in the 16th floor.”  

“I also work in the 16th floor.”

The 16th floor arrived, and they found that their two companies are actually facing each other, right next door. 

The two looked at each other and then Liang Lin smiled and happily said: “Look, our red threads of fate are too tightly tied; we really can’t miss each other.” 

Fate can be, sometimes, something Wonderful.

The end

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12 thoughts on “Fate: Chapter 7

  1. Wow, I normally avoid shorts as I feel like they never delve deeply into the plot and they often feel rushed, leaving me with a bitter taste. However this one was very simple and sweet. Even if it was missing a few points, e.g. the ML’s POV could have been more detailed & tenses were sometimes confusing (I thought the flashback of the three-four years she “waited” were actually her high school years not her college years, which was revealed further along the line) I still really enjoyed that.

    Perhaps I should get back to reading more shorts.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, it is such a cute story. Even though like you said we wouldn’t mind having the ML’s more detailed POV but still an enjoyable read. You should give short stories a try sometimes. You could be pleasantly suprised. By the way the author of this novel “Ming Yue Ting Feng” has a lot of great works, my favorite is “Ambiguous relationship”, give it a try if you haven’t already ^^


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