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Your Husband’s Leg is Broken : Chapter 18 – Part 1


Broken-Leg Gong spent more than a month recuperating at home.

He doesn’t have to go to the company every day nor does he need to socialize with his coworkers.

When he has work to do, he just does a video conference at home.

Otherwise, he just lies in bed and brushes up on a little drama.

He has just finished a marathon of more than two hundred episodes of an American TV show  two days ago, and he is currently in a state of drama shortage.


He is thinking of maybe trying a Thai drama next.

All in all, life was easy and comfortable.


This was inevitably met with jealousy.

His two other partners were so busy that they made frequent phone calls to threaten to break their own legs.

“If you brat don’t come to work, you’ll be suspended from your position, and then you’ll have to clean the men’s bathroom!”


Broken-Leg Gong held his leg feeling aggrieved.

This world is so hard on men.


Luckily, he still has Shou-wife who will never leave him.

At the thought of Shou-wife, Broken-Leg Gong sour mood turned sweet and bubbly.

Every day since his injury, his wife has been taking care of him meticulously.

Broken-Leg Gong turned into a giant baby, once he even had to be helped by his wife to go to the toilet.


Shou-wife blushed and asked:  “How should I help?”

Broken-Leg Gong got so excited[1] that he almost couldn’t let it out.


But having it easy has its down side too.

Lying down after eating all day, without ever exercising, makes it easy to gain weight.

Broken-Leg Gong got on the electronic scale and found that he was ten pounds heavier than before.

Excluding the weight of the cast, a lot of it should come from the newly grown meat around his belly.


Broken-Leg Gong told his wife that next time they made love, he didn’t want Shou-wife to be on top, he wanted to be the one in charge, in order to increase the amount of exercise.

Shou-wife did not want to, saying he was afraid of hurting Broken-Leg Gong’s injured leg and insisted on moving on his own.

Broken-Leg Gong felt helpless.

[1] He got hard

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