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Your Husband’s Leg is Broken : Chapter 17 – Part 2


The doctor said to Broken-Leg Gong: “Ah Qi is my most cherished person. If you dare to hurt him, I will break your leg.”

Broken-Leg Gong replied: “No, I would never, I love him so much.”

The message was didn’t reach destination.

The doctor has deleted Broken-Leg Gong from his friend’s list.

Broken-Leg Gong saved these photos one by one.

Then cut the doctor off in each one of them.



Broken-Leg Gong took a long look at the eighteen-year-old Shou-wife in the photo.

He couldn’t help but think how good it would have been if back in College he’d been able to see how good Shou-wife was at first glance.

Then he would also have beautiful memories with his College aged wife.

He would show his affection on campus every day by holding hands together.

He would also take him to the library by bike, to the teaching building, to the grove behind the playground…


He would definitely not have let his wife suffer, secretly hiding in the corner to watch his back.

Would not have let him cry silently in the middle of the night alone.

He could have loved his wife for more years[1].


Broken-Leg Gong told his wife about this, saying that he feels sorry that he missed those good days in vain.

Shou-wife smiled and said that the actual thing might not be how you have imagined it to be.


In College, Shou-wife was oppressed by life and lacked the vitality and vigor of young people.

He was ordinary, timid and had a little low self-esteem.

Broken-Leg Gong on the other hand was so dazzling, wherever he went, he would be the focus of the crowd.

Shou-wife said that even if Broken-Leg Gong, at that time, had been able to get through the crowd and come to him, the huge gap between their personalities would have prevented them from keeping their relationship going.

“God arranged for you to see me at the most appropriate time, and I am content.”



Broken-Leg Gong held his wife in his embrace and refused to let go.

He knew that what his wife said was true.

Fortunately, with time his wife slowly revealed his true self which is also his favorite appearance.

They also happened to be in the same place making it easy for them to meet.

Not too soon, not too late, but exactly at the right time for them to fall in love.


Broken-Leg Gong looked at the photo of Shou-wife lovingly.

Then, he secretly photo shopped himself into the photo.

[1] They could have been together sooner and enjoyed dating life for those 3 or 4 years of College.

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