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Your Husband’s Leg is Broken : Chapter 17 – Part 1


The last time Broken-Leg Gong had added the doctor on WeChat, the doctor just ignored his message so Broken-Leg Gong quickly forgot about him.

A few weeks later, the doctor suddenly sent a message.

It was an old, yellowing photo.

In the photo stand the high school-aged doctor and his wife together.

At that time, the wife was much thinner than he is now, wearing a loose-fitting school uniform and showing two small white tiger teeth when he smiled.


Next to him stood the doctor, he was half a head taller than his wife, with a tall posture and one hand clasped tightly on his wife’s shoulder, they looked very intimate.


“What do you mean by this?” Broken-Leg Gong asked.

The doctor didn’t reply and just sent him another picture.

This time, it was Shou-wife sleeping on his desk.

His long, slender lashes casted a small shadow on his white skin. They were so pretty that they would tempt you to commit a crime.

Broken-Leg Gong felt his blood surge, almost losing consciousness from his rage.

“What did you do to him?!”

The doctor replied: “His face is very soft.”



When Shou-wife returned home that day, Broken-Leg Gong pounced on him, held his face and gave him a wild kiss.

With a smile, Shou-wife wiped his drool off his face and asked what was wrong.

Broken-Leg Gong looked a bit awkward but didn’t say anything.

Shou-wife believed that it was a new way of showing love so he followed suit and kissed Broken-Leg Gong hard on the face.



Satisfied Broken-Leg Gong finally responded to the doctor.

“He said my face is soft, too.”

The doctor said why would do I care about that; I do not want to kiss you.


And then sent over several photos in a row with Shou-wife and him together.

Broken-Leg Gong has rarely seen anyone more shameless than him, so at that moment a sense of sympathy was actually born.

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