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Your Husband’s Leg is Broken : Chapter 16 – Part 2


The next two months that followed that incident Broken-Leg Gong led a very frugal life.

At lunch, he would avoid the expensive meals and go for the cheap ones; his colleagues at the company asked him how he became so poor.

Broken-Leg Gong said: “I bought a watch.”

His colleagues got angry, cursed him out for his stupidity and then left one after another.

Since then, Broken-Leg Gong decided to give all his money to his wife for safekeeping, and instead of splurging at everything he strived to become a civilized youth.



Shou-wife will collect Broken-Leg Gong’s money and manage both their expenses, he will also give an allowance every month to his husband.

Over time, Broken-Leg Gong got used to such a simple life.

Now instead of buying the most expensive one, he will choose the item the most easy to use.

As for condoms, he no longer buys the imported set because he just doesn’t need them.



On Broken-Leg Gong’s birthday, which is also the anniversary of their first year together, Shou-wife gave his husband a global limited edition car model.

It was the model missing from Broken-Leg Gong’s collection.

Because it was already out of production, Shou-wife had a hard time getting it.

Broken-Leg Gong was so excited that his words became slurred and incoherent, he then curiously asked: “Baby, Why did you spend so much money all at once?”

Shou-wife smiled and said: “Because I want to keep the best for you.”



In short, Broken-Leg Gong has kept the good habit of giving his income to his wife.

However, this time Broken-Leg Gong did not hand all of his money to Shou-wife, but secretly hid a little, commonly known as private money.

The purchasing fee for buying the engagement ring had not been settled yet, so Broken-Leg Gong had to save up and return the money to Bai Yueguang[1] who lent it to him at the time.

Bai Yueguang is also quite miserable.



On the weekend, Broken-Leg Gong’s friends came to their wedding banquet to celebrate their engagement.

As soon as they entered the door, they referred to Shou-wife as “sister-in-law”.

Shou-wife got shy and hid in the kitchen.

Shou-wife who was wearing a red apron and busy preparing their meal, gave them a lot of entertainment.

Broken-Leg Gong felt distressed, he took his wife in his arms and kissed him.


He then declared that his baby is too tired and needs to get some rest.

Shou-wife returned the kiss, but still protested saying that their guests are still enjoying their meal.

Broken-Leg Gong fiercely looked back at his friends and asked: “You are not full yet? “

Friends: “We are full.”

[1] The white moonlight, his first love

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