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Your Husband’s Leg is Broken : Chapter 16 – Part 1


Broken-Leg Gong has a couple of plastic brothers.

These brothers had sent congratulatory messages when he had broken his leg, and now they have sent another congratulatory message after learning the happy news of his marriage with Shou-wife.

They also said they wanted to have a congratulatory meal with them to celebrate their good fortune.

After hearing this, Shou-wife wanted to make some special dishes for them.

But Broken-Leg Gong refused, saying that those people eat like pigs, baby, it is troublesome to cook, so let’s just take them out to eat.

Shou-wife pouted and said it was his own wedding banquet and he wanted to host it himself.

Of course, Broken-Leg Gong had no choice but to agree.



Broken-Leg Gong said that his wife can’t work for free, so he asked his plastic brothers for a big red envelope, saying it was their congratulatory gift.

The plastic brothers did not take long to transfer the money to his account.

Broken-Leg Gong received the red envelope’s money, divided into several 520[1]s, and gave it to his wife.

Broken-Leg Gong has the good habit of handing over his income to his wife, because he, himself, doesn’t care much about money.

It is only safe if it is placed in Shou-wife’s hands.



Shou-Wife was better at managing their daily living expenses.

When Shou-wife went to College, he had no financial resources to help, and his life had been relatively difficult.

Although After getting a job, his income was not considered small, he still retains his frugal lifestyle.

In order to buy fresh and cheap vegetables, he would walk an extra three kilometers to another vegetable farm.

He would also pick up free promotional condoms at the community gate.



Broken-Leg Gong is different; he really doesn’t care about how much he spends.

Insist on buying expensive items instead of the cheap ones.

For condoms, he would buy an imported set and would never pick any free ones.

Anyway, as a result, even though he had worked for several years, he still didn’t save much money.



Once, while out shopping together, Shou-wife saw an expensive watch at the shopping mall window, and couldn’t help but look at it a few times.

The next day, Broken-Leg Gong bought it for him.

Shou-wife was very happy after receiving it, but also very regretful.

He politely told Broken-Leg Gong that he didn’t actually need to buy him such an expensive item.

Broken-Leg Gong said willy-nilly: “It’s okay; I won’t give you such a thing in the future.”


Shou-wife sensing that he had hurt Broken-Leg Gong’s feelings hurriedly explained: “It’s not that I don’t like it, but I don’t want you to spend such a huge amount on me.”

Broken-Leg Gong then replied: “It’s because I am broke.”

[1] I love you abbreviation in Chinese slang

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2 thoughts on “Your Husband’s Leg is Broken : Chapter 16 – Part 1

  1. …I didn’t expect that plot twist at the end… Broken Leg, you always manages to crack me up! (‘A`)

    Also, is ‘bigs’ on 49 supposed to be ‘pigs’?

    Thank you for the chap!

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