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Warm Waters: Chapter 11 – Part 2

A year later, Lu Yichen graduated and returned to Suzhou.

His family, mostly his sick mother resided there.


In fact, the main reason he has decided to return to Suzhou was because of her. She needed him to take care of her.

However, this hasn’t changed the situation with Ji Yan.

It’s still considered as aimlessly relocating.
Having lived apart for such a long time, the two got accustomed to this kind of relationship.

Throughout the year, their combined flight and train tickets would sum up to 100.
Lu Yichen seldom talked to Ji Yan about his work because Ji Yan did not understand mechanical things, he only knew that the development was not bad.
In the third year, Lu Yichen bought a house near Ji Yan’s residence and brought his mother there.
Ji Yan had already met Lu Yichen’s mother back when he was still Lu Yichen’s boss in Suzhou, but it was the first time he met her as Lu Yichen’s boyfriend.
After greeting Ji Yan, Mother Lu sat quietly on the sofa and presented Ji Yan with some fruit.
After a while, Mother Lu chased Lu Yichen away and said to Ji Yan: “He said in this life, it can only be you. I am not an open minded mother, but I am still a mother, so I compromised. I am not sure how long I can live in this body; I want you two to live well.”
Ji Yan didn’t know what to say. He griped his hands firmly and said in a serious tone: “We will.”
Three days later, Lu Yichen moved into Ji Yan’s house.
” Why are you living in mine when you have your own house?”
“Brother Yan’s cooking is the best.”
When Lu Yichen was twenty-four and Ji Yan was twenty-nine, the two finally had their own home and lived as a family.
Lu Yichen became a university professor and continued to do his favorite research.


Work was stable, occasionally publishing a paper and causing a lot of sensation in the academic world.
Due to his handsome appearance and young age, he was considered a warm Suzhou native and is very popular with the female students in the North.
Ji Yan trusted Lu Yichen and was not afraid of him socializing with other girls and boys at school.

Actually, he did not expect Lu Yichen to be so down to earth and mature for his age, after all, he was still in his early twenties, society is too impetuous, and there are so many temptations around him.

Even friends who have been dating for seven years can break up, let alone Lu Yichen who is still so young.
But the truth is that Lu Yichen has really settled down.


When he went out with his friends, he usually boasted about Ji Yan to them, he would say that Ji Yan is the best, the most wonderful and the best looking person man in the world.

Is Ji Yan really that good? Certainly not.

This was the so-called lover’s eyes, you see your lover through a rosy filter.
The two were very satisfied with their current state of life.

Ji Yan quit his job as a hotel’s chef and with a few apprentices; he decided to open a small shop.


He would open his restaurant when he is in a good mood and close it when he is in a bad mood, but he can still make enough money to live by.
Lu Yichen has many working vacations. As soon as the winter and summer vacations start, the two will travel around to play.

They will often post some of the videos they took on Weibo. It was both a record of their travel journey and daily show affection.

The videos soon got a lot of attention online and the two found themselves becoming internet celebrities with their own on growing fan base.

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  1. The dad accepted Lu Yichen so enthusiastically that it’s a little dissapointing to see the reluctance of his mother… but well, if they’re happy together, the parents’ opinion doesn’t count much.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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