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Warm Waters: Chapter 11 – Part 1

After dinner, the two took a mandarin duck bath[1], after which, Lu Yichen happily took Ji Yan to bed.

After tossing for a long time, Ji Yan reluctantly sat up and leaned against the head of the bed to wipe the sweat off his body.


Lu Yichen changed his posture, leaning on Ji Yan’s lap sideways and looking up at him.
Ji Yan looked at the night sky outside their bedroom window and his hand subconsciously went to stroke Lu Yichen’s hair
“Tell me something, why won’t you go live in your school’s dormitory? Do you want to keep living alone in this house?”
Lu Yichen turned over and stared at the ceiling: “Because…”
He grabbed Ji Yan’s hand and continued in a serious tone: “I think of this place as my home.

Although the house is rented but we have lived here together for three years. It is our home so I am reluctant to leave it.”
“Brother Yan, I want to have a home with you, I want us to be family” Lu Yichen said.
Ji Yan looked at the shining tears in the young man’s eyes and his nose turned sour.

He was moved by his words.
“You know what, my dad wants to see you.”
On the second weekend of September, Ji Yan took Lu Yichen to meet his father.
It was his first time meeting his father-in-law, so Lu Yichen was very cautious and went online to search for tips and advice on how to get along with your father-in-law.


In fact, this was not necessary at all, but Ji Yan finds it amusing to watch the always serious Lu Yichen fret about how to make a good first impression on his father.
In the living room, Lu Yichen handed a cup of tea to Ji Yan’s father: “Uncle, this is for you.”
Ji Yan felt comfortable leaving these two people together and went to the kitchen to prepare their meal.

When he came out again, he heard his dad say:”Oh my, how are you so studious? You ranked on the top fifty in your province? That son of mine stopped studying at junior high school; he had to learn some skill so he went to a culinary school. The lacking child has managed to bring such a good kid like you!”
Ji Yan:? ? ?
“No, it’s not; I’m the one who does not deserve of him.”
“No way, don’t defend him; wouldn’t I know best how my son’s like?” The old man gave him a kind look.
Lu Yichen: “…”
“Little Lu, where do you plan to develop your career after graduation?”

“You would be in a different place…” The old father said and got lost in thoughts.
“It’s only temporary for the time being, but…”
Ji Yan was about to go back to the kitchen but immediately stopped, he hid behind the door and continued to listen.
“I plan to develop in Suzhou for two years and then come to Changchun. If we keep being apart, the two of us will get eventually very tired. But there must always be someone to make sacrifices. Brother Yan has compromised for my sake for three years, and it should be me… …”
“Good boy!”
Ji Yan lowered his eyes and silently returned to the cutting board and cut his vegetables.


In fact, he didn’t want Lu Yichen to make sacrifices for his sake. If there was a better and wider world for him, he hoped that Lu Yichen would fight for it and go. He is still young and there are many possibilities ahead of him.

He did not want Lu Yichen to become like how he once was.
After dinner, Ji Yan and Lu Yichen were sitting in the garden downstairs relaxing with the wind blowing on their hair.
Ji Yan thought about it and said: “I heard what you said to my dad earlier, do you really want that?”
Lu Yichen nodded.
“If there is a better and more suitable place for your development, I hope you…”
Lu Yichen suddenly hugged Ji Yan: “Brother Yan, we can’t be in different places all the time. Since you choose to stand still, then I will come to you. I am not sacrificing my career; I am just making the most reasonable choice. Brother Yan, do you believe in me? Here, I can also develop.”
Ji Yan was persuaded by Lu Yichen in the end: “Well yes,…I believe in you.”

[1] They had sex in the bathtub

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