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Warm Waters: Chapter 10 -Part 3

After going back, Ji Yan was ready to make some delicious dishes for Lu Yichen while the latter tried clumsily to help him.  

Ji Yan was amused by this, but he didn’t make fun of him since cooking was something to be encouraged.  


“Come here” Ji Yan said to Lu Yichen after cutting a cucumber.
“What’s wrong?” Lu Yichen, who was squatting down as he was cutting some green onions, asked and stood up.
Ji Yan stood on his tiptoes and kissed him sweetly on the lips: “A reward.”
Lu Yichen’s small face turned a little bit red. He then let go of the green onions and held Ji Yan coquettishly: “Brother Yan, I want more.”
Ji Yan kissed him again.
“No, Brother Yan, I want the kind of reward where I get to stick my tongue in.”
“Brother Yan, I want my reward.”
“Brother Yan…”
Ji Yan finally yielded and kissed Lu Yichen the way he desired.


The moment his tongue went into Lu Yichen’s mouth, Lu Yichen hugged him urgently and sucked on his tongue.
After a long time, Ji Yan gasped and pushed him away.
“Okay, are we still eating dinner?”

“Yes!” Lu Yichen said with raised lips and a satisfied face.
“Go pick up the green onions.”
“Is there a reward for that?”
Ji Yan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “Any rewards after this will have to wait until we finish dinner.”
So the moment the meal was ready, Lu Yichen came to Ji Yan again to receive his rewards.
Ji Yan looked at him dumbfounded. If he gave him this reward, they wouldn’t be able to eat dinner tonight.
“Let’s eat first, okay?”


Ji Yan took out the freshly delivered cake from the refrigerator.

“Today’s your birthday; quit thinking about indecent things in that head of yours.”
Lu Yichen sat at the table somewhat at lost.

Without the reward he was promised, he felt like a child who got denied his candy, the deliciousness on the table couldn’t seem to make him forget about it.  

Ji Yan had no choice but to rub Lu Yichen’s hair and kiss him again: “Eat first.”
Lu Yichen smiled to himself, his little trick seemed to have worked.
Wouldn’t Ji Yan be able to see his little scheme? of course he knew but he just felt like going along with it.
“Right, Brother Yan…” Lu Yichen leaned on his chin and looked at Ji Yan sitting opposite of him, wondering: “Do you feel uncomfortable every time we have sex?”  


Ji Yan almost spewed out a mouthful of rice.
“See, you don’t seem to like it very much and you’re always reluctant every time I want to do it again. But… Once we make love, you don’t look like you’re having a hard time. Your face is bright red.”
“Brother Yan, just tell me if you feel uncomfortable, I will work hard to improve myself.”
“Don’t! Stop talking about this.”
The problem here is not that I am uncomfortable when we do it, but its is the fact that you are like an electric machine who doesn’t stop. My old joints are not able to keep up with your stamina!

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