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Warm Waters: Chapter 10 – Part 2

Ji Yan slept until noon the next day.

When he woke up, the place beside him was empty and Lu Yichen was not there.
Ji Yan thought that he went to class so it was only normal to wake up alone.


Feeling sticky all over, Ji Yan got out of bed and planned to take a long bath.
But just as he was about to, a figure suddenly appeared out of nowhere and carried him out bed princess style.
Ji Yan was startled: “You! Why aren’t you in class?”
Lu Yichen gave him a big smile: “I’m skipping class today; I am staying home with you.”
“Skipping class?”
“Nonsense, skipping class is wrong.”

” Yes, but…” Lu Yichen tried to explain.

“First, put me down and let me find something to wear!”
All this time, Ji Yan has been carried by the neatly dressed Lu Yichen.
“I don’t want to” Lu Yichen has definitely learned to play rogue.

“I won’t” Lu Yichen continued to resist.
Ji Yan looked at his gentle face for a bit but immediately hardened his heart and put on an angry expression.
“…” Lu Yichen only knows how to talk big, in the end; he silently put Ji Yan back on the bed and turned to look for a pair of pajamas that would suit him.
Ji Yan touched Lu Yichen’s head and said: “Just go to class for now, when you come back tonight, I will give you something delicious to eat.”
“Brother Yan, I don’t want to go” Lu Yichen took Ji Yan’s hand and said with an imploring tone:” Please, Brother Yan, it’s okay to skip class this time, I want to be with you.”


Ji Yan was still a little surprised that Lu Yichen was this clingy; after all, he had never behaved this way before.

He held Lu Yichen’s head and kissed him on the lips, trying to appease him, he said: “Obey, go to your class and let me have some rest. How about I stay here with you for a few more days?”

When Lu Yichen heard Ji Yan was going to live with him for a few more days, his eyes lit up and he instantly agreed to his boyfriend’s request: “This is what you said, you can’t regret it!”
Ji Yan smiled: “If you don’t want me to regret it then you have to go.”
“Okay, I’m going brother Yan” Lu Yichen was still a bit reluctant but still went to class obediently.
After Lu Yichen left, Ji Yan took a bath. During his bath, Ji Yan found that his body had been cleaned.


Ji Yan held the soap slightly stunned. Lu Yichen surprised him more and more.
The kid did really grow up. No, this is not right; he should say he is no longer a kid.
After taking his bath, Ji Yan got back into the bed and went to sleep again. When he finally woke up, it was already the afternoon, Ji Yan put on his clothes and went out.

Twenty minutes later, he was at Lu Yichen’s University’s gate.
School had just finished and young men and women were rushing out.

Ji Yan stood staring at the passing people, trying to find Lu Yichen’s figure.
He couldn’t find Lu Yichen but instead he saw Zhou Ke and Xia Jinian.

Xia Jinian was the first to see him, he was in a daze but just for a few seconds, he soon recovered and turned away in embarrassment.

Zhou Ke was a bit late to notice Ji Yan, when he finally spots him; he glared at him and threw him the middle finger.
Ji Yan extended his little pinky and pointed it at his private parts[1].

Zhou Ke’s face was livid and just as he was about to run to Ji Yan, Xia Jinian quickly dragged him away.
After waiting for a while, Ji Yan finally saw Lu Yichen. He was wearing glasses and carrying a black school bag. He didn’t know what he was thinking but his eyes looked very dull.
There was a girl beside him, she did not speak much and just accompanied him silently.
Ji Yan could not tell what their mood is like. He walked through the crowd of students to Lu Yichen and patted him on the shoulder.


Lu Yichen snapped out of his daze and after seeing Ji Yan, he exposed his two little tiger teeth, flashing a big smile: “Brother Yan, what are you doing here?”
The girl next to Lu Yichen looked at Ji Yan and then back at Lu Yichen and said with a laugh: “Hey, Your boyfriend is here so I will be going first.”
“Who is she?” Ji Yan looked at the retreating girl and asked: “How does she know about us?”
“She just guessed, we are both in the robot design team, I don’t know her so I am not sure how can she found out. I obviously never said anything to her” Lu Yichen expressed his doubts.
Ji Yan wasn’t very puzzled at this. Looking at Lu Yichen’s usual dazed appearance, he wondered if maybe he didn’t pay attention to being heard by the girl when he called him.
“Why are you wearing glasses?”
“I had a robot class just now and I forgot to take them off” Lu Yichen took off his glasses and put them in his bag.
On the way back, Ji Yan thought of Zhou Ke and Xia Jinian whom he had just seen and asked: “What happened to you and Zhou Ke? Aren’t you friends anymore?”
“No” Lu Yichen paused as if he was thinking about how to say what he was about to say: “I took the initiative to alienate Xia Jinian and Zhou Ke chose him between him and me.”
Ji Yan didn’t know what to say, no matter what, thay have been friends for many years.
“Actually, I am not surprised by this result. After all, they have been friends from the beginning.”
Ji Yan hugged Lu Yichen and said nothing. What can he say? He was selfish and wanted Lu Yichen to take the initiative to alienate Xia Jinian.


This really made him feel at ease and even a little bit happy.
In actuality, if Lu Yichen kept being friends with his first love, Ji Yan wouldn’t be able to accept it.

He can compromise on anything but this one.
The two did not take a taxi and chose a remote road to walk slowly.

The autumn wind was blowing on their faces and gave them an unspeakable comfort.
Lu Yichen silently pulled Ji Yan’s hands, the two held hands and in the afterglow of the sunset, their shadows were drawn together.

[1] I am not sure about this phrase “季彦向小拇指” but I guess Ji Yan was alluding to the fact that he had previously (chapter 2) kicked him in the groin region.

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5 thoughts on “Warm Waters: Chapter 10 – Part 2

  1. Uh huh. Good thing he knows he was being selfish at that. Sigh I really feel bad for the friends. On the other hand good to know LY does love him afterall.

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  2. Hi Neckochan. Thank you for the translation. Just read this today. To answer your question, when Zhou Ke was saying F you to Jiyan, Jiyan’s Hand sign response was “with your little wiener.”

    I hope that clears it up for you.

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