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Warm Waters: Chapter 10 – Part 1

Ji Yan was awakened by Lu Yichen’s caresses.
As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw Lu Yichen’s enlarged face in front of him. Ji Yan yawned and reached out to pinch Lu Yichen’s face.


“Don’t make trouble…” he said with a hoarse voice still drowsy from sleep.
Lu Yichen pinched Ji Yan’s chin and blocked his mouth. Lips and tongues intertwined, almost suffocating Ji Yan.
“Brother Yan, how come you are here?” Lu Yichen’s voice sounded cheerful and very happy.
“To surprise you, are you happy?” Ji Yan hooked his arms around Lu Yichen’s neck and whispered into his ear.
“Very happy” Lu Yichen hugged his beloved tightly and kissed him again.
Being pressed on, Ji Yan could feel Lu Yichen’s body becoming more and more restless, hands wandering all over his body, touching and groping, surely intending to make it to home base.
“Brother Yan…” Lu Yichen said while taking Ji Yan’s clothes off.
“I miss you.”
Lu Yichen nibbled on Ji Yan’s earlobe.


“I know” Ji Yan closed his eyes and held Lu Yichen’s hand.
“Brother Yan…” Lu Yichen’s voice was slightly hoarse.
” Yes.”

“I love you.”

“Me too.”
Their longing for each other, at this moment, turned into a raging fire that burned out of control.
They didn’t take a shower first.


They couldn’t wait any longer to be in each other arms and they didn’t hold back.

Late that night, after such a vigorous exercise, Ji Yan was lying in Lu Yichen’s arms gasping lightly.

Lu Yichen was not honest, either kissing him or touching his body.

Ji Yan felt extremely tired.
“What time is it?”
“I don’t know” Lu Yichen hugged Ji Yan tightly.
“I haven’t cooked for you yet; didn’t you want to eat my fried rice with eggs?” Ji Yan tried to shake away Lu Yichen’s arms and escape his lips, struggling to speak.
“Tomorrow, make it for me tomorrow” Lu Yichen encircled Ji Yan with one leg and continued to hold him in his arms.
Ji Yan being secured like this and fiddled with like a little doll, felt helpless.


Finally, he couldn’t bear it anymore and tried to get out of the bed with his body drenching wet.
But how could Lu Yichen let him run away just like that! He immediately dragged him back and said: “Brother Yan, you will catch a cold because you have been sweating a lot.”
Ji Yan felt like crying, his body really can’t handle another round of Lu Yichen’s tossing him around and twisting his old muscles.

No, he can’t stand it.
“Yichen ……” Ji Yan who rarely begged for mercy, said with a sweet voice: “Please, I can’t anymore, let me go.”
“Brother Yan, you are so sexy.”
? ? ?
Lu Yichen immediately showed his little wolf tail and pressed Ji Yan down again.


It’s very unwise to beg softly for mercy while in bed with the little wolf. This will only stimulate his inner desire to concur more.
A Long time after, Ji Yan’s stomach called for attention but he was so tired that he could not open his eyes.
“I am hungry…”
“Brother Yan, what do you want to eat? I’ll make it for you.”
“Anything is fine…”
Lu Yichen squeezed Ji Yan’s face with a smile, put on a pair of pajama pants, and covered Ji Yan’s bare body with the quilt and then went to cook for him.


He usually doesn’t cook much so after giving it some thoughts, he decided to cook half a pot of rice porridge for Ji Yan.
When he returned with the cooked porridge, the person on the bed was already asleep. Lu Yichen shook his head helplessly, put the bowl on the table besides the bed and picked up his phone to check the time.

It is exactly midnight.
Lu Yichen lay back next to Ji Yan, watching him sleep and then softly said: “Brother Yan, I am one year old again.”
I grew up one year old, one step closer to the day my arms can encircle you.
My arms will be around you, my chest will shield you from the wind and rain, and I will be able to give you the life you desire.

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