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Warm Waters: Chapter 9 – Part 1

This morning, the sun was very bright and the clouds were rolling in the sky.

Not long after Ji Yan got up, he received a call from Lu Yichen.


“Brother Yan, I won the machine design award in our school.”

Yes, Lu Yichen is a true engineer through and through. So there are times when his single-minded, emotional intelligence is difficult to turn on.

Listening to the joyful voice over the phone, Ji Yan pulled out a ticket for Hunan at ten o’clock from the drawer and carried his bag on his back heading to the door.

“That’s good, what is the prize?”

“5000 Yuan! Wait until I go back next week to treat you to dinner. Or, Brother Yan, do you have anything you want to buy? I’ll buy it for you.”

“I don’t have anything in mind, I will just wait for you to come and invite me to eat delicious food.”

Ji Yan turned his head, holding the phone between his face and shoulders; he was in the corridor, locking his front door.

“What are you doing now?”

“I am in class, today’s course is alright, not too tiring, but it’s still quite burdensome. I got so tired with the robot design competition that I didn’t want to do anything for a whole day.”


“Huh?” Ji Yan locked the door, and dragged it twice, just to be safe, and then picked up his phone and walked downstairs.

“If you were that tired, why didn’t you tell me.”

Ji Yan really couldn’t tell how exhausted Lu Yichen has been during the competition, because Lu Yichen has never told him.

Every morning and evening, the phone call always came on time. If he didn’t call, Lu Yichen would send him text messages and respond in seconds.

He never let him feel any negative emotion in his tone, so Ji Yan always thought that Lu Yichen was doing fine.

“I’m afraid that you will worry about me. Anyway, that’s already in the past, isn’t that right brother Yan?”

Ji Yan took a taxi and chuckled: “well well! My puppy has grown up! Fortunately I didn’t raise it for nothing.”



Ji Yan did not intend to answer this question, and instead asked:” Were you able to understand this on your own? Tell me, did someone teach you about this?”

The voice in the microphone paused for a while, and then said: “Well… a classmate of mine said that it is not good. He and his ex-girlfriend broke up because of a similar situation. He was too busy and ignored his girlfriend and when they talked he only took that time to complain to her.”

Ji Yan smiled and said: “You really are a good puppy”.

“Brother Yan, what do you mean by a puppy?” Lu Yichen asked again with perseverance.

The taxi slowly stopped near the airport, Ji Yan paid, and opened the door to get off:”You say, which one are you, a puppy or a wolf?”

“Well? What is that brother Yan?”

“Are you usually this stupid?” Is that right?” Ji Yan walked to the security checkpoint.

“I’m hanging up first. I’m putting my phone on airplane mode. Let’s talk later.”

After hanging up the phone, Ji Yan followed the crowd through security check.

Tomorrow is Lu Yichen’s birthday. Ji Yan wants to surprise him. He bought the ticket three days ago.


Once on the plane, Ji Yan leaned on the seat and wondered whether Lu Yichen was a puppy or wolf.

If we are talking about his former self then he was absolutely not a puppy, especially in the bedroom.

On the other hand, this new Lu Yichen is indeed a good puppy. He could only handle soft things, he bows his head when the time calls for it and it seems that he has learnt how to play coquettish.

After reconciling again, he doesn’t need to ask Lu Yichen for anything.

He is slowly learning on his own.

He has learnt how to deal with their relationships and how to avoid and reduce conflicts.

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4 thoughts on “Warm Waters: Chapter 9 – Part 1

  1. Its really warm..XD even though not much in depth plot or story line it is perfect for a one shot. Easy to read and not much to worry about unlike some where you are at the edge of the seat everytime..It is good yet not so good XD but I like it

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel the same hhhh. In fact that is exactly what I liked About it the first time I read it. Even though the author didn’t go in depth with everything but it left room for our own speculations 🤗 Glad you liked it ^^


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