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Korean movies: Oldies but Goldies

Title: 100 Days with Mr. Arrogant
Year: 2004
Synopsis: After being dumped by her boyfriend just before their 100 day anniversary, Ha-Young meets a college guy named Hyung-Joon when she accidentally kicks a can that hits him in the face and causes him to scratch his Lexus. He demands she pay him $3000 on the spot. She escapes from him, leaving her wallet behind.
Hyung-Joon stalks her, demanding money to pay for his car. Since she is a poor high school student Hyung-Joon writes up a “Enslavement Agreement” for Ha-Young in order to pay for the damage to his car.

My review: It is simply hilarious. Ha-Young is your average high school girl, not very good at studies, loves to play and of course in love with the idea of love. She meets a handsome yet sadist college student who out of boredom decides to toy with her for a bit. Their interactions are so funny and the sexual innuendo just kill me! there is a scene at an elevator that I just can’t forget! Over all a good movie with an interesting premise and great chemistry between the leads.


Title: My Little Bride
Year: 2004
Synopsis: Bo-Eun is an ordinary high school girl who worries about SAT’s and has a crush on her school’s baseball team ace, named Jung-Woo. One day, Bo-Eun’s grandfather orders her to marry Sang-Min. When they were very young, Bo-Eun’s and Sang-Min’s grandfathers had promised that they would become in-laws. Despite their opposition, they are forced to marry because of the strong influence of Bo-Eun’s grandfather. Bo-Eun’s undercover married life begins: She pretends that she doesn’t have a husband and starts dating Jung-Woo. Bo-Eun believes that she can manage both men and live a double life. Everything goes smoothly until Sang-Min visits Bo-Eun’s school as a student teacher…

My review: The movie starts with an introduction to the leads. We get that they have a close big brother- younger sister relationship and then we are hit with the plot: they have to get married as already promised by their grandparents. Bo-Eun is just a high school girl who can’t fathom the idea of being a wife while Sang-Min is a goofy young man fresh out of college and still not ready to commit. Being childhood friends, the two soon learned to live together and we can see that they truly care for each other and how their feelings run deeper than they think. It was heartwarming, funny and quite enjoyable. Again, the chemistry between the leads was fantastic!


Title: 200 Pounds Beauty
Year: 2006
Synopsis: Han-Na is a very large girl with a warm heart. She also possesses an unbelievable voice. Han-Na wants to become a pop-singer, but due to her extra-large appearance, can only work as a faceless singer. She provides the vocals for a popular singer named Amy, a beautiful young lady that can’t carry a note to save her life.
Han-Na is also in love with Amiy’s music producer, Sang-Joon, but it’s a one-sided love. One day, Han-Na is invited to Sang-Joon’s birthday party and receives a red dress from him to wear to his party. Han-Na is excited, yet scared. After an emotional trauma, she simply disappears for one year.
Han-Na then returns as the beautiful Jenny …

A great movie that deals with topics such as body shaming and the struggle to make it into showbiz. Han-Na is a sweet girl who isn’t the most fit, she has a great voice and a good heart, yet, because of her physique, she doesn’t enjoy the life she deserves. After her plastic surgery, everything changes. People treat her right now, she gets an opportunity to be a singer and finally, the man she has been in love with starts noticing her. It’s a wonderful story that would make you laugh out loud one second and cry a river the next. A Goldie for sure !


Title: He Was Cool
Year: 2004
Synopsis: Having replied to a wicked post on her school website, Ye-won keeps getting a threatening call from a boy named Ji Eun-sung. Having heard about him from her friend, she keeps running away from him. But they kissed accidentally when Ye-won was trying to escape from him. Having his lips stolen by Ye-won, Eun-sung threatens her to marry him, adding that no other girl has ever kissed him before. The only thing Ye-won can do is to obey for whatever Eun-sung said. At first, Ye-won just hate him the most for his self-righteousness and unreasonableness. But she gradually finds herself is starting to fall for him…

My review: Typical story of “delinquent boy falls for sweet girl” and yet this one feels different. Maybe its the chemistry between the leads or maybe because Ye-won’s great personality but the fact is that this movie is the best of the genre. It’s both funny and interesting. It will leave you with a good feeling inside. Quite nostalgic too. It is one of my favorite movies of the late Jeong Da‑bin, the lead actress.


Title: My Tutor Friend
Year: 2003
Synopsis: Su-Wan is a sophomore in college, and she works part-time as a tutor to cover her tuition. She has had bad experiences so far with her students. She then meets quite possibly the most impossible to teach student yet Ji-Hoon.
Ji-Hoon comes from a wealthy family and at school is the known as the best fighter around. He’s also the king of troublemakers. Ji-Hoon is now repeating his high school senior year for the third time. He’s also resistant to taking Su-Wan’s tutoring lessons. Meanwhile, Su-Wan nearly reaches her boiling point and contemplates to quit her job, but the thought of telling her mother makes her continue on. Can Su-Wan ever get through to Ji-Hoon?

My review: A comedy through and through. The movie tells the story of a college student being a tutor for a high school student who is repeating his high school senior year for the third time so he is older than her. She struggles to get him to study and they fall in love along the way. The process is pure comedy though! Like he got angry and punched her crush for rejecting her, turns out the guy was intending to be a priest!

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