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Warm Waters: Chapter 8 – Part 2


That night, the wind was a bit strong; Ji Yan lay down on the balcony gazing at the stars in the far distance.
Lu Yichen walked over to him and gently put a coat on his shoulders.
“Look, at night, this city seems to be no different from other cities.”
“No, it is not the same” Lu Yichen said.
“How is it any different?” Ji Yan turned so he could look at him.
The night wind blew Lu Yichen’s black hair away from his forehead, and his handsome face became somewhat hazy under the moonlight.
“The place where you are is of course, different.”
Ji Yan glanced at Lu Yichen’s serious eyes and felt his heart beating very fast. He was not expecting this kind of confession.
Lu Yichen held Ji Yan’s shoulder and asked: “Brother Yan, do you want to permanently live here?”
” I have already bought a house here, where can I live if not here?”
“Then I will buy you a house in the future, will you come live with me then?” Lu Yichen asked cautiously and expectantly.
Without thinking, Ji Yan shook his head.


Here, he has a promising career doing something he loved, he has just bought a new house, and there is his father who is getting old, so he will never leave again.
“I know you want to go back to Suzhou, then just go back, don’t worry about me. Now the transportation has developed so much that we could meet whenever we want to, and if our feelings get weak because of the distance then we will just break up. If we can’t withhold the long distance, how can we commit to be together for the rest of our lives?”
Lu Yichen didn’t expect Ji Yan to say this; he just hugged him tight and didn’t know how to respond.
In fact, Ji Yan himself did not expect to be able to say this.

If it was a few months ago, he would be unreasonably in love with Lu Yichen and be it life or death would not agree to separate from him.

And yet, now, it is not like Ji Yan did not love Lu Yichen anymore, but during this time away from him, he has figured out too many things.

Life is more than just romantic love.


A person should also strive to make his career dreams come true.

He did not want Lu Yichen to give up the opportunity to return to Suzhou after graduation, but he too did not want to give up everything he has here.
Thus, they had to go each on their own way, if their love is strong enough, they can meet in the end.
What is this the end?
A lifetime.
“Lu Yichen, I believe in you, do you believe in me?” Ji Yan held Lu Yichen’s hand and asked.
“I believe” Lu Yichen held him tightly.
Believe, forever.

The next day, Lu Yichen got on the train back to Hunan.
In this way, the two began a long distance relationship.
When Lu Yichen had fewer classes or had a holiday, he would take the time to come to Ji Yan, the two would eat together, go shopping, and have fun in bed at night.


On the second day, Lu Yichen would have to take the earliest train to go back.

Many times Ji Yan would be still asleep when Lu Yichen left. Every time he opened his eyes and looked at the empty bed next to him, Ji Yan would be in a daze for a quarter of an hour.
Is he tired of being in a different place?
Tired, very tired, but it is a bittersweet feeling.
Lu Yichen is slowly growing his EQ, before, it was only Ji Yan being the sensible one in their relationship, but now the two are working together.
Once feelings are managed seriously by both parties involved, what was once so fragile will suddenly become unbreakable.

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One thought on “Warm Waters: Chapter 8 – Part 2

  1. I’m glad Ji Yan realized not everything in life is love. This break of them helped the two to grow up a lot.
    I guess once their relationship is well established, after Lu Yinchen graduates, Ji Yan will take him to meet his father.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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