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Warm Waters: Chapter 7 – Part 2

That night, the family sat together and happily ate a meal together.

After dinner, Ji Yan’s Father and aunt went downstairs for a walk while Ji Yan stayed and cleaned the dishes in the kitchen.


Halfway through his cleaning, his phone rang. Ji Yan wiped his hands and answered.

“Brother Yan… have you eaten?” A familiar voice came through the microphone.

Lu Yichen can call again so soon! Ji Yan was very surprised.

“Is something wrong?

“Brother Yan, don’t do this. I know I am wrong. Please give me a second chance…” Lu Yichen said with a dull voice.

Ji Yan stayed silent.

Lu Yichen’s voice trembled: “Brother Yan, believe in me, I am begging you.”

Ji Yan hung up the phone.


Believe in him? How easy does he think it is to rebuild trust in a person?

A few minutes later the bell rang again, and Ji Yan turned off the phone anxiously.

The next day, Lu Yichen’s call came again.

The third day, the fourth day, a week in a row, every day. He changed to different numbers and sent the same text message.

All begged Ji Yan to forgive him.


Lu Yichen hadn’t had a good night of sleep in a long time, and was quite depressed. When he went to this part time job, he broke a few plates.

Every day he can only think of Ji Yan.


Late at night, when he was alone he refused to give up on Ji Yan and just wiped his tears quietly while continuing to call him over and over again.

He felt aggrieved, Ji Yan has never treated him like this, he always followed his way.

So this time he was really scared, afraid that he would never get to touch such a good person in this life time.

But the two are thousands of miles apart. So Lu Yichen had no other choice but to keep calling him.

Dialing these familiar numbers over and over again is not only a pain for Lu Yichen, but also for Ji Yan.

Finally, one night, Ji Yan had enough, he was so worn out that he sent back a text message that says: “Let’s start as friends”.

Lu Yichen almost returned his text in seconds: “OK, Brother Yan. Are you still angry with me?”

Ji Yan did not respond.

How could he be so frustrating?

As long as Lu Yichen and Xia Jinian had a friend relationship, he would always feel uncomfortable. But Ji Yan didn’t want to force Lu Yichen. He wanted to wait until Lu Yichen figured it out and took the initiative to cut off his friendship with Xia Jinian.

He couldn’t always guide him. In fact, he didn’t want to teach him anymore, he was tired of it all.

In the following days, Lu Yichen would often call Ji Yan. Sometimes when Ji Yan had already fallen asleep and could not receive the call, Lu Yichen would send a text message and talk about some trivial things about his daily life, and always acted cleverly.


In this way, the two talked about homely.

It’s not about falling in love, but it’s doing something you never did when you were in love.

As far as Lu Yichen is concerned, when they were together, he never took the initiative to tell

Ji Yan about his family or his daily concerns, he also never greeted Ji Yan with good morning or good night.


A week later, Ji Yan was hired to work as a chef in a five-star hotel.

Doing his favorite dishes, listening to the guests’ praise of his food, going back to dinner with his father at night, and receiving a phone call from Lu Yichen on time before going to bed, this is a life Ji Yan has never experienced in the past three years.

This kind of full and happy life is what he wants the most.

It gradually reached the end of summer, not only the cicada started becoming noisy, but Ji Yan also got busy.

He bought a suite in the city center and got a decoration team to renovate it.

Still, Ji Yan could not be easily satisfied so he had to oversee everything himself.


He was so busy that he did not have time to receive Lu Yichen’s calls several times, and he was too tired to call him back.

One day, late at night, Ji Yan received a call from a crying Lu Yichen; he did not know why the puppy was so sad. Was it because he hadn’t been able to talk with him as much lately?

“Brother Yan… do you…have a boyfriend?”

Ji Yan felt that Lu Yichen was acting odd. He wanted to explain, but also felt upset and so he just responded casually in a busy tone.

The next day, Ji Yan did not receive the usual call from Lu Yichen.

At night, Ji Yan sat by the window and stared at the view outside for a while; he then took off his mobile phone card and threw it out of the window.

Goodbye, Lu Yichen.

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3 thoughts on “Warm Waters: Chapter 7 – Part 2

  1. My gosh FINALLY. He’s still to immature, he ought to sort his feelings our first. I think because that scum yichen misses him is because of the fact that JiYan was always by his side for the past years that he became used to it. He doesnt have any feelings towards jiyan.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes he is immature but he is only 21 years old. It is his first relationship and he is a bit awkward. For now he has finally realised the importance of Ji Yan in his life. Let’s wait and see what his next move will be.


  2. Throwing away the cellphone card should have been the first thing Ji Yan do!! But well, better late than never. However… I guess Lu Yichen will go to visit him. Now that he knows how good Ji Yan really is, he won’t let him escape.

    Thanks for the chapter!

    Liked by 1 person

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