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Warm Waters: Chapter 7 – Part 1

At about eleven that night, Ji Yan got off the plane.

When he got home, the house was dark and quiet.

Ji Yan crouched and turned on the lights, the tea on the dinner table was still steaming, indicating that his father had just gone to sleep.


He put down his backpack and head to his father’s bedroom to take a look inside. When he saw the figure of his sleeping father, he had suddenly the urge to cry.

He hasn’t been home for far too long.

Ji Yan rubbed his sour eyes and walked to his bedroom. He hasn’t lived in this room for a few years now, and yet, the room was still very clean.

Ji Yan took off his clothes and lay in his bed; he felt a sense of familiarity with everything there.

However, unexpectedly, he couldn’t sleep.

Finally he choked into soft sobs and fell asleep shortly after from exhaustion.


At about four o’clock in the morning, Ji Yan was woken up by his mobile phone ringtone.

Still gorgy from sleep, he answered the phone with a hoarse voice: “Hello?”

“Brother Yan.”

Ji Yan suddenly woke up at once.

“What’s the matter?”

“Are you… home?”


“I…” The person on the phone asked hesitantly: “Can I go to see you on vacation?”

Ji Yan immediately refused: “No, don’t come, besides, you would not know where to find me.”

“Yan…” Lu Yichen’s voice was full of grievances: “Brother Yan, I was wrong.”

Ji Yan wanted to ask him what was the thing he did wrong, but in the end he didn’t.

Why bother? Having reached this step in their relationship, there is no more need to know.


“We have broken up, Lu Yichen” After saying this, Ji Yan quickly hung up the phone.

Lu Yichen didn’t call again, which was within Ji Yan’s expectations, because Lu Yichen was too face-saving.

Every time the two quarreled, a day and a half would go by and he would still not soften up.

Being so distracted by Lu Yichen, Ji Yan’s mind was again unable to shut down. Wide awake, he just laid in bed waiting for sleep to come.

It was almost ten o’clock in the morning when he woke up again, after staying so late last night, now he couldn’t get up easily.

Ji Yan stayed comatose in bed for half a minute, but quickly got more energized when he heard a knock on his door.

The woman’s voice came from outside: “Little Yan, come out to have some breakfast?”

Ji Yan put on his clothes and got out of bed.

“Aunty, what about my dad?” Ji Yan pushed open the door and scanned the living room.

“He went out for a walk. Ha had waited for you until very late yesterday.”

“He waited for me?”


Ji Yan remembered the hot tea on the dinner table last night.

“Didn’t you say you were coming back yesterday? He has been waiting for you and finally couldn’t help it and went back to his room to sleep.”

Ji Yan blinked back his tears and took a deep breath: “I’m going out to find my dad.”

Downstairs, in the garden, a man with grey hair sat on a bench watching a group of children play together.

Ji Yan’s nose turned sour at the sight of that man’s back.

He came close to the man and yelled: “Dad.”

The man slowly turned back, his tanned, plain face showing pure joy.

“What’s wrong with you and that child? Did you quarrel with him?” Ji Yan’s father after a while asked.


Ji Yan didn’t expect his father to ask him about this, and he didn’t know what to say.

“Anyway, I just wish for you to lead a happy and fulfilled life. Don’t think about the people’s surprised gazes[1]. If you are short of money, you don’t need to worry; Dad will give it to you. A month ago, I sold a bunch of pigs, enough for you to spend.”

Ji Yan bursted into tears.

“What are you crying for? You just need to come back home” His old man patted him softly on the shoulder.

At this precise moment, Ji Yan only felt that love is so fragile and worthless compared to family.

[1] People prejudice against gay people

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2 thoughts on “Warm Waters: Chapter 7 – Part 1

  1. “At this precise moment, Ji Yan only felt that love is so fragile and worthless compared to family.“

    Yes. Family bonds although not always smooth is still the best and dependable

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