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Warm Waters: Chapter 6 – Part 4

Unexpectedly, after the two came to Hunan, some problems gradually arose.

Lu Yichen’s family situation was not good, his mother has been suffering from a minor illness for many years, and his father has left them and ran away with another woman.


In order to save money, Lu Yichen had to lead a frugal life, often working until midnight. Ji Yan wanted to give him money, but Lu Yichen would not accept his help.

The two quarreled a lot about this, until finally Lu Yichen said with a red angry face that he was not being kept by Ji Yan[1].

Ji Yan had to always think of a way to invite Lu Yichen to eat something good. But the young man was very stubborn and always insisted on paying for his own bill after dining together.

If it was an expensive food and he couldn’t afford it, he would plead with Ji Yan to not go there. Ji Yan has always wanted to eat Chinese seafood hot pot with Lu Yichen, but he never got to.

In consideration of Lu Yichen’s financial situation, Ji Yan chose to rent a house in a remote place in the outskirt of the city, so that Lu Yichen would be able to afford the co-rent with him.


Looking at Lu Yichen, who was losing weight in order to save money, Ji Yan felt very distressed, and after much thought, he decided to quit his job as a hotel chef and instead opened a fast food restaurant near Lu Yichen University.

At least, in this way, he can help Lu Yichen save money on his meals.

This problem seems to be solved, but new problems emerged.

Ji Yan found that Lu Yichen not only has a problem of low EQ, but he also has never forgotten about his sweetheart Xia Jinian.

One day, Ji Yan happened to see the chat history of Lu Yichen and “his friend”.

Although the content of the chat is very ordinary, and they did not talk much in recent months, but they did greet each other almost every day.

But what made Ji Yan so angry is that the day before Lu Yichen’s college entrance examination; he had spent the whole night chatting with “his friend”.

So it was not a fever at all, it was lack of sleep that had affected his performance on the test.


That was the reason for their first quarrel.

Ji Yan dropped Lu Yichen’s very precious cup, but did not break it. This cup was gifted to him by “his important friend”, and Ji Yan only knew this after reading their chat log.

Lu Yichen was also very agile; he swiftly picked up the cup and rushed out of the door.

Ji Yan did not choose to tolerate Lu Yichen as he always did. He did not call him on his phone, and just lay in bed wide awake for that whole night.

The next day, Lu Yichen returned.

Lu Yichen took the lead in apologizing and promised that such a thing would never happen again.

The cup was put elsewhere.

Lu Yichen also told Ji Yan of his Facebook password, saying that he would never go there again.

And so Ji Yan forgave him.


After all, he has already moved to Hunan for him, and it is not like he did something that cannot be forgiven, besides, the boyfriend’s attitude towards admitting his mistakes, is quite good.

In the following days, Lu Yichen kept his promise and did not go to Facebook nor did he ever use that cup again.

Time passed day by day, and when Ji Yan thought their feelings were finally reaching a stable level, “his important friend” returned.

So Xia Jinian came back.

His little boyfriend gave him a pair of sneakers that were far too expensive for his wallet.

And the cup, he didn’t know when it suddenly reappeared on their cupboard again.

[1] Like a sugar baby!

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