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Warm Waters: Chapter 6 – Part 3

The next day, Lu Yichen came again.

On the third day, the fourth day, and the fifth day, Lu Yichen came every day to the store.

Sitting quietly, just staring at Ji Yan.


On the sixth day, Lu Yichen pulled Ji Yan’s arm and said: “That…”

“Huh?” Ji Yan looked at the small fire in Lu Yichen’s eyes and had a premonition in his heart.

“Brother Yan, I’m in a bad mood.”

“What can I do if you are in a bad mood?”

“I mean… I want to do…”

Ji Yan looked at the teenager’s blushing face and completely understood the meaning of his words.

He wanted to hold him again.


Ji Yan thought for a while and then held Lu Yichen’s chin and kissed him: “If you want it, you have to fall in love with me.”

Lu Yichen nodded cleverly: “Okay.”

“So quickly to promise, do you know what it takes to fall in love?”

“Yes” Lu Yichen took Ji Yan in his arms and kissed him on the lips. His tongue clumsyly stirred the insides of Ji Yan’s mouth.

That night, at the same hotel, in the same room, and on that same small broken bed, the two made love again.

The creaking noises of the bed were louder than usual.

This was their second time.

This time Ji Yan didn’t feel pain anymore.

After the joy, Ji Yan lay in Lu Yichen’s arms gasping to catch his breath. Lu Yichen’s body was very tall. His long legs and long arms were tightly clinging to Ji Yan’s body.


“Brother Yan, you are so kind to me” Lu Yichen whispered in Ji Yan’s ear.

Ji Yan didn’t know what to say. Of course he would be nice to him because he liked him.

“Why did you fail your college entrance examination?” Ji Yan instead changed the subject.

“I had a fever that day” Lu Yichen kissed Ji Yan’s face.

“You had a fever?” Ji Yan turned around, facing Lu Yichen, he asked again: “What happened?”

Lu Yichen didn’t say anything and Ji Yan respected his privacy, so he didn’t ask again.

Time flew in a flash, the day before Lu Yichen went to college, Ji Yan decided to move to Hunan to develop his career.


On one hand, it was because Lu Yichen’s university was located in Hunan, but also because a friend of his wanted to hire him as a chef at one of his restaurants there.

Ji Yan discussed this idea with his father who was far away in Changchun. His old man encouraged him very enthusiastically, saying that it is always good for young people to be more aggressive and try out different things.

But the next day, on the train, his father called him and was furious with him.

He was betrayed by his idiotic cousin who happened to be in Suzhou and got to know about him and Lu Yichen. He then revealed his new relationship status to his old man.

His father asked him to return to Changchun immediately. Ji Yan refused and the two got into a big argument.

His old man then left him with some harsh words and never came back.

By this time, Ji Yan had been with Lu Yichen for three months. In those three months, the two did not quarrel and never started a cold war, which was beyond Ji Yan’s expectations.

But Ji Yan still had troubles because of his little boyfriend’s EQ that was way too low for his own good.


However, low EQ was nothing Ji Yan couldn’t handle; he confidently believed that he could teach Lu Yichen and help him grow.

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2 thoughts on “Warm Waters: Chapter 6 – Part 3

  1. There are some typos: ‘try out diffrent things’
    a big arugment

    Sooo, basically Lu Yinchen only searched Ji Yan for sex? UGHH. And he was so ready to promise him love.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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