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Warm Waters: Chapter 6 – Part 2

The next day, the two slept until three in the afternoon. They had already overstayed their checkout.

The hotel owner knocked on their door to ask if they would like to stay overtime.


Lu Yichen put on a pair of pants and opened the door: “Add another afternoon please, we will checkout tonight, thank you.”

The female boss who saw the bare-chested Lu Yichen immediately blushed and hurriedly agreed: “Okay, okay, no problem.”

Lu Yichen closed the door, walked to the bed and stared at Ji Yan who was still asleep, his throat moved, and he pressed Ji Yan under him and softly whispered: “Brother Yan, thank you very much.”

A moment later, the bed started making those creaking noises again.

In the evening, Ji Yan paid and the two left their room.


Walking out of the hotel with the help of Lu Yichen, he was in a lot of pain and really felt that he was going to be killed by Lu Yichen.

The two walked to the bus station, Ji Yan sat on the bench, and Lu Yichen gently took his hand: “Thank you, brother Yan, I feel much better now. I will go to the airport to send my friend later so I can’t send you back. Is that okay with you? Can you go back on your own?”

“I will, what else can I do?” Ji Yan patted Lu Yichen’s shoulder and said with a relaxed tone.

“Then, you should call a taxi and go back home. You look very tired” Lu Yichen searched through his pocket for money, he took two pieces to pay for his bus ride and gave the rest which was about 20 or so pieces to Ji Yan.

Ji Yan did not refuse and took in the scattered money. After all, he had given him his body and he had paid for their hotel room, he felt like he needed at least this small favor to comfort his heart.

The bus came quickly, and Lu Yichen waved goodbye to Ji Yan and got in.


The image of Lu Yichen’s back leaving suddenly reminded him of why he felt familiar the first time they met.

Because to be precise, Lu Yichen applying for a job in his store was not their first meeting.

The first time was actually on the day Ji Yan had first opened his dessert shop.

He was on his way to take a delivery to a customer when suddenly his mobile phone fell off. There were three tall and handsome boys standing by the door next to him.

One of the teenagers picked up the phone and handed it back to him. He just briefly glanced at the youngster in a hurry, thanked him, and took his phone away.

That young man was Lu Yichen.

The bus drove away slowly.

Ji Yan already knew who Lu Yichen was going to send at the airport. Strangely, he was not as sad as he thought he would be, but he couldn’t help but wonder why he cared so much about that stinky boy.


The relationship between him and Lu Yichen was just a one nightstand. Neither of them owes anything to the other. And that’s what Ji Yan would like to believe right now.

In the following days, Lu Yichen did not come to the store again, and Ji Yan did not contact him either.

When they met again, it was the day the college entrance examination results came out. That morning, he heard the female students who came to the store to drink milk tea say that Lu

Yichen, the No. 1 student in the school, did not perform well in his college entrance exam.

In the afternoon of that same day, Lu Yichen took the initiative to find him at the store.

Ji Yan was really surprised by his sudden visit.

He brought out the freshly prepared dessert from the back kitchen and served it to Lu Yichen.

He then asked him about it: “I heard that you did not do well in your college exam? Didn’t you already get a guarantee to our country best university? Why did you still go to the exam?”

Lu Yichen lowered his head and remained silent for a moment before slowly saying: “I wanted to go to a different school.”


Ji Yan knew which school this “different school” Lu Yichen was referring to.

“How did you fail the exam then?” Ji Yan asked as he patted Lu Yichen’s head.

“With your score, which school can you take now? Which one are you going to?”

Lu Yichen told him the name of a school.

Ji Yan has never heard of this university before and looking at Lu Yichen’s low mood he can guess it wasn’t the best school out there so he never asked him about it again.

Later, he checked and found out that although this school cannot be compared with his first choice but it was also one of the first-rated universities in the country.

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        1. I Don’t want to give any spoilers but I personally think it was not anything bad but it is up to you to see how you will feel about it 😉 ( hower, you wont have to wait long for that by chap 7 things will be cleared out ) !


  1. There is a missing word: ‘a diffrent school’

    Lu Yinchen didn’t even take him home? After the whole night and day he used his body… he didn’t have the decency to take him home!!!!!! The only excuse I can think of for this behaviour is that he didn’t know it was also Ji Yan’s first time.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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