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Warm Waters: Chapter 6 – Part 1

The summer night wind blew through the clouds, and the moon silver light shined on the ground.

Ji Yan slowly released Lu Yichen, staring at him with a surprised expression and laughing: “Kissing will make people feel better.”


Lu Yichen stared back at Ji Yan without saying a word, not knowing what he was thinking.

“If you are in a better mood, go back home. Do you have enough money to take the bus? If not, I will give it to you” Ji Yan took out a few coins from his pocket and stuffed it into Lu Yichen’s hands.

“Don’t think too much about the kiss just now, it’s not a big deal” Ji Yan said and turned to walk out of the alley, his blushing face was well hidden under the moonlight.

Just now, he had been so impulsive. Lu Yichen was a high school student who just graduated. How can he be such a bad influence on students?

Just as he was about to get out of the alley, his arm was suddenly pulled, and the boy’s voice came from above his head: “I heard that there was a good way to make people feel better and that is to have sex.”

Ji Yan turned around and was met with Lu Yichen’s clear and firm eyes.

“Brother Yan, would you please teach me?”


Ji Yan was a little speechless. What the hell did he just say? Boy, you are playing with fire! Clearly, he had just made up his mind to let go of his innocence![1]

“You… are you serious?”

The teenager nodded:”Thank you.”

This thank you suddenly made Ji Yan not know with what kind of mood to face the next sexual adventure.

In the small hotel room, Ji Yan finally let go of his carefree facade, blushing furiously, his eyes did not know where to look. At least, he had watched bed educational films but Lu

Yichen, that kid, knew nothing about how this matter goes.


So Ji Yan had no choice but to take the lead and use his memory to explore the land.

After a long time, the less sturdy bed rocked and started making creaking noises.

This was the first time for the both of them.

Ji Yan’s body did hurt a lot.

[1] This is how the translator’s motors translated that phrase: “Clearly one second he decided to let go of the flowers of the motherland!”

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3 thoughts on “Warm Waters: Chapter 6 – Part 1

  1. It seems like a saying from where the author is from that essentially means the same thing as what you translated it to. In this case they gave up something profound (virginity).


  2. There is a word missing: ‘face was ell hidden’

    No Wonder Lu Yichen said the other’s name the first time they had sex! He was drunk and the other boy left him minutes ago!

    Thanks for the chapter!

    Liked by 1 person

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