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Warm Waters: Chapter 4 – Part 1

After saying this, Ji Yan didn’t look back at Lu Yichen anymore. He quickly stopped a taxi, got in and went away.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to look at his face, but rather he didn’t dare to.

He wasn’t brave enough.


A man who he has loved for three years, he couldn’t bear to look at the expression on his face, for fear of seeing pain, but even more afraid of seeing indifference.

How much does Lu Yichen actually love him?

Ji Yan couldn’t tell.

The taxi drove slowly away, and eventually, Ji Yan couldn’t hold back anymore and turned around to look at Lu Yichen.

Through the rear window, he saw him standing quietly in the distance, like a flagpole in the wind, motionless.

He could not clearly see the expression on his face but still, he couldn’t take his eyes off of his thin figure. He kept on watching him until his vision gradually blurred, and he could no longer make out his form.

Ji Yan finally let his tears out. He buried his head in his arms, hugging himself tightly and wept.

There were many reasons for couples to break up in this world; most of them are not because they have come to hate each other, but because there was no more love between them.

Ji Yan cried silently for a long time and when he finally raised his head again, his eyes were red and swollen so he hurried to find a tissue but could not find any in his pocket.

The Taxi driver glanced at him and handed him a box of napkins.


Ji Yan took it from him and bowed his head in gratefulness.

The whole situation felt so embarrassing.

“What’s wrong with you, young boy? Are you heartbroken or do you feel homesick?”

Ji Yan froze.

“Did I get it right?” The old taxi driver said and then smiled: “If it is a love problem, I won’t be of much help because feelings are the hardest thing to understand. But if you’re missing your parents and you can’t go back, just give them a call. It’s not easy to be out here alone.”

Ji Yan instantly realized that he hadn’t been home nor did he call his father for a very long time.

He really didn’t have the face to go back. At that time, he had insisted on staying with Lu Yichen, regardless of his father’s opposition, and decided to leave.

His phone suddenly vibrated, Ji Yan thought it was Lu Yichen, and calmed himself down a bit before looking at the text message.

Yet, the person who sent him the message was unexpectedly his dad.

[What’s wrong? I just saw your post with your friend’s “coupon”, come back home if you are having a hard time.]

Three days ago, Ji Yan had made a post to his circle of friends on Weibo while blocking Lu Yichen from seeing it, the post was just one word: Tired.


Ji Yan suddenly sucked in his breath, his dad was not really a cultured person, he made his fortune by raising pigs in his farm.

Just now, he had mistakenly written the word “circle” as “coupon”. Yes, his father was not an open minded person; he had never once in his life thought about homosexuality so how could he be expected to accept it? 

Two years ago, Ji Yan couldn’t understand how his father discriminated against him just like an outsider would.

But now he understands that no matter what, he was still his precious son. Since long ago, his dad took the role of father and mother to raise him to the best of his abilities. He never denied him anything, always giving him the best.

Yet, he had foolishly left him and ran away with a mere kid.

It’s stupid. So stupid.  

In this world, other than love, there are obviously other important things that you should cherish.

After getting off the Taxi, Ji Yan gave his dad a call. It was his first time in three years.


His Father’s voice sounded a little excited and not at all reproaching as he had expected it to be, with a soft tone his father asked: “Do you want to come back?”

“Yes” Ji Yan replied as he suppressed back a sob.

“That… Are you bringing that boy with you? Let him come, let me see what he looks like”.

His old man has finally came around and decided to compromise for his sake.

For a moment, Ji Yan just wanted to slap himself in the face.

“No, he won’t be coming with me, we are not together anymore” Ji Yan said trying his best to sound as calm as possible.

“Ah…” a woman’s voice abruptly took over the phone: “Little Yan, you stinky boy, How long has it been since you last called us?”


“So you still remember your have an aunt!…Listen I need to tell you something… ” The woman suddenly lowered her voice and added: “Your dad isn’t doing too well, I came to look after him for a few days. Don’t worry, it’s nothing serious and he has almost recovered.”

“I’m going back tonight!”


“It’s okay. You don’t have to hurry. You know… your dad really misses you. That time when he told you to never come back, he was just angry, he didn’t mean it. How could you take it seriously? You rascal, you are so stubborn. It’s not a big deal. It’s just that the kid was too young. How can you count on him? How can he be expected to be responsible? Two men… Alas!” The woman paused and said: “The road ahead of you is hard, just like walking up the hill in the countryside to gather woods. It’s very difficult and challenging.”

After hanging up, Ji Yan stood in front of his apartment building for a long time without moving.

He felt like a mess. Everything was a mess.

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Warm Waters: Chapter 3

On his way to chase after Ji Yan, Lu Yichen’s head was in a complete mess, because what Zhou Ke said was true, those shoes were indeed an imitation.

He really bought Ji Yan a pair of fake shoes.


The afternoon sun was scorching hot but Lu Yichen still strode forward, running as fast as he could, his hair was getting wet with sweat, his shirt already damp yet his heart felt cold.

Just now, Ji Yan’s icy look replayed in his mind over and over again, making him unable to feel the heat from this hot summer day.

He doesn’t know how long it took for him to catch up with the man.

Finally he could see Ji Yan’s thin figure wobbling alongside the road, his pace seemed unusually heavy.

Lu Yichen, with a tight heart, reached out to hold him, panting his name:” Brother Yan.”

Ji Yan had been absent-minded up until that moment. He turned around slowly, staring at him in a daze, frowning, he asked: “What are you doing here?”

“Brother Yan, are you… angry?” Lu Yichen asked as he tried to gauge Ji Yan’s expression.

But, his face showed nothing, neither joy nor anger.


“No, what should I be angry about?” Ji Yan smiled and gently bent down.

Lu Yichen breathed a sigh of relief, revealing a childlike smile: “Brother Yan, it would be great if you were not angry, the thing about the shoes is that I actually…” his voice trailed off as he watched Ji Yan take them off.

Ji Yan took off his shoes and slowly got up. He gave them back to Lu Yichen and said with a smile: “Do you know? This is my first time wearing a pair of fake shoes.”

Lu Yichen held the shoes dumbly, watching Ji Yan turn around and walk forward with a smile. He was barefoot, yet as he kept on walking, he didn’t show any discomfort with his back stubbornly straighten up.

Ji Yan was angry, even though he was smiling, he most certainly was angry.

Lu Yichen caught up to him, stretched his hand and tried to hold the man again, but he was pushed away.

“Brother Yan, put your shoes on, the ground is hard, you will hurt yourself!”


“I don’t wear fake shoes” Ji Yan said as he continued walking forward.

Lu Yichen stared at his red feet. Brother Yan’s feet are very good-looking and he likes to play with them in his hands. His legs are also beautiful, white and tender smooth, the blue blood vessels can be clearly seen after a vigorous exercise.

Thinking of this, Lu Yichen’s eyes became a little hazy. He strode forward and hugged Ji Yan in his arms, buried his head in his neck, and as rubbed it there, he said with a soft voice: “Brother Yan, I was wrong.”

Every time Ji Yan was angry with him, Lu Yichen used this method to coax him et get back on his good side.

But this time seemed different.

Ji Yan touched Lu Yichen’s head and whispered: “All right, let go. You don’t have to apologize. I’m not angry.”  

“Really?” Lu Yichen said and quickly squatted down and held Ji Yan’s ankle: “Brother Yan, I will help you put your shoes back on.”


Ji Yan looked down at Lu Yichen. The young man was drenched in sweat and had a very sincere expression on his face.

This innocent and harmless look made Ji Yan’s heart shook for a bit but he still broke away from Lu Yichen’s hand, kicked off the pair of shoes, and took two steps back: “I said, I’m not going to wear them.”

Ji Yan turned around and sighed softly. Lu Yichen looked just like a puppy but why are other people’s puppies small milk dogs while his was a silly one? Oh no! More like a jackass, a scumbag!

Lu Yichen lowered his head, with a face full of grievances. He realized that Brother Yan was truly angry this time. For a moment, he felt completely at a loss.

Ji Yan continued on his way. Fortunately, the road underneath his feet was a sandy road rather than the more common asphalt one; otherwise his poor sole feet would definitely be roasted by now.


It is not that Ji Yan was not afraid of pain, but whether it is the heat on the ground or the hard stones, all of them hurt, but none of them felt as painful as the pain in his heart.

He let out a long breath, as long as he puts on those shoes, he will only feel humiliation and embarrassment.

Xia Jinian wore original shoes while his were knockoffs yet both were given to them by the same person.

The deep meaning behind was understood without much talking, Ji Yan knew in his heart what it meant.

Why did he want Lu Yichen to buy him that same pair of shoes?

He obviously knew the answer. It was to compare.

He was jealous, felt insecure and needed reassurance.

If Xia Jinian hadn’t gone to study abroad that year, two years ago, how could Lu Yichen be with him right now?

He felt like his confidence has been shaken. Ji Yan has never once before felt inferior to anyone. As a young girl would describe him, he is rich and handsome. He also has won many international culinary awards in his early twenties and you could honestly say that his achievements are outstanding among his peers.


Yet, after meeting Xia Jinian, everything changed.

Xia Jinian is younger than him, better-looking, he is well-bred and elegant. He also got a higher education and has won many music awards. Only he could make Ji Yan have an inferiority complex.

After all, although his family is well off, they weren’t as prestigious, he also comes from a single parent household, and he was raised by a single dad so he has no distinguished upbringing to speak of.

But what really made him feel so inferior was the fact that Lu Yichen would most definitely choose Xia Jinian over him.  

And this is precisely why he felt like he couldn’t compare when it comes to Xia Jinian.

And so, he was unwilling to reconcile. He wanted Lu Yichen to love him, dote on him and spoil him more.

He also wanted him to forget Xia Jinian and erase him from his heart. Only then would he feel whole and not so shaken.


For that same reason, he asked for those shoes, he wanted Lu Yichen to give him even better ones than those he gave Xia Jinian.

However, knowing that Lu Yichen had no money, he couldn’t ask for a more expensive pair so he settled for the same pair of shoes.

But in the end, let alone similar ones, Lu Yichen gave him a pair of knockoffs.

The gap was too big, it made Ji Yan’s heart boil with anger, and he desperately wanted to vent it out but had no way to.

Even though he wanted to shout his heart out at Lu Yichen, he knew it would be in vain.

Holding the pair of shoes, Lu Yichen ran again to Ji Yan panting and begging: “Brother Yan, please listen to me, I’ll explain everything.” 

“Okay, Explain” Ji Yan’s said with a steady tone without stopping.  

Since he wants to explain, let him explain. Only after listening to his explanation can he get an idea about what went in his head.  

“I… I have no money to buy you the originals, and you know that I have no money, so I thought to first buy … buy a fake…” Lu Yichen bowed his head and continued mumbling: “I want you to wait for me to make the necessary amount, I really am going to buy it for you…I have already contacted a place where I will be working starting today, and that’s why I told you I will be coming home late.”

“Okay, I get it” Ji Yan lowered his eyes and said: “Don’t try to persuade me to wear these shoes anymore, you be quiet for a while.”


“Brother Yan…”

Ji Yan ignored Lu Yichen and no longer talked to him.

Although he truly believed Lu Yichen’s explanation just now, he still didn’t have it in him to forgive him.

Is it all good now since he has apologized? If someone says sorry, you are obligated to take them back? Is being sorry enough?

In these past three years, Lu Yichen’s EQ did not grow in the slightest.

When buying those shoes for him, could he not think of what it meant to him? Couldn’t he be more considerate of him? Think of the humiliation and embarrassment brought by this kind of situation?

Ji Yan was fed up with this. He used to think he could teach him, help him grow and be more sensible, but now it just seems impossible.

Crossing the road, Ji Yan came to a shoe store, all while ignoring the strange looks thrown his way by some passers-by.

There was a trace of surprise in the shop’s owner’s eyes once he saw them, but he soon recovered and received the two politely with a smile.

Ji Yan picked out a pair of 5000 Yuan sneakers, which felt very suitable and comfortable on his feet.

“Does it look good?” Ji Yan looked up and asked a very depressed Lu Yichen.

“Yes, it looks good on you.”

“Then you buy it for me, pay for it.”


Lu Yichen’s throat tightened, his pale face looked awkward. He was really embarrassed.

He is really short of money. He doesn’t even have a 1000 Yuan on him right now.

Ji Yan raised his eyebrows at him, already guessing such an outcome. Then, he took out his own card and bought the shoes for himself, it was the first time in three years that he has bought such an expensive item.  

For Lu Yichen sake, he had a fall out with his dad and cut ties with his family.

To be able to stay with him, he had to give up the offer letter of a five-star hotel, and instead opened a small shop that was barely doing fine.

He also didn’t mind living with him in a small house in the outskirt of the city and chose to lead a frugal life.

Now thinking about it, he can’t help feeling stupid; giving up your career for love is plain stupid.

On the way back, the two remained quiet.

A long while later, Lu Yichen whispered: “Yan… Yan Ge[1], I will let you live the life you want in the future.”

“You can’t even afford a pair of shoes, what kind of life are you talking about?” Ji Yan said while stopping and looking straight at him.

Lu Yichen didn’t speak anymore, his face pale, eyes full of grievances; he looked so fragile as if he would break with a single touch.  

Ji Yan knew that his words would hit him hard.

In fact, he has never wanted to hurt him like this. He didn’t ever want to see this kind of distorted look on his face.

All he actually ever wanted was to hold him in his arms and love him.

But this time he couldn’t do it.

It is difficult to recover from the year’s worth of hurt feelings and heartbreak. 


“Did you know?” Ji Yan said: “On the night of our first time together, you called Xia Jinian’s name.”

Lu Yichen’s eyes widened in shock.

Ji Yan again added: “I have kept this in my heart for the past three years.”

“Brother Yan, I didn’t know. I had too much to drink that night, and I was out of my mind, I didn’t know anything” Lu Yichen said as he hurriedly tried to hug Ji Yan, but was pushed away:” We are breaking up, and this time, it is final.”

[1] Yan Ge: Brother Yan

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Shoujo Manga: High School Love

“You don’t get to choose who you fall for. Your heart doesn’t always work the way you want it to. “
Sanda Ayumi

Title: Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji
Author: HATTA Ayuko
Status: Completed with 16 volumes
Translation: Completed
Synopsis: Erika lied to her friends about having a boyfriend by showing a picture of an annonymous guy who turned out to be a schoolmate of hers and was shortly after recognized by her friends. Their conversations then was overheard by the guy, Sata Kyouya. Erika went to explain and proposed her idea of faking as lovers. However, Sata who gave off the nice-charming feelings guy turns out to be a black prince and used her reasons to blackmail her instead.

My review: It is a comedy romance filled with friendship goals and cuteness. Witnessing Erika and Sata’s growing relationship was adorable and felt real.

“Could it be that I’m actually more like a side character?”
Hatori Matsuzaki

Title: Heroine Shikkaku
Author: Koda Momoko
Status: Completed with 10 volumes
Translation: Completed
Synopsis: This could happen to any girl. Imagine being a heroine of a love story. Hatori also believed that one day she would get married to her childhood friend, Rita. But that’s not how the world works! She wasn’t the leading lady of her prince charming!

My review: It’s hilarious and sad at the same time but I loved everything about it. Hatori was a very endearing character to me, she felt real and I found myself rooting for her to finally realize that she doesn’t need to settle for a second character life, she can be her own heroine and still have her perfect leading man.

“Memories can be created with patience.”
Shuusei Kugayama

Title: L-dk
Author: Watanabe Ayu
Status: Completed with 25 volumes
Translation: Completed
Synopsis: Shuusei Kugayama is the “prince” of his high school, but he has always turned down confessions, including one from Aoi Nishimori’s best friend. Although she initially hated him because of this, but when Shuusei moves in next door to Aoi, who lives alone, she starts changing her first impression about him, thinking to herself that he might not be such a bad guy after all…

My review:One of the first Mangas I have read and still one of my favorites. Their interactions were what made the manga so special to me. Their chemistry was electrifying ! It was hot !

His hand, no matter how tightly I hold it, it no longer feels warm to me.”
Nanase Sakashita

Title: Hana-kun to Koisuru Watashi
Author: Kumaoka Fuyu
Status: Ongoing with 10 volumes
Translation: Ongoing
Synopsis: Nanase Sakashita is good at playing the role of the model Student but that doesnt stop her from taking an interest in Hana-kun, the schools delinquent. Hana-kun accidently drops a small box while sneaking around on the school grounds. When Nanase tries to return the box, Hana-kun tells her to keep it for its already too late to give it to the person he likes. She then wonders who might be that person!

My review: This one portrays the unlikely love story of a top student and the school’s trouble maker. I loved how Nana influenced Hana in a good way and how they finally come to recognize their feelings for each other. I also liked how Hana man up and chased after her instead of keeping to himself and choosing to ignore his feelings.

“I wont hate that person. Even if my love doesn’t reach him. Because they are still my precious feelings.”
Kinoshita Ninako

Title: Strobe Edge
Author: Sakisaka Io
Status: Completed with 10 volumes
Translation: Completed
Synopsis: Having no experience in romance, the vibrant Ninako curiously explores the meaning of what “love” really is, and is surprised to feel a colorful range of emotions as she grows closer to the school heartthrob, the quiet yet gentle Ren, who also happens to be involved in a longtime relationship.

My review: I have long been conflicted about this manga. I could relate to Ninako especially knowing she is just a high school kid in love with the school’s idol but I still couldn’t chase the fact that he already had a girlfriend. Still, I did enjoy reading it to the end and it is one of my most memorable Mangas to this day.

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Unrequited Love : Josei novels

Title: Ambiguous Relationship
Author: Ming Yue Ting Feng
Country: China
Genre: Romantic comedy
Status: Completed with 85 Chapters
Translation: Completed
Translator website:
Original website:
Rating on Novel Updates: 4.4/ 5

Synopsis: He is handsome, arrogant and he belongs to the elite class. She, Being straightforward and brave, shamelessly pursued him, sending him gifts, flowers and trying her best to get close to him. But then, she was humiliated when his staff gossiped about her and decided to retreat. He also directedly rejected her and told her they could only be friends. Soon after, she began avoiding him at all costs and yet no matter how much she tried, their paths kept crossing.

My review: It is a light novel that is both funny quirky. The story revolves around a young woman who chased after the one she thought of as Mr. right only to be ignored and finally rejected. But life kept throwing them together and so they formed some kind of friendship. From then on, the story took off. I loved their banter, his flirting, her personality. They were really right for each other.


Title: A Game To Make Him Fall
Author: Hiroro
Country: Japan
Genre: Slice of life
Status: One shot
Translation: Completed
Translator website:
Original website:
Rating on Novel Updates: 4.8/ 5

Synopsis: Born to a house where women were only seen as tools to birth children, I was already in my twenties. I was standing on the crossroads of life.
At my fingertips were close to fifty photos of different men. They were the marriage partner candidates my father had prepared. I stared down at the photos around me and finally picked one.
Choosing him was truly a coincidence.

My review: Although they met through a marriage of convenience, she did fall for him and tried her best to win his heart. A simple story you would say and yet it was so much more. It really is a heartfelt and bittersweet story !


Title: Ballad of Ten Thousand Gu
Author: Ye Xiao
Country: Chinese
Genre: Tragedy
Status: Short story (5 chapters)
Translation: Completed
Translator website:
Original website:
Rating on Novel Updates: 4.6/ 5

Synopsis: Before she jumped into the pond filled with ten thousand venomous creatures, Ah Lai asked her: “Did you ever regret meeting him?”
Su Bai watched her quietly. After a long moment, she lifted her lips and smiled: “It was the greatest blessing of my life to have met him.” She then leapt off the steps.

My review: To this day, my heart hurts when I recall this one. It is truly an unfortunate story of love and devotion. I didn’t like the ending the first time I read it but now I have come to appreciate the beauty of it.


Title: One Night, One Day, One Year, One Lifetime
Author: Fu Sulü
Country: Chinese
Genre: Tragedy
Status: Completed with 13 chapters
Translation: Completed
Translator website:
Original website:
Rating on Novel Updates: 4.7/ 5

Synopsis: That night, I listened to the hymns till dawn, not for serenity, but to seek a sliver of your soul.
That month, I flipped through all the scriptures, not for enlightenment, but to touch the pages where your fingers once lingered.
That year, I knelt on the grounds, my head embracing the dusts, not to pay obeisance to the Gods, but to feel the warmth you left behind.
That life, I wandered through ten thousand great mountains, not in search for an afterlife, but to cross paths with you!
Gao Fei, don’t you think that I have lived through this night, this day, this year, and this lifetime, only to hold your hand and accompany you in this journey of life?

My review:

It truly is a Heartbreaking story! What to say about this one, other than it is sad to the point of madness. Both the mc and ml were driven mad by what had happened to them. They just didn’t meet at the right time of their lives I would like to think!
And I still don’t know how I feel about the mc! I don’t condone what she has done but I still found myself rooting for her. I also think that although both leads had enough heartache to last them several lifetimes but still, I feel ml was the true victim of this ill-fated relationship!


Title: The Reluctant Bride Book II
Author: Zen Xin Yue
Country: Chinese
Genre: Romance
Status: Completed with 162 chapters
Translation: Completed
Translator website:
Original website:
Rating on Novel Updates: 3.9/ 5

Synopsis: Qiao Tan Yuan has always loved Gu Jiao Wu and so secretly paid Gu Jiao Wu’s girlfriend to leave him. And since their families were close, she got him to marry her.
During their marriage, Gu Jiao Wu never touched her yet one night while he was drugged the two consumate their marriage and Qiao Tan Yuan got pregnant.
She, heartbroken, lies to Gu Jiao Wu about aborting their baby, and agrees to divorce him.
After a series of events, they met again, just when Qiao Tan Yuan was about to give birth to their daughter…

My review: Silly girl in love with a man who doesn’t feel the same for her. She did some bad things to get him resulting in his hatred and disdain yet something unexpectedly made them both see differently. This is cute and sexy story. I enjoyed seeing the ml falling hard for our mc, especially after how he had ignored her all those years during their marriage!

If you like what I do please support me on Ko-fi ! Your donation will go towards maintaining / hosting the site as well as give me more motivation to pursue my passion.

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Warm Waters: Chapter 2

The next day at noon, a delivery guy came to his restaurant.

Ji Yan received the shoes Lu Yichen bought for him.

He put them on and grinned in front of the mirror, thinking to himself that the kid was a little impressive.


Ji Yan was now in a good mood and called Lu Yichen over the phone, thinking that since the kid had bought him the shoes, he should soften up with him.

After all, he was the one always spoiling him so he should be responsible and indulge and accommodate him more.

But even after a few calls, Lu Yichen still did not pick up the phone. Ji Yan thought about it for a bit and decided to close the store a little earlier so that he could go to his school and bring him lunch.

It was a hot summer day on the university campus.

It was lunch break so there were a lot of young boys and girls walking in pairs.

When Lu Yichen left this morning, he told him he would be late and not to wait for him because there was a paper that he had not finished, and so he had to stay in school to do it.

Ji Yan naturally did not intend to wait, just give him the lunchbox and be on his way.

Why wait?

Not long after entering the campus, Ji Yan spotted three particularly outstanding figures, dazzling and fascinating in the flow of men and women.


Ji Yan looked at them, and he was for a moment in a trance, as if he had returned back to that year, three years ago, when Lu Yichen was just eighteen.

The same season, the same people and the same energetic look.

As the warm wind blew over, the tender branches of the willow trees swept across his face. Ji Yan holding the bento, returned back to himself and out of his daze.

When he looked at them again, Lu Yichen was no longer there, only Xia Jinian and little Zhou Ke were left.

Even though, he knew that Zhou Ke didn’t like him, Ji Yan didn’t give it much thought and still walked towards the two: “Where is Lu Yichen?”

“He went to buy a bottle of water”: said Xia Jinian after a while.

“Good, then I’ll just wait for him here.”

“Okay”: Xia Jinian nodded and said nothing more.

He hasn’t seen Ji Yan in more than two years. Because of his relationship with Lu Yichen’s, he was awkward and embarrassed every time they met.

Zhou Ke didn’t have a good impression of Ji Yan. He always felt that Ji Yan was the reason his two good friends were not together.


After all, Ji Yan was so much older than them. How could Lu Yichen’s simple temperament ever play him?

Zhou Ke looked at Ji Yan, and when he saw his expressionless face, he got annoyed. He then looked at the shoes on Ji Yan’s feet and suddenly smiled: “Hey, what brand are your shoes? Are they the same as those worn by Jinian?” he asked.

Ji Yan shrugged and glanced at Xia Jinian’s white shoes: “Why do you ask?”

“Huh, it’s right to say that you should be very rich. Why are you then wearing counterfeit shoes?” he asked with a ridiculing tone.

They are fake?

Ji Yan froze for a moment.

“Don’t say that, you are wrong” said Xia Jinian while hitting Zhou Ke, urging him to stop talking.


“What I said is true, you see that small circle on your shoes, his shoes don’t have that. They sell at the market for 900 Yuan at most; they are not even that high of an imitation.” 

Xia Jinian kept quiet.

In a flash, Ji Yan’s chest was filled with hot fire, he wasn’t angry because of what Zhou Ke was implying, rather he was furious at Lu Yichen, his boyfriend was willing to buy a pair of 3,000 Yuan shoes for others, but he only deigned to buy him a cheap knockoff?

Ji Yan lowered his head and looked at his shoes. He smiled even if he couldn’t hold it for long. He raised his head and returned his gaze to Zhou Ke: “You are right, I like counterfeit goods. Besides, I remember Mister Zhou and I have similar taste, isn’t your girlfriend’s face a not so good copy of actress Fan Bingbing?”

Zhou Ke immediately lost his cool, and was ready to fight.

Ji Yan had been worked up by this kid for so many years. He only avoided getting into arguments with him for the sake of Lu Yichen’s face. Now that he doesn’t want anything to do with his scum of a boyfriend, he naturally doesn’t need to tolerate this idiot anymore.


Before Zhou Ke’s fist could reach him, Ji Yan kicked him in the nuts. The hit wasn’t too hard, it will not prevent him from continuing the familly line but it can definitely hurt him enough to cry and call for his mother.

And just as he has expected, Zhou Ke held his crotch in both hands, bent over and shivered, eyes filled with tears, he kept scolding Ji Yan with his mouth, yet unable to move.

Lu Yichen came a bit late just in time to see such a scene. Looking at the three men, he was stunned. He just went to buy a bottle of water; this… it seems that a lot of things have happened.

“Brother Yan…What are you doing here?”

Ji Yan raised his eyebrows as he handed him the lunchbox he prepared for him: ” To bring you lunch.”

“Ah” just as Lu Yichen was about to take it from him, Ji Yan swiftly withdrew his hand first and threw the lunchbox into the trash can behind him.

“You don’t deserve it”: Ji Yan’s voice was unusually chilling cold.

He was too fond of Lu Yichen, always doting on him, never letting him taste any bitterness only the sweetness of love, because he was the one bearing all the suffering, and now he has spent too much effort and has been through too much heartbreak, he has lost the will to manage this relationship anymore.

Feelings are not enough to sustain a relationship.

Ji Yan used to feel that he would be willing to give up without regrets, that, that is love.

But just now, Ji Yan wanted to ask: what about self-love?


Ji Yan blinked his dry eyes and stormed off in big strides.

Lu Yichen stayed for a moment without much of reaction to what had just happened, he just stood there, watching Ji Yan’s back, his brain blank.

“Damn, I will never let him go next time” Zhou Ke still shouted.

Xia Jinian felt helpless and replied: “Weren’t you the one who provoked him first, saying that his shoes were knockoffs?”

“But they were fake, I just stated the truth!”

When he heard the word “knockoffs”, Lu Yichen face turned pale and he immediately ran in Ji Yan’s direction, chasing after him.

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