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Warm Waters: Chapter 4 – part 3

That night, Ji Yan boarded a flight back to Changchun.

On the plane, the image of Lu Yichen standing in the dark corridor kept replying in his mind over and over again.


In fact, at that time, what he really wanted was to ask Lu Yichen whether he loved him or not, but he was afraid of either answer.

Afraid it would lead him to both hesitation and heartache.

After a moment, Ji Yan felt drowsy.

He soon drifted to sleep and went to dream about their past again and again.

“Come early tomorrow, or how about tonight, is it convenient for you to stay a bit longer?” Ji Yan looked at Lu Yichen, who was too eye-catching for his own good, and smiled: “I will teach you how to make cold drinks; it is not very difficult, you are so smart, you should be able to master it in no time.”


Lu Yichen with his eyebrows lowered, sipping the cold, sweet lemonade, nodded and said: “Tonight is fine, thank you.”

“I will say it in advance; it would be ten dollars[1] an hour.”

“I know, thank you.”

Ji Yan took Lu Yichen to the kitchen and began to teach him how to make cold drinks. As expected, Lu Yichen didn’t take much to learn, he only had to show him once.

In front of a variety of concentrated jams, milk tea powder, and pearl coconut fruit, Ji Yan taught him exactly what percentage of each to use in order to make each kind of drink.

Ji Yan stared at Lu Yichen, who was earnestly doing his best, sincerely appreciating such people.

The next day, Ji Yan’s shop was twice as popular as usual.

The girls crowded in front of the counter and asked for Lu Yichen to make them a drink.

Ji Yan lifted the corner of his mouth in a smile, this was the handsome guy effect.

Later at noon, after a busy morning, Ji Yan carried a plate of fried rice with eggs and put it in front of Lu Yichen who was about to leave.


“Help yourself, I made it for you” He took out a stack of banknotes from his pocket and said:

“By the way, this is your salary.”

Lu Yichen counted it and asked: “Why are there ten dollars more?”

“Take it as your reward. There is no time to buy food at this time and you are about to go to class. Hurry and eat.”

Lu Yichen just looked at Ji Yan confused.

“No need to be polite, eat your lunch.”

Lu Yichen said nothing more, packed up the money, took a spoon and tried a bite.

Immediately after that, he went for a second bite, a third bite, and so forth until he finished his meal.

“Did you like it?” Ji Yan leaned on his chin, staring at him with a smile.

“It was delicious, boss. Then, I’ll be on my way” Lu Yichen said and quickly ran out of the door.


Ji Yan looked at his back and couldn’t help but sigh. The kid is certainly motivated!

That night, Lu Yichen was busy, and two tall, thin boys were waiting for him at the door.

“Lu Yichen! Hurry up! Today is Jinian’s birthday!”

“It’s okay, don’t rush him.”

Ji Yan naturally heard them too.

The one shouting was a boy wearing the currently popular short-sleeved jeans.

The other boy was dressed in his school uniform. His face was bright with a pink blush. He had a gentle look as he smiled softly.

The trendy boy replied: “Brother, this is your birthday. If you are not in a hurry, then I don’t care.”

And the gentle one just said: “I am not bothered, we can wait.”

Lu Yichen was finishing tidying up the kitchen.


Ji Yan put on his apron and walked to him: “Your classmates are waiting for you. Go with them, I’ll take it from here.”

Lu Yichen shook his head: “No, I haven’t finished my work yet.”

“I can do it. Don’t let them wait for you. I won’t deduce it from your salary.”

Lu Yichen hesitated.

Outside his trendy friend shouted for him again. Lu Yichen took off his apron, wiped his hands, took his backpack and said: “Thank you, boss. I’m leaving now.”

“See you tomorrow.”

“Yes, good-bye.”

Ji Yan finished cleaning up and looked at the time. It happened to be the time for the live broadcast of a game he wanted to watch.

He turned on the small TV in the store and decided to leave after watching the game.

Seeing half of the game, Ji Yan stood dancing in the store, cheering for the goal just scored, when suddenly the door was pushed open.

Looking back, it was Lu Yichen.

Surprised he asked: “What are you doing here?”


“Can I stay here for a while?” Lu Yichen’s eyes were red and his mouth was pursed.

Ji Yan immediately agreed, guessing the child had been wronged.

“Want to watch the game with me?”

Lu Yichen sat beside him and shook his head.

“Have you been drinking?”

Ji Yan nodded then shook his head: “Didn’t drink too much, just a little.”

“What happened?”


Ji Yan saw that Lu Yichen didn’t say anything. It seems that he doesn’t want to talk about it, and since, it’s his private matters, and Ji Yan didn’t want to pry too much, he didn’t ask anymore.

Back at the game, it was a critical moment. Ji Yan couldn’t help but turn his attention to the TV and concentrate on watching the game.

“He… wants…” Lu Yichen whispered something.

“Hmm? What?” Ji Yan still kept staring at the game.

Then, the next moment, Ji Yan was hugged into Lu Yichen’s arm as he whispered in a lost voice in his ear: “He’s going abroad, he doesn’t want me.”

“hmm? What? Who?”


“Boss, am I sick? …I like men.”

Ji Yan suddenly froze.

After a long time, Lu Yichen finally fell asleep.

Ji Yan sat next to him and softly said: “You are not sick, this is not a sickness.”

I also like men.

[1] Ten dollars: the currency should be Chinese Yuan but 10 Yuan equals to 1.41 American dollars and that wouldn’t be right! One to two dollars an hour would be too little for a part time job so I just used dollar instead.

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3 thoughts on “Warm Waters: Chapter 4 – part 3

  1. Dang… in my country it’s quite normal to get 1.43 dollars per hour for a part time job since a meal (such as fried rice or noodles) would only cost around 1.19 dollars.

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    1. Oh ! So does that mean it could really be 10 yuan an hour for a part time job in China ? I honestly I am not sure ! but damn ! Fried rice for 1.19 dollars, I would love to have that in my country cause for a pad thai chicken I have to pay 8.5 dollars ! and it is not even that good! What I miss most about traveling is 100% the food !


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