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Warm Waters: Chapter 4 – Part 2

Once in his apartment, Ji Yan searched for his long unused suitcase and started packing his things.

Randomly looking through his belongings, he found that there were very few things he wanted to take with him.


At some point, the sound of someone knocking on the door could be heard. This noise persisted for a long time, annoying Ji Yan.

He could not tell when the knocking stopped but the room suddenly became quiet again, so quiet, he could hear his heartbeat.

Ji Yan went to sit on his bed just for a bit, but a while after, he was still sitting there, in a daze, reminiscing about their past.

He remembered many things; a lot of thoughts submerged his mind again and again.

Three years ago, Ji Yan opened a dessert shop for the first time near a key high school in Suzhou.

He has never learned dessert, but to him, all foods are interlinked. He took it as a challenge and has groped his way into learning more about how to make delicious desserts.

And that is how he came to open a shop.

As soon as his shop opened, whether it was high school students or adults, both came in, in an endless stream.

Ji Yan is a very picky person when it comes to making desserts, he always chose the best ingredients and he took his time perfecting new recipes. Therefore, the highly popular desserts were also high priced.


At the end of spring, cold drinks were frequently served in Ji Yan’s shop.

A group of young and energetic girls sat in the store with their cold drinks talking about worries and problems only they would understand.

A particular name often came up in their discussions. It was a boy’s name “Lu Yichen”.

No. 1 in the school, No. 1 in the city’s joint examination, and a genius among his peers of the same grade.

Simply put: a prodigy.


Ji Yan, who has never considered himself worse than others, was getting curious about this genius.

As the weather became hotter and hotter, there were more and more students coming to get refreshments at his shop. Ji Yan was getting busier and had to recruit a part-timer to help him around.

That evening, as Ji Yan was closing up the shop, a nice voice suddenly came from behind: “Do you still need manpower?”

Ji Yan paused and turned around to look at the person.

A tall and handsome boy with a childish face stood in front of him. When he talked two little front tiger teeth could be seen, it made him look quite cute.

“Yes, I haven’t hired anyone yet” Ji Yan said and reopened the door that he had just locked.

“Come on in” Ji Yan invited him in and started to make him a glass of lemonade with ice.

He put it in front of the boy and said: “This time you can make do with this.”

“Thank you” The boy shyly said.


“How old are you?”

“Eighteen, I am in my senior year of high school.”

“Third year of high school!” Ji Yan thought for a bit and said: “Hey, doesn’t that mean that you have to take the College entrance exam later this year?”

“Yes, it is in less than two months.”

“Why do you want to do it? a Part-time job I mean” Ji Yan said and stared at the boy’s pretty face.

He had a weird and constant impression that he had seen it before.

“I want to make money for College.”

Ji Yan only then noticed that the clothes the boy was wearing were too simple. Although the shoes looked very clean, they seemed old.

“What’s your name?”

“Lu Yichen” The boy answered.

Ji Yan was stunned. The name sounds too familiar.

He was a little shocked: “With your grades, I heard that you could get in Tsinghua University, right? What kind of tuition fees do you need?”

“I want to go to Harvard” Lu Yichen’s eyes brightened when he said this.

At that time, Ji Yan only felt that the child was ambitious.


What he did not know was that Harvard was the school Xia Jinian intended to go to.

The knocking on the door started again.

Startled, Ji Yan came back to himself, he did not expect Lu Yichen to be still there.

He picked up his suitcase, turned around and finally opened the door.

Lu Yichen’s tall figure enveloped Ji Yan’s body in an instant, his eyes flushed.

Ji Yan tried to push him away but he had no strength to fight, he just said: “I paid half a year’s rent for this house; you can continue to live here.”

“Brother Yan” Lu Yichen hugged him nervously, his voice low and trembling, he said:

“Where are you going?”

“Back to Changchun, I miss home.”

“Then… are you coming back?”

“No, I am not coming back.”


Ji Yan then felt his shoulders getting wet from Lu Yichen’s tears. The last time he saw this kid crying was three years ago, the day before Xia Jinian went to study abroad.

“Then…I’ll go find you there, OK?”

Ji Yan didn’t answer.

An unspeakable sadness invaded Lu Yichen’s heart and suddenly occupied his body. He held

Ji Yan tightly and did not want to let go, nor did he dare to.

Finally after a while, Ji Yan broke free from his gripe, turned and walked out, carrying his suitcase and stepping down the stairs one by one.

When approaching the gate, Ji Yan glanced back one last time at Lu Yichen.

The latter had his head lowered down while his shoulders shook slightly.

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3 thoughts on “Warm Waters: Chapter 4 – Part 2

  1. Aww… Poor LY for being young, I guess he had not seen through JYs insecurities. And JY, must say though I see where he’s coming from, it might have been better if they had a heart to heart duscussion of their issues. Thanks for the translation! 😁

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    1. Yes they are both are very pitiful 😥 But I still feel that what LY did was inexcusable! Hopefully we will get to see him make amends with JY soon enough 😉 🙂


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