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Warm Waters: Chapter 2

The next day at noon, a delivery guy came to his restaurant.

Ji Yan received the shoes Lu Yichen bought for him.

He put them on and grinned in front of the mirror, thinking to himself that the kid was a little impressive.


Ji Yan was now in a good mood and called Lu Yichen over the phone, thinking that since the kid had bought him the shoes, he should soften up with him.

After all, he was the one always spoiling him so he should be responsible and indulge and accommodate him more.

But even after a few calls, Lu Yichen still did not pick up the phone. Ji Yan thought about it for a bit and decided to close the store a little earlier so that he could go to his school and bring him lunch.

It was a hot summer day on the university campus.

It was lunch break so there were a lot of young boys and girls walking in pairs.

When Lu Yichen left this morning, he told him he would be late and not to wait for him because there was a paper that he had not finished, and so he had to stay in school to do it.

Ji Yan naturally did not intend to wait, just give him the lunchbox and be on his way.

Why wait?

Not long after entering the campus, Ji Yan spotted three particularly outstanding figures, dazzling and fascinating in the flow of men and women.


Ji Yan looked at them, and he was for a moment in a trance, as if he had returned back to that year, three years ago, when Lu Yichen was just eighteen.

The same season, the same people and the same energetic look.

As the warm wind blew over, the tender branches of the willow trees swept across his face. Ji Yan holding the bento, returned back to himself and out of his daze.

When he looked at them again, Lu Yichen was no longer there, only Xia Jinian and little Zhou Ke were left.

Even though, he knew that Zhou Ke didn’t like him, Ji Yan didn’t give it much thought and still walked towards the two: “Where is Lu Yichen?”

“He went to buy a bottle of water”: said Xia Jinian after a while.

“Good, then I’ll just wait for him here.”

“Okay”: Xia Jinian nodded and said nothing more.

He hasn’t seen Ji Yan in more than two years. Because of his relationship with Lu Yichen’s, he was awkward and embarrassed every time they met.

Zhou Ke didn’t have a good impression of Ji Yan. He always felt that Ji Yan was the reason his two good friends were not together.


After all, Ji Yan was so much older than them. How could Lu Yichen’s simple temperament ever play him?

Zhou Ke looked at Ji Yan, and when he saw his expressionless face, he got annoyed. He then looked at the shoes on Ji Yan’s feet and suddenly smiled: “Hey, what brand are your shoes? Are they the same as those worn by Jinian?” he asked.

Ji Yan shrugged and glanced at Xia Jinian’s white shoes: “Why do you ask?”

“Huh, it’s right to say that you should be very rich. Why are you then wearing counterfeit shoes?” he asked with a ridiculing tone.

They are fake?

Ji Yan froze for a moment.

“Don’t say that, you are wrong” said Xia Jinian while hitting Zhou Ke, urging him to stop talking.


“What I said is true, you see that small circle on your shoes, his shoes don’t have that. They sell at the market for 900 Yuan at most; they are not even that high of an imitation.” 

Xia Jinian kept quiet.

In a flash, Ji Yan’s chest was filled with hot fire, he wasn’t angry because of what Zhou Ke was implying, rather he was furious at Lu Yichen, his boyfriend was willing to buy a pair of 3,000 Yuan shoes for others, but he only deigned to buy him a cheap knockoff?

Ji Yan lowered his head and looked at his shoes. He smiled even if he couldn’t hold it for long. He raised his head and returned his gaze to Zhou Ke: “You are right, I like counterfeit goods. Besides, I remember Mister Zhou and I have similar taste, isn’t your girlfriend’s face a not so good copy of actress Fan Bingbing?”

Zhou Ke immediately lost his cool, and was ready to fight.

Ji Yan had been worked up by this kid for so many years. He only avoided getting into arguments with him for the sake of Lu Yichen’s face. Now that he doesn’t want anything to do with his scum of a boyfriend, he naturally doesn’t need to tolerate this idiot anymore.


Before Zhou Ke’s fist could reach him, Ji Yan kicked him in the nuts. The hit wasn’t too hard, it will not prevent him from continuing the familly line but it can definitely hurt him enough to cry and call for his mother.

And just as he has expected, Zhou Ke held his crotch in both hands, bent over and shivered, eyes filled with tears, he kept scolding Ji Yan with his mouth, yet unable to move.

Lu Yichen came a bit late just in time to see such a scene. Looking at the three men, he was stunned. He just went to buy a bottle of water; this… it seems that a lot of things have happened.

“Brother Yan…What are you doing here?”

Ji Yan raised his eyebrows as he handed him the lunchbox he prepared for him: ” To bring you lunch.”

“Ah” just as Lu Yichen was about to take it from him, Ji Yan swiftly withdrew his hand first and threw the lunchbox into the trash can behind him.

“You don’t deserve it”: Ji Yan’s voice was unusually chilling cold.

He was too fond of Lu Yichen, always doting on him, never letting him taste any bitterness only the sweetness of love, because he was the one bearing all the suffering, and now he has spent too much effort and has been through too much heartbreak, he has lost the will to manage this relationship anymore.

Feelings are not enough to sustain a relationship.

Ji Yan used to feel that he would be willing to give up without regrets, that, that is love.

But just now, Ji Yan wanted to ask: what about self-love?


Ji Yan blinked his dry eyes and stormed off in big strides.

Lu Yichen stayed for a moment without much of reaction to what had just happened, he just stood there, watching Ji Yan’s back, his brain blank.

“Damn, I will never let him go next time” Zhou Ke still shouted.

Xia Jinian felt helpless and replied: “Weren’t you the one who provoked him first, saying that his shoes were knockoffs?”

“But they were fake, I just stated the truth!”

When he heard the word “knockoffs”, Lu Yichen face turned pale and he immediately ran in Ji Yan’s direction, chasing after him.

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  1. I Wonder If Ji Yan is being unreasonable or he has motive to act this way. Lu Yichen is always too good to the other one or Just this time he bought his boyfriend those shoes for lack of money?

    Thanks for the chapter!

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