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Warm Waters: Chapter 1

This wasn’t the first time Ji Yan got hit by Lu Yichen.

Or, to put it another way, Ji Yan has fought Lu Yichen more than once, however, he is yet to win a single time.


The nearby clinic was quite empty. Just as the doctor was about to finish sewing his wound, Ji Yan received a phone call from Lu Yichen.

Ji Yan rubbed his half long hair anxiously and hung up the phone. He then took a deep breath and walked out of the clinic.

Shortly after, Ji Yan said goodbye to his half-length hair and replaced it with refreshing short hair. Ji Yan likes his new hairstyle very much, and his whole person looks more energetic.

When he returned home in the afternoon, the room wasn’t as messy as he had left it in the morning, but rather clean and tidy. Ji Yan chuckled slightly, seeming disdainful and cold, but his pale face appeared to be somewhat a little lonely.

He turned around and closed the door; he was alone in this big, quiet house. Ji Yan walked to the refrigerator and took out a can of beer, and as he was closing the door, he unsurprisingly noticed a note attached to it. He could guess the words on the note with his eyes closed.


They were three words: I am sorry.

Ji Yan sighed; it was like this every time.

Lu Yichen always apologizes in such rigid manner every time the two fought and quarreled.

Does he think he actually wanted such a lackluster apology?

Lu Yichen and him have lived together for the past three years and their life during those years would be best described as a frog being boiled in warm water.

Lu Yichen is the warm water and he is the frog.

In fact, even though he knew that the warm water would one day turn steaming hot and burn the frog to death, the frog is still reluctant to leave this pot of temporarily comfortable warm water, because the frog simply loves warm waters.

To Ji Yan’s surprise, the pot’s warm water hasn’t reached boiling temperature during those three years, but has been recently getting increasingly hotter.

And what can make a pot of warm water suddenly turn hot you may ask?

The answer is: fire.

In his relationship with Lu Yichen, this fire is a person and that person’s name is Xia Jinian.


Xia Jinian was Lu Yichen’s first love, they have been ambiguous with each other for a long time, so Lu Yichen did not get to experience a relationship with him, did not get to taste him as they say.

Ji Yan is also a man and he can understand Lu Yichen’s longing for the one that got away.

But understanding does not mean being able to accept it. Ji Yan thought that maybe he should have left but he couldn’t bear to do it and so waited for Lu Yichen to take the initiative to break up. 

But when will he leave?                                    

Ji Yan didn’t like to think about it. It’s been three years. This home is full of traces of him.

There is joy and sweetness. It’s too difficult to suddenly give up. He took a deep breath, tore off Lu Yichen’s apology note rendering it into a small ball of tiny pieces and throwing into the trash can.

Ji Yan then called Xia Jinian’s phone.

“Hello, who is this?”

Xia Jinian’s voice is still so good even after so many years. It is well deserved and to be expected from a talented student in the music department.


In contrast, Ji Yan was a bit curt. He had never gone to College, nor did he have a soft, water-like voice. His voice was mostly low and cold.

Ji Yan didn’t have a good relationship with Xia Jinian, and therefore they had nothing to talk about.

He went straight to the point: “Is Lu Yichen with you?”

“Huh?” The person over the phone paused and asked : “You are…?”

“His concubine, give him quickly the phone” Ji Yan said without a trace of doubt in his heart.

And sure enough, the next moment, there was a change in voice over the phone: “Brother Yan, haven’t you just hanged up on my phone call?”

Ji Yan instantly got irritated by this rhetorical question. He grabbed Lu Yichen’s favorite cup and threw it to the floor. He gritted his teeth and just said three words: “Come back now.”

The sound of the porcelain cup breaking was very loud, and Lu Yichen could naturally hear it over the phone.

“Okay, I’am on my way.”


Ten minutes later, Lu Yichen returned to their home where they had lived for three years.

Even when the door was pushed open, Ji Yan still didn’t lift his eyes from his phone and kept on playing mobile games.

The tall, handsome and clean-looking young student looked stupidly at his favorite cup shattered all over the floor with a grim look.

Lu Yichen is five years younger than Ji Yan. He is now 21 years old and is in his junior year of college.

Ji Yan had opened a fast food restaurant near Lu Yichen’s School, and the business wasn’t doing too badly.

On weekdays, Lu Yichen would go to his fast food restaurant after school to eat and rest.

The blue cup that Ji Yan broke was Lu Yichen’s favorite; it was a gift from Xia Jinian. Ji Yan hasn’t seen it for a long time, but he had always wanted to destroy it.

“What were you doing with Xia Jinian?” Ji Yan asked first.

“Just a little gets together” Lu Yichen said as he sat next to Ji Yan.


“So you gave him shoes worth 3000 Yuan at a little get together? You are really rich. You would be too expensive for me to take you to hot pot on weekdays.”

Lu Yichen tried to change the subject: “Brother Yan, have you cut your hair? It looks good. How is your hand? Does it hurt? I didn’t mean it at that time.”

“Lu Yichen, let’s call it quits” Ji Yan clearly felt Lu Yichen’s body stiffen. After a long time, Lu Yichen shook his head.

Ji Yan sneered. Yeah, Lu Yichen still hasn’t gotten together with Xia Jinian. How could he let go of his own human pillow that kept away his loneliness.

“I don’t really want to separate. I like his pair of shoes too. You can buy me a pair. But I don’t want his color. I don’t like it. I prefer the black one by far.”

Ji Yan knew that Lu Yichen had no money and his family was in a bad situation fiancially.

Most of the tuition fees are earned by him working on weekdays. Ji Yan has witnessed first-hand his struggling to make something of himself, only leading a really shabby life, and since he wouldn’t accept his money or help, Ji Yan opened a fast food restaurant near his school, so that, at least, he could spare him spending money on food.


“Brother Yan, when do you want it?” Lu Yichen’s handsome little face showed a little embarrassment.

“Tomorrow, it’s about 10 minutes to get to the shoe store by taxi.”

Though Lu Yichen looked troubled, he did not refuse. He held Ji Yan’s hand and kissed him: “Okay.”

Although Ji Yan was still angry, but seeing that Lu Yichen’s soft appearance did not break, he held Lu Yichen’s chin and kissed him biting his lips in the process.

Lu Yichen was bitten and pressed by Ji Yan on the sofa as he took his clothes off.

He did not dare to move too much. After all, he had made a mess this morning and had hurt Ji Yan’s hands.

Although it really was not intentional.


It happened while he was cutting apples, Ji Yan got irritated and asked him about Xia Jinian’s return, he refuted briefly with two sentences which made Ji Yan anger rose even more and started to fight him, Lu Yichen reached out intending to block him, forgetting that he was still holding the knife, and so Ji Yan got hurt.

“Brother Yan” Lu Yichen whispered as he leaned over and pressed Ji Yan down.

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5 thoughts on “Warm Waters: Chapter 1

  1. I thought Lu Yichen is an abuser, but he seems so sweet and the hand injury was an accident… Could all the matter about the white lotus be a misunderstanding? I hope so.

    Thanks for your Hard work!

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  2. hello sorry for bothering you
    Thank for your translation
    I want to ask for your permission to retranslation this novel to my language, Burmes in wattpad
    I love this story.I’ll give a credit to you
    Thank you❤


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